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Sometimes we really look into our favorite TV Shows and Movies. Here are some examples of in-depth articles of screen adventures.


Veronica Mars, Zach Braff, & Spike Lee came to Kickstarter and there’s nothing unfair about it.


Since the Marvel Studios Panel at SDCC, the comics blogosphere has been…

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Now it has been a good break but the Weekly Fix is…


The New 52 comes to the Animated Universe in a big way! What does this mean for the future of DC Animation?


Good day! Time to get your Fix! ¬†Heroclix: It’s been a week…

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All set to watch NEW Arrested Development? It’s a perfect reason to throw a party! Here’s some tips.


As weekly fix drives on Frank explores another week of escapist outlets!…

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Did you see the last episode of The Walking Dead (Clear)? Was it possible for Rick, Michone, and Carl to travel all that way in one day? Mikey did the math. Check this out!

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Hello folks! Frank here, I’ve always wanted to a weekly article thingy,…


Let’s talk Hulu+. With Netflix, VOD, iTunes, DVDs, etc., is this service one that would appeal to the busy geek media consumer? Here’s one man’s experience.