We pose the question. You tell us what you think.


Tell us which version of the classic Spider-Man Villain/Anti-Hero/Hero is your favorite.

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Which costume show Iron Fist wear in his upcoming TV Debut? White or Green?


Who portrayed Superman the best? Let us know what you think!


With current comics at $3.99 each I often grab reader copies from the Bronze Age out of the back issue bins. Many are priced at or below today’s cover prices. Frequently find real gems like this book from 1971.

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Peter vs. Miles


Marvel vs. DC

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AvX is over. Now tell us who you think won!


Which of these two Richie Rich Super Heroes is better at spending money? You choose between Movie Stars Batman and Iron Man!

comic books adaptations

What are your top 5 Comic Book to Live Action TV Series? Let us know!

star trek enterprise

Geek Actor Hall of Fame: Jeffery Combs Jeffery Combs first became known…