AvX In-Depth Review Part 2

Breakdowns – Avengers Vs. X-Men
Part 2: Rounds 1 and 2.

When I go to a comic shop or a con, people generally ask me if I keep up with normal weeklies.
My answer is usually that I try, but most of the time, that’s not really true.
Usually I shotgun through and paraphrase, so I have a concept of what happened to what character.

This is me basically doing that to large scale crossovers for you, this series in particular being the megaseries Avengers Vs. X-Men. I’ve broken up the ongoing by rounds, as to not make me write a huge, long terrifying thing about the series as a whole.

So, here’s Rounds One and Two, starting with Avengers Vs. X-Men #0.

We open on MODOK, hunting down a former A.I.M. scientist in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He attacks with a flurry of what can only be described as “Random animals that have rockets attached to them, cybernetically”, including a dinosaur head that is strapped to a booster rocket with its mouth wide open.

Who comes to the rescue? Scarlet Witch!
Remember Scarlet Witch?
You know, the one that basically cracked a universe in half and then wiped out the majority of the mutant population? Well, she’s back, I guess.
I realize that she didn’t do a lot of that on her own accord, but I can’t help stacking facts like that, because before that? She was only known for marrying The Vision and making our with Hawkeye.

Anyway, Scarlet Witch shows up, and dispatches (with the help of Carol Danvers and Jessica Drew) the utter insanity that MODOK has surrounded himself with, all the while MODOK kind of tries to talk trash. I say that he tries to talk trash, when really he’s just expressing our concern as readers that hey, Scarlet Witch may not be the best option for super heroism right now.

So, anyway, Jess and Carol figure that bygones are basically bygones with Scarlet Witch and the rest of the Avengers, which is a really dumb conclusion to come to, because guess who’s back and REALLY doesn’t want to see his ex-wife? The Vision, you guys.

Vision makes it a point that Scarlet Witch isn’t a part of the gang anymore, and really, it didn’t have the emotional impact anyone was going for, so let’s just move on.

In the last half of the book, Hope borrows a jetpack to fight crime in the city, fires an eye-laser at Cyclops, and then derails a bank robbery by the Serpent Society singlehandedly.
Nope, that’s about it.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1.

I don’t know who The Protector is, and I’m kind of fine with not really caring, so, I’m moving on from the typical Bendis banter on this one, and basically, the Phoenix force is destroying planets, and aliens are taking bets on that. Hopefully you like framing devices, because this one is actually recurring. We also get the new, younger, Nova, who basically takes off the wing of a jet aircraft while crashing into NYC informing us of the Phoenix force that’s coming.

Meanwhile, a Hope vignette where she’s fight training with Cyclops, wherein Cyclops is actually teaching her something about fighting. I question the validity of this, because Cyclops, on his best day, was not a great hand-to-hand combat guy, and Hope has been trained by Cable. I don’t understand Cyke’s aggression, or the fact that he’s actually teaching her anything, but that’s the premise of this scene and I’m not going to judge it anymore.

We get a bunch of bloobity blah blah about how The Avengers realize that the phoenix force is coming and it’s a viable threat to earth and oh, wait Cable was saying something about Hope having something to do with it and oh geez and gee willikers maybe we should have asked him for specifics.

Then, we get the money shot of Cyclops blasting at Cap with eye-beams because he doesn’t want to give Hope up to The Avengers, who want to get her off planet or something. The reasoning behind either side sin’t really clear, because it involves a LOT of assumed interest in the non-logic of keeping Hope on earth before it’s destroyed.

Maybe if she bonds with the Phoenix force which she has already shown to be capable of using, she’ll destroy the world? Probably.

TIE-IN: Wolverine And The X-Men #9

I actually want to get to reading this series at some point, but this is just a re-iteration of the events of AvX #1, with the actually pretty awesome students of Wolverine’s new Jean Grey School For Mutants reacting to.. well, everyday life. The Phoenix force is coming, and Wolverine is really conflicted about what team of the about 4 active teams he’s on that he stands with on this issue.

TIE-IN: New Avengers #24

People are protesting in front of the Avengers Mansion. I don’t know why.
Iron Fist goes out to talk to them, finds Luke Cage pretty deep in already talking to the media.
Luke is apparently just losing his mind trying to get his wife and kid to come back, and he’s yelling directly into a news camera to express his feelings.
Luke’s wife, Jessica Jones, shows up.
Things get awkward.
Storm leaves the fancy Avengers meeting in a huff, probably because she’s still wearing her X-Men uniform.
And then we have a scene of Everyone Jumping Out Of The Helicarrier Which We Were Promised Since This Series Began.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #2

Fighting Happens.
Basically, we have the following:
Red Hulk Vs. Colossus
Namor Vs. Luke Cage
Magneto Vs. Iron Man
Dr. Strange Vs. Magick

Also, other things happen! The Avengers chuck an away team into space to deal with the Phoenix head on, and Hope takes out most of the teen-aged X-Men, as well as Wolverine.

TIE-IN: Avengers #25

I don’t know when this story actually takes place. I’m assuming it’s before the actual fighting, because we have Cap being introspective, and then Thor shows up and makes him feel better. Protector (Who I guess is a future version of Noh-Var) is explaining that A.I.M. is doing something. I pretty boldly don’t care what that is, suffice to say that A.I.M. gets defeated. The kicker for me is that Noh-Varr gets informed of the Phoenix force, which I assumed he already knew about, but apparently he didn’t.

I’m starting to notice a trend in these issues about people just straight up not knowing about the force that’s just gonna end up destroying the earth, possibly to nail down the fact that it’s the entire reason for this conflict. The mentions are getting annoying and convoluted.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1

I actually like this title a lot, because it essentially drops the ENTIRE PRETENSE of the tie-in, and goes about just showing fights and attempting to have some humor to an otherwise dull set-up. It’s actually a pretty decent fight book, but there’s no real bearing on anything, Phoenix-wise.

Your Takeaway: Iron Man beats Magneto, and Thing defeats Namor.

TIE-IN: Uncanny X-Men #11
This is basically a recap of everything that’s happened so far, with the added bonus of the “Juggernaut/Colossus” Vs. Red Hulk fight. We also get a smart little bit about Cyclops issuing a press release to make the Avengers look bad in the eyes of the public, which I don’t particularly understand the relevance of, but okay.

And that was Rounds One and Two, basically.
Tune in later for Round Three!


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