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You guys…seriously, you guys…I mean seriously…wow, just wow. This is easily one…


There have been very few comics since the Marvel Now launch that…


Nick’s picks for the four best comics and his most disappointing from May 1st, 2013. One issue, in particular, is one of his favorite of the year. Read on to see his reviews.


My 3 favorite comics from 4/24/13 and my least favorite too. I read 30 books this week, which were on the top of my pile?

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Wu-Tang and comic books are a natural fit. Their albums have a…


Decades long Whovian, Jake Johnson reviews the Doctor Who mid-season premiere: “The Bells of Saint John”. The march to the 50th Year Anniversary begins here.


The death of one character and a new beginning for another. Check out my two favorite books of the week.


Alright, everyone, sorry for my unfortunate lapse in posting.  Sadly, the rigors…

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Reviews of three new first issues – Nova #1, Vibe #1, and Justice League of America #1. Should you be jumping on to these new titles?


This gritty webcomic tells the tale of Ex Monday, a mechanic living in a wonky sci-fi future. This comic is written by Ken Bastard. The art work is reminiscent of a space opera and Moebius’ (Jean Giraud) comic titled, “Incal.”