Adam’s Trip to Steel City Con

In lieu of me ranting an raving about comic books, I thought that I would talk a little about my trip to Steel City Con in Monroeville, PA, right outside of Pittsburgh. Now, Steel City Con is not just a comic book convention. They actually call themselves a pop-culture convention. The do have comics, but they also have old toys and nostalgic items from the past decades. One thing that Steel City Con does have is a line-up of celebrity guests. Now, these guest are usually celebrities from decades ago, but once in awhile they get someone who is currently starring in something. so I was pretty happy to get an email telling me that someone from “The Walking Dead” was going to be there.

Chandler Riggs plays Carl Grimes on the hit AMC tv show, “The Walking Dead”. I was pretty happy when I saw that he was showing up because Carl Grimes is actually one of my favorite characters from both the comic book series and the television series. The thing that makes Carl so interesting is that he not only woke up into this apocalyptic, zombie infested world. Carl also has to grow up in it unlike the adult characters. Carl has come to an understanding that he can’t be a kid anymore because being a kid will get you killed in this world. He also goes through so many traumatizing events, but always comes out of them either much stronger or more traumatized than before.

When I first saw that Chandler was going to be there I had to meet him. Once I got up to his table the first thing I asked him was, “So, have a lot of people come up here just to tell you to get in the house”. Chandler sighed and replied, “…yes”. Chandlers dad was with him and he was telling me how they got to talk to Wil Wheaton one day. Any Star Trek fan would know Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Wil talked to them about how he dealt with fans spotting him to say, “Shut up, Wesley!”.

Chandler Riggs was one of the politest 13 year olds I have ever met, and he had his whole convention routine down. While I was walking around the convention I passed him up looking around himself. Chandler didn’t ever charge you an arm and a leg for a photo and an autograph. Some of the other celebrities were charging $70 for just an autograph, but Chandler only charged $30 for a autograph and a photo with him, which is funny because he was one of the only celebrities there that is currently on a hit television show.

Now, I was able to get a few comic books while at this convention. I came up to a guy selling books for a dollar and was able to get the Batman crossover with Teen Titans “A Lonely Place of Dying” which features the first time that Tim Drake becomes Robin. Tim Drake is one of my favorite Robins, so it was cool to get this. I actually had to go to three tables before I got this book for a normal price. You have to becarful at cons, because some of the people there are crooks. I had one guy there tell me not to think to long on buy this book for $19 because it would be gone when I got back. Well, I never went back because I got the whole series for $5 three tables down from him.

Steel City Con doesn’t have many artists or writers. It’s mainly just a bunch of people trying to sell their action figures and comic books, but it really is a good way to spend a saturday. Admission to the con is only $12 and it does have a lot to look at. It’s fun just to go the to remember some of the things from decades past.

-Adam Russell


Adam grew up in the 90s watching the Spider-Man, X-Men, and Batman animated shows. Even though he didn't collect comic books then, he was always interested in the characters.

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