AvX In-Depth Review Part 3

Breakdowns – Avengers Vs. X-Men

Part 3: Round 3

When I go to a comic shop or a con, people generally ask me if I keep up with normal weeklies.
My answer is usually that I try, but most of the time, that’s not really true.
Usually I shotgun through and paraphrase, so I have a concept of what happened to what character.

This is me basically doing that to large scale crossovers for you, this series in particular being the megaseries Avengers Vs. X-Men. I’ve broken up the ongoing by rounds, as to not make me write a huge, long terrifying thing about the series as a whole.

And so, we come to Round Three: A Whole Lot Of Kids Making Choices.

Before we make it to….. the confusing tale of the youths involved, I have to broach the subject of Wolverine, and exactly where he is during the entirety of this.

Now honestly, I’m not reading these as they come out, but the general assumption is that AvX #3 is what kicked off Round Three, and that makes everything a bit more confusing.

Let me Explain.

At the end of AvX #3, which I can gloss over because the tie-ins just repeat the main action of the issue, which is a pretty great feature of this series from a review standpoint, We see Wolverine being dumped off in what is assumedly a polar cap because he’s “too involved”.

Anyone could have seen that coming.

But, my main confusion is that, in the round three Avengers Academy tie ins, HE’S DROPPING OFF THE STUDENTS OF THE JEAN GREY SCHOOL.

So, his logically transition thus far is as such: Burned to a crisp by Hope/Phoenix, regenerated and thrown in a black bodysuit, then somehow on a quintet with his blue and gold costume, dropping off the students of the Jean Grey School and talking shop with a naked Hercules and Tigra, and then kicked out of an airlock by Captain America because he’s too deeply involved in the conflict. But, were that true, why weren’t the students in the quintet? And if they were, there is a telepath in that group. Nobody wants to warn Logan that some dumb crap is gonna happen?

From AvX #3, which basically has Iron Man being confused and upset over Cyclops’ concession to the Avengers from AvX #2, and then everyone, including Rachel Summers (who was formerly one with the phoenix force, and is also from the future) looking for Hope, who is using a piece of technology she assembled herself to keep one step ahead of everyone.

This is the same Hope that was being combat trained, and failing quite badly, last issue.
I just want to let that one sink in.

Anyway, moving on.

TIE-IN: Avengers Academy #29-31

This series sets up a couple weird angles, the first of which being Sebastian Shaw.
For those not in the know, Shaw was the leader of the Hellfire Club back when Jean Grey was the Phoenix, and basically he can absorb and break down energy attacks into strength. He was also one of the dudes that headed up the sentinel initiative, which I guess is a fun fact that they play into in #31.

But anyway, he gets brought over the the Academy with one of my favorite Canadians, Madison Jefferies, also known as the mutant Alpha Flighter, Box. This is a confusing element, because for some reason Shaw became amazingly aggressive than we had seen him previously in the story lines involving Utopia.

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But the best part, and this is the theme of Round 3, his resistance was basically toothless. It was a stratagem for the kids of the Jean Grey school AND the kids of the Avengers Academy to potentially join the war that by all means wasn’t even going on.


The second big variable in this series, and probably the entirety of Round Three is X-23. The former X-Forcer and current Avengers Academy member, she’s actually facing a lot of the same dumb pressures as the father that she was cloned from. Which is great, because we don’t see her in a lot of places of conflict in general, but the approach to this was actually not that well done. She has no consistent opinions on the war, and even when she does make decisions, she looks like she’ll backdoor out of them at any point. Which is frustrating, because man, do I want to care.

TIE-IN: Wolverine And The X-Men #10

The art is actually pretty great, but see my previous point about Wolverine. Also, this “war” is actually getting more pointless and toothless by the titles involved.

TIE-IN: X-Men: Legacy #266-267

This has an odd, two issue focus on Rogue about how she doesn’t feel like she can keep her anger in check, because she actually did decimate the majority of the Avengers in the earlier parts of her career.

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We also get introduced to perhaps the worst diplomatic team in Avengers history just showing up on academy grounds for no real reason and unsettling the pot for everyone. This team consists of She Hulk, Falcon and Moon Knight, which is a pretty blatant incident waiting to happen.

Also, Moon Knight is a reality TV star in that reboot nobody read, and if you didn’t know that by now, he doesn’t shut up about it here.

So, basically an incident happens. in the form of Frenzy just losing it against She-Hulk. And basically the battle boils down to Rogue, absorbing everyone’s powers, destroying a hollow suit of Iron Man armor.

Then, we learn that Rogue is going to join the fight, which leads us into Round 3.5: JOURNEY INTO SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE.


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