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Started in July 2012, Adam Russell and Nick Borelli decided they wanted to create a community in which any fanboy/fangirl could participate. Centered around a comic book and geek-related podcast, this community discusses the latest geek news on the Short Box Podcast Facebook Page as well as longer form articles written by fans here on this site.

If you are really into something in the realm of geekdom, let us know! We’re always looking to involve more in this community.

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We review the Stan Lee, Joe Quesada, and Kevin Smith interview DVD: Marvel Then & Now.

In one of the boldest moves in Marvel Comics history…Doctor Octopus is the new Spider-Man! This Marvel Now change is easily one of the biggest things to happen to Spider-Man in his history. Adam and Nick discuss the first 5 issues of Superior Spider-Man and Avenging Spider-Man and what they think of the whole idea of Doc Ock as Spidey. Is he REALLY the Superior Spider-Man?

We discuss Damian Wayne, Batman’s son and most recent Robin. We talk about Damian’s place in the Batman mythos and a quick history of the Robins.

Who portrayed Superman the best? Let us know what you think!

Free Comics For iTunes Reviews. It’s EASY!

The list of all available digital Marvel Comics you can win.

Part 2 of our review of each Marvel Now book. What are these books about and should you be picking them up?

Marvel Now Part 1. Here’s what we think about every title.

Adam and Nick choose their favorite comics coming out in March. Wrath of the First Lantern, Constantine #1, Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy #1, and many more books previewed and discussed.

We pick the Best Comic of the Year, Best New Comic of the Year, Best Super Hero Movie of the Year, Best Writer of the Year, Best Animated Show of the Year, Best Genre TV Show of the Year, Best Artist of the Year, & the Best Fight of the Year