Best Recent Batman Panels

Best Moments In Comics 2013

Here’s a few of my favorite panels from recent comics. This has been a big month for the Batman books with two major stories that made a huge impact on the Bat-mythos. Let’s start with a few from those books:

jason todd red hood

This is a few lines from Red Hood & The Outlaws #16. This is further weird manipulation of Batman continuity. The Robins really got hit by the New 52 hard.

podcast reviews death of the family

Every Batman family book in the 16th week of the New 52 ended with Joker teasing what’s on the platter. This reminded of of the movie Se7en.

batman comics podcast review

The reveal wasn’t what this looked like…it was all a joke. It was somewhat of a let down for me.

comics podcast review joker

This is how Batman screws with Joker at the end of Death of the Family.

dc comics the knight

The death of The Knight

alfred costume death

The lead in to the Death of Damian. Will Alfred have to answer to Bruce for this?

batman pets

What will become of Damian’s pets?

damian wayne dick grayson best

I find myself agreeing. This was one of the best (and an arguement could be made THE best) Batman and Robin teams ever. He will be missed.

wayne dc comics review

Will we see Damian as Robin or even Batman in the future? Time will tell.

If you like checking out this type of thing…I have tons more panels from the whole history of comics at my other site –


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