Villains of Comics

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The greatest villains in the history of comic books are examined by Adam and Nick. There are as many shades of villainy as there are heroes but what does it take to be the best of the worst?


Talking X-Men With Marvel Editor Jordan D. White


We talk with Marvel Editor, Jordan D. White about the state of the X-Men during Marvel Now and the 50th anniversary of the X-Men.


Summer Convention News


This summer's convention news shocked a lot of fans. Us included. Here's what we thought...



Swamp Thing #27

Swamp Thing has easily been one of the most intriguing and consistent…


Thoughts on the Day of the Doctor

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Spoiler filled review of the best moments of The Day of the Doctor.


Superior Spider-Man #21


Easily the most controversial decision in the Spider-Man universe since One More…



Broadening the Casino Appeal with Capes and Cowls


Online Casino games court fans of Avengers and other Marvel properties in new games.


NYCC 2013 – What I Learned


New York Comic Con 2103 - Robert Kirkman, Geek Culture Diversity Sgt. Slaughter, and More!


Robert Kirkman Signing NYCC 2013

Detailing my experience getting Robert Kirkman of the Walking Dead's autograph at New York Comic Con 2013



Which Is The Best Venom?


Tell us which version of the classic Spider-Man Villain/Anti-Hero/Hero is your favorite.


Iron Fist – Green or White?

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Which costume show Iron Fist wear in his upcoming TV Debut? White or Green?


Best Superman Actor


Who portrayed Superman the best? Let us know what you think!