A New Era of Uncanny X-Men

Fear Cyclops And His X-Men

Marvel Now will relaunch Uncanny X-Men once again. This relaunch by Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo takes the last relaunch’s Extinction Team concept somewhere a little different. Coming out of AvX Consequences, Cyclops and his fellow fugitive ex-Extinction Team members Magneto, Emma Frost, and Magik around the world in search of new mutants. Bendis promises to take Magneto to a different place than we’ve seen as well as breaking up Cyclops and Emma’s relationship.

comics magnetoHe says that this team is not a “Dark X-Men” but with the changes to Cyclops and the attitudes of Magik and Emma Frost, it seems like the voice of compassion in this group is Magneto (and that’s saying something!). The end of AvX Consequences has Cyclops ominously telling Wolverine and the Avengers that he will be protecting mutantkind from now on.

With this core group of mutants as well as some new characters, this team looks like it will be carving out it’s own legacy. I think this team could handle a few more established mutants to balance out the team, however. With many of the more popular characters already appearing or soon to be appearing in Wolverine and the X-Men, Cable and X-Force, Uncanny

X-Force, Astonishing X-Men, X-Factor, Uncanny Avengers, and any other book I’m forgetting…who’s left?

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Exodus on the X-Men? Sounds crazy, right? Well, he WAS a member in the Age of Apocalypse Universe! Besides that alternate version, Exodus famously followed behind Magneto for a long time. Last we saw him, he wished to unify all mutants, cared little about humans, and was locked in Utopia. With Danger freeing all the prisoners, he’s free and looking for a cause to join. This is the only incarnation of the 616 X-Men that I could see Exodus joining.x-man new mutants comics


Nate Grey could really work on this team. He’s from a world even darker than the one mutants find themselves in now so he’s far from an idealist. He’s had to make hard decisions to protect his group before. His connection to his universe’s Cyclops and Magneto might help make it easier for him to follow them as well. Nate needs help getting his TK abilities working again and Emma could help with that. I think he’s be a great fit.

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Jubilee’s new attitude and powerset fits this new X-Team. As a vampire, she would probably bond with Magik. The only part I’m not sure about is if non-mutants will be allowed on this team. Sure, she WAS a mutant but she isn’t one any longer. Unless she gets her powers back? Danger was offered a position on the team by Cyclops. So maybe mutant allies like Jubilee have a place on this team.

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It’s about time for him, right? He’s been on the edge of mutant affairs for 20 years and has yet to really be fleshed out. He’s pragmatic, good in a fight, and follows anyone loud enough to give him orders. This character is still around and has plenty of potential.

These are just a few unclaimed mutants that I feel would shine on this new version of the flagship X-Men title. Let’s see where this group goes and evolves into over time. Who do you think would fit on this team?


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  1. Joe F. says:

    This group of characters has room for exploration. I would love to see a few members of the current cast take some time off to make room for these guys to step up.

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