Joe F.

Joe collects comics and original artwork. If you like his articles, give him a shout on Twitter @ShortBoxJoeF


Our convention reporter Joe F. hit the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, MI outside Detroit this past weekend. He’s summed up his voyage with a blog post about his interaction with some of the guests!

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Stan Lee knows how to work a crowd! Joe describes his 2011 Harvey Awards appearance.


Image is putting together a Josh Medors tribute book. Learn more here.

Remembering comic artist, Josh Medors. Short Box’s Joe Fello is a fan of Josh’s work and had met him at conventions. Get a fan’s response to Josh’s untimely death.

Sandman author Neil Gaiman appeared in Pittsburgh to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of Stardust and commemorate the story’s new edition. Joe was at this VERY exclusive panel and let’s you know what you missed.

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Where has Val Kilmer been for the last 10 years? Joe lets us know what Val’s been up to from his Wizard World Ohio Panel.