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Those that have listened to our 15th episode of the podcast know that we are BIG fans of Doctor Who. Our writers are Whovians both new and old but all agree that this show is something reall special. Be our companions as we follow the Doctor through his adventures.


Decades long Whovian, Jake Johnson reviews the Doctor Who mid-season premiere: “The Bells of Saint John”. The march to the 50th Year Anniversary begins here.


We bid Amy and Rory a farewell with this mid-season finale. The Weeping Angels are back and this time they are traveling in time in New York City. This review contains epic spoilers so, please, watch the episode first, read this review second, and let us know what you think third. In that order!

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Let’s get into the second to last episode with the Ponds as companions with “The Power of Three”. The Power of Three refers to both the combination of the Doctor, Rory, and Amy but also a cube. This episode has a lot of cubes. This time around I’m just going to take on the episode from beginning to end….kind of a commentary if you will.


The Doctor is pushed to his limits in this Western tale of revenge. Will he commit an irredeemable act? Is his time away from the Ponds affecting him? Also, why is there an alien Cyborg in the Wild West!? As always…spoilers!

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The Doctor teams up with his new “gang” which includes Queen Nefertiti and comes in contact with Dinosaurs…on a spaceship! Rory’s Dad tags along for this absurdly funny story.

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Subtract Love. Add Anger. This is only for those who have already…