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Swamp Thing has easily been one of the most intriguing and consistent…

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Spoiler filled review of the best moments of The Day of the Doctor.


Easily the most controversial decision in the Spider-Man universe since One More…

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Trailer reviews of Captain America 2, Days of Future Past, JLA: War, and the Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser.


So, I guess the first question to get out of the way is the obvious one – Do we really need another X-Title? Well, here’s the short answer…


If we wanted Batman to save us all, we were doomed. Look at the world while wearing your metafiction suits and there is still no way he can reach every person calling out for help.


  Howdy out there sports fans it’s Frank here again, finally saddling…


I’m going to say it right up front, like a lot of…

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Now it has been a good break but the Weekly Fix is…

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What I liked and didn’t like about Man of Steel.