Adam Russell

When he was a teenager he watched Justice League, but there weren’t many superhero characters on television. Superheros were making they’re way onto the big screen like never before, but it was the feature film “Spiderman” that drew him into comic book characters once again.

The follow year, while on a family outing to Ohio, Adam bought a copy of Ultimate Spiderman #44 at the mall book store. This was the book that drew him back in. During college Adam spent every wednesday afternoon walking to his local comic store to get new books.

Adam has been reading comic books since that day. His tastes in books have changed, but he still loves many of the characters he grew up with.
Favorite Stories of All Time: Batman: The Long Halloween, Superman For All Seasons, All-Star Superman, Watchmen, Amazing Spider-Man Death of the Stacys, Avengers: Disassembled

- Favorite Characters: Spider-Man, Batman, Wolverine, Captain America
- Favorite Franchise: Spider-Man & Batman
- Top Favorite Comics in Collection: Amazing Spider-Man #39, #40, #121, #122, #299, #300 Avengers #4, Batman (Post New 52) #1-#11
- Favorite Comic Book Inspired TV Series: Batman: The Animated Series
- Favorite Comic Book Inspired Movie: Spiderman


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