Short Box

Started in July 2012, Adam Russell and Nick Borelli decided they wanted to create a community in which any fanboy/fangirl could participate. Centered around a comic book and geek-related podcast, this community discusses the latest geek news on the Short Box Podcast Facebook Page as well as longer form articles written by fans here on this site.

If you are really into something in the realm of geekdom, let us know! We’re always looking to involve more in this community.

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The greatest villains in the history of comic books are examined by Adam and Nick. There are as many shades of villainy as there are heroes but what does it take to be the best of the worst?

Online Casino games court fans of Avengers and other Marvel properties in new games.

We review the controversial blockbuster “Man of Steel” with guest Mikey Wood. We don’t all agree…which makes it a fun episode!

Peter Capald is the 12th Doctor! Why is this a big deal? Why does a 1,000+ year old time traveling alien in a blue box matter? We’ll tell you.

Podcast Interview with Justin Peterson of Very Near Mint

We review Iron Man 3 and get into why it’s a very different super hero movie than others.

Adam reviews the game Injustice: Gods Among Us. In addition, he and Nick talk about the state of the New 52 as well as books they are enjoying like Hawkeye, Batman, and Age of Ultron.

3 Super fans talk about Superman I, II, and Returns (with a little bit of III, and IV talk). Why do these movies work and what makes them different from all other super hero movies? Check out our rewind to episode #19 before you see Man of Steel.

Sometimes heroes go bad. What does it take to make the best become the worst? We discuss when Protagonists become Antagonists.

We discuss the comics coming to stores in June 2013, what we think about many Marvel and DC titles, and Marvel Now vs. The New 52.