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We read a lot of comic books! Because of that we’ve got a lot to say about characters, storylines, creators, and the history of the comics. Our experts are passionate fans with their own unique relationships with comics. Some have been reading for decades while others are new to the industry. Enjoy these articles about the greatest story-telling medium ever created!

Swamp Thing has easily been one of the most intriguing and consistent…


Easily the most controversial decision in the Spider-Man universe since One More…


New York Comic Con 2103 – Robert Kirkman, Geek Culture Diversity Sgt. Slaughter, and More!

Detailing my experience getting Robert Kirkman of the Walking Dead’s autograph at New York Comic Con 2013

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Geoff Johns lets everyone know how Trinity War is going to end. Just another in a recent trend of spoiling major events to promote the next event.


Heroclix: I was going to talk about the first week of Fear…


Something is stinky in Outlaw land!     Comics: ┬áRed Hood and…

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Batman has never sat down…right? Well, maybe not.

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A super hero cruise with yours truly, Nick Borelli…Cleveland’s Comic Book Expert to celebrate Father’s Day 2013.


Another Weekly Fix, your move creeps!     Wait that’s not from…