Nick Borelli

His first super hero experience was listening and reading along to the Justice League: The Lunar Invaders. Years later he picked up random comics here and there until the 1990 Marvel Universe Trading card series. Nick credits this series with addicting him to comics for the rest of his life. Keep in mind, in 1990 there was no Wikipedia. This card series gave you the origin of over 100 characters and told you their first appearance. These were like trailers for movies you NEEDED to see.

From that point on, Nick bought comics each and every week of his life. The first real franchise that hooked him was the X-Men. The X-Men of the 90’s were, arguably the biggest thing going on in comics. X-Men Vol. 2 #1, X-Force #1, the Fox animated series, events like Fatal Attractions, a Wolverine on-going series, and multiple titles were providing a level of excitement in the early 90’s like nothing else at the time.
Around that time, DC was taking off with events of their own. Because of Wizard Magazine, these events were hyped in ways not seen before in comics. The Death of Superman, breaking Batman’s back, and Green Lantern going crazy were three events that started a streak of reading these titles that continues uninterrupted for almost 20 years. Later in the 90’s Grant Morrison’s JLA brought back memories of the Justice League that reminded him of his introduction to super heroes as a child.

Nick’s teenage years made him receptive to graphic storytelling without colorful super heroes in tights as well. The beginnings of Vertigo and some indie comics were now much more attractive at this point in his life. With the arrival of more disposable income after high school, Nick’s comic book collecting passion had a chance to blossom into a respectable collection. A brief eBay business of re-selling modern speculator books turned profitable enough to afford the purchase of a variety of Silver Age key books.
These days, Nick reads about 100 monthly titles and enjoys attending the occasional comic book convention. His collection includes tens of thousands of comics, over 1000 trade paperbacks/graphic novels, almost 1,000 action figures, statues, busts, original comic art, prints, and a number of Daredevil commissions. In addition to his collection, he has a number of comic tattoos including the Marvel and DC logo and the word “Nerd” tattooed inside his lip. This is a lifelong commitment.

Favorite Stories of All Time: Starman by James Robinson, All-Star Superman, The Long Halloween, Kingdom Come, Grant Morrison’s New X-Men, and Brian Michael Bendis’s Daredevil.

- Favorite Characters: Green Lantern and Daredevil
- Favorite Franchise: X-Men
- Top Favorite Comics in Collection: Brave and The Bold #28, #34, #54, Flash #110, Showcase #24, #34, Avengers #4, Daredevil #1, Giant Size #1
- Favorite Comic Book Inspired TV Series: Justice League Unlimited
- Favorite Comic Book Inspired Movie: Superman


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