Daredevil #26 Review – The Devil is in the Details…

STK529420You guys…seriously, you guys…I mean seriously…wow, just wow.

This is easily one of the best comics I’ve read this year.  I know we’re not very far into the year, but this one’s going to hold up because man it is good.  This is one of a handful of Marvel titles that you absolutely should be reading and it’s one of a smaller handful titles that I can recommend to anyone without reservation or caveat.  From top to bottom, art to coloring to writing, there is literally nothing in this series that is not firing on all cylinders.

By way of background, Daredevil enjoyed a substantial period of tremendous creative quality.  Brian Michael Bendis turned mainstream comics on it’s ear with his wickedly experimental work on his Daredevil run before passing the baton (ha, see what I did there…) off to the able hands of Ed Brubaker.  Brubaker dragged Matt Murdock through a torturous and brilliantly written run in which no punches were pulled.  Then Shadowland happened.  The less said about that particular creative debacle the better.  Thankfully, Marvel handed the series editing duties off to Stephen Wacker and brought in Mark Waid to right the ship.  Thus we are 26 issues in to what may be one of the best single character runs I have ever read.

Issue 26 is a culmination of threads which Waid planted back in issue one over 2 years ago.  Mark Waid picked up Daredevil at his lowest point in years, both creatively and in terms of Matt Murdock’s life, and set about the work of rebuilding the character from essentially scratch yet managed to maintain strong ties to the work that was done before, including adding validity to the absurd events of Shadowland.  Waid, in what has become his characteristic fashion (see Legion of Superheroes and more recently The Indestructible Hulk), stripped the character bare and pulled the true essence to the forefront.  From that point, Waid has weaved a tale spanning 26 issues and presented a series of ever increasing dangers and more complex questions for the reader to puzzle through.  For the last several issues, it’s been clear that someone has been pulling the strings and systematically tearing Matt Murdock apart.  This issue finally clues the reader to who that someone is and its excellently crafted revelation that I won’t spoil here.  I will only say that it works.  Well played, Mr. Waid.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give credit to the stellar artwork.  Chris Samnee has been working on a Daredevil for quite some time now and we should all be hoping he sticks around for quite a while longer.  His deceptively simple style lends itself well to the character and the way he presents Daredevil’s senses to the reader is a masterstroke.  It’s definitely some of my favorite art in comics at the moment.

So, to sum it up…you need to do yourself a favor and read Daredevil.




Keith is a life long gamer, movie buff, occasional harmonica player, and, most importantly, a comics nerd. Like all the best nerds, Keith is a child of the 80's and 90's and an often loud and vocal advocate of the cartoons of that era (seriously, though, they are unquestionably the best cartoons EVER). He currently resides in New York City with his lovely, if often exasperated wife, Rachel and their two cats, Ollie and Juno.

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