DC Animation Announces Newest Film with Justice League: War

The New 52 comes to the Animated Universe in a big way! What does this mean for the future of DC Animation?

The long wait for an announcement from DC Animation, as to what their next release would be, is finally over.  By way of a tweet from PR rep Gary Miereanu,Untitled we now know that the New 52 will be coming to DC’s Animated Universe in the form of Justice League: War.  This film will be an adaptation of the best selling Justice League Vol. 1: Origin by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee and has been slotted for a 2014 release, though no specific date was given.  To go along with that big news, Miereanu also announced that Shemar Moore (“Criminal Minds”) would be voicing Cyborg and that Jason O’Mara (“Vegas”, “Terra Nova”) will be voicing Batman.

Since Justice League: Flashpoint was announced last year it has been speculated that the Flashpoint event might do to the animated films, what it did to the comics and make way for New 52 content, and now we have our answer.  DC is not planning on shying away from their newest published works in development plans in favor of continuing to use more evergreen works.  This is certainly a bold approach, and one I applaud as I’m hoping this will signal a more unified approach to their Animated Universe, in the same ways that DC Entertainment is now discussing doing for their live-action films.  This also throws the doors open on some storylines that have become instant classics with fans and have sold exceptionally well both in floppies and collected editions.

For my own tastes the obvious choices that leap to mind for future development are Batman’s “Court of Owls”, the Aquaman/Justice League crossover “Throne of Atlantis”, and the Justice League Backup story for Shazam.  With 52 titles rotating in and out over the past 2 years there are dozens of serious contenders to continue bringing New 52 tales to home theaters everywhere.

What New 52 arcs would you love to see brought to the small screen?  Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Nick Borelli says:

    Great points! I think I’d really like to see a Rotworld movie but I wonder if Swamp Thing and Animal Man could be marketable.
    Death of the Family MIGHT work but I don’t think it’s as independent of continuity as Court of Owls.

  2. I think either of those options could conceivably work, though Rotworld would be hard to parse down into the 70-minute format. They could probably pull it off with a double feature the way they did with Dark Knight Returns. As for the marketability of Animal Man and Swamp Thing, I think that really all depends on how the teased Guillermo Del Toro live action project pans out. If that goes to screen and does even reasonably well then they can expand with the animation. Or maybe starting with the animation is a smarter move to build buzz for the characters in the darker side of the DCU.

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