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Swamp Thing has easily been one of the most intriguing and consistent…


Online Casino games court fans of Avengers and other Marvel properties in new games.


Easily the most controversial decision in the Spider-Man universe since One More…


New York Comic Con 2103 – Robert Kirkman, Geek Culture Diversity Sgt. Slaughter, and More!

Detailing my experience getting Robert Kirkman of the Walking Dead’s autograph at New York Comic Con 2013


  Howdy out there sports fans it’s Frank here again, finally saddling…


  Heroclix: It’s been a crazy week in Heroclix news, they announced…


Veronica Mars, Zach Braff, & Spike Lee came to Kickstarter and there’s nothing unfair about it.


Since the Marvel Studios Panel at SDCC, the comics blogosphere has been…

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Now it has been a good break but the Weekly Fix is…