Week 1 – DC Comics New 52 #0 Issues

Continuity Notes From A New Universe

Instead of reviewing the DC Comics #0 issues, I am going to just give you the facts of what we’ve learned. The Zero Month initiative is suppose to give us more information on the history of this new universe. Let’s see what we’ve learned about the new continuity.

Week 1

Action Comics #0 -

  • Clark purchased 200 Superman shirts. He knew he was going to get into some scrapes!
  • Clark’s first job was at the Daily Star.
  • Jimmy Olsen is rich.
  • Superman’s cape can’t be destroyed.
  • Clark lives in an apartment owned by a Mrs. Nyxly who’s husband is a magician known as “Mystic Mr. Triple X” who wears a derby. Have we seen the first of Mxyzptlk in the New 52?
  • Lois coins the name Superman. Classic!
  • Captain Comet is briefly introduced before he heads to space. He warns that Earth is on a list of planets that will be destroyed.

Animal Man #0 -

  • Arcane killed the previous Animal Man
  • Buddy Baker was never going to be chosen as Animal Man. He was only a temporary solution until his daughter came of age.
  • Buddy Baker was an actor who believes he gained his power from aliens. The aliens were a ruse created by the Red in order to get him active as their avatar sooner.
  • He had a career as a super hero, actor, and animal activist.

Batwing #0

  • As soon as David left the the the rebel army he was forced to join, he started fighting criminals (as a child).
  • David was raised by Rene Diallo and Matu Ba to be responsible and help others.
  • David spent his days on the police force and nights as a vigilante working with other heroes against criminals and super criminals.
  • His war on crime caught the attention of Batman who trained him further and gave him the tools he needed to become Batwing.

Detective Comics #0 -

  • Bruce Wayne studied under a Zen-Buddhist Monk Warrior named Shihan Matsuda.
  • Shihan Matsuda was trained in mind control and martial arts.
  • Bruce came to see Shihan Matsuda and his wife Matsuda Sama as a surrogate mother and father during his training.
  • Bruce learned a cold lesson that closeness to someone can bring misery.
  • Alfred held together the Wayne Corporation while Bruce was training.

Dial H for Hero #0 -

  • The H-Dial actually steals the powers of super heroes from other universes and bestows them to whoever uses the dial.

Earth 2 #0 -

  • Terry Sloan was one of Earth 2′s greatest champions and the smartest person on that Earth known as Mister 8.
  • Terry Sloan discovered the multiverse.
  • Terry Sloan turned on Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman and destroyed cities and countless lives to win a victory against Darkseid.
  • He survived and has plans for Earth 2 based on his knowledge of other Earths.

Green Lantern #0 -

  • Simon Baz is a Arab American living in Michigan who experiences years of prejudice in America after September 11th.
  • Simon Baz was a car thief who was set up to steal a car with explosives in it. He is picked up by the authorities and detained.
  • As he is about to be tortured, Simon gets a Green Lantern Ring that says “Simon Baz of Earth. You have the error ability to overcome great fear.
  • Amanda Wallar and Cyborg both know about Simon.
  • His ring has a message for him but he is passed out.
  • Sinestro and Hal Jordan are in a world of shadows.

G.I. Combat #0 -

  • The Unknown Solider finds out that there has always been an Unknown Soldier in all wars. He may be the reincarnated soldier.
  • Before he flatlined in combat, his fighting skills were not nearly what they were when he was revived.
  • His superior inherited fighting abilities and his scientific enhancements make him one of the most dangerous people alive.

Green Arrow #0 -

  • 19 year old Oliver Queen was rich and irresponsible when his father sent him to run one of his oil rigs.
  • Oliver pays Tommy Merlyn to train him in archery.
  • A super villain “Iron Eagle” shows up to the oil rig and attacks. Oliver fights him off but ends up getting the rig destroyed and his friends killed.
  • Oliver wake up on an island and makes a bow to survive.
  • Oliver makes it back to the United States somehow and find Roy Harper. He bails him out of jail and asks him to use his skills with weapons and hacking to fight crime.
  • Tommy Merlyn ends up alive and scared.

Phantom Stranger #0 -

  • A man tries to commit suicide in the distant past for betraying his closest friend.
  • This man is judged by Wizards along with two others and are called “The Trinity of Sin”.
  • We know the other two as Pandora and The Question. The star of this title will become the Phantom Stranger.
  • His punishment is to walk the Earth until he works off his crime and to be a stranger to all of Humanity.
  • He sets in motion the creation of the Spectre

Stormwatch #0 -

  • Adam One is still alive (thought to be killed in issue #5).
  • Adam tells Jenny the story of the Century Baby from A.D. 1013.
  • That Century Baby fought with an early incarnation of the Demon Knights.
  • The Demon Knights were the first incarnation of Stormwatch.
  • Adam One is centuries old and possibly immortal (and it looks like he physically ages backwards).
  • Adam One is actually Merlin.
  • The 12th Century Century Baby was taken by the Shadow Lords (masters of Stormwatch).

Swamp Thing #0 -

  • Arcane killed many Avatars of the Green (Swamp Things) including the one of 1897.
  • Arcane killed Alec Holland before he could be the¬†prophesized warrior king and greatest Swamp Thing of all-time.
  • The Green re-creates Alex Holland so he can embrace his destiny.

World’s Finest #0 -

  • Earth 2 (E2) Catwoman helped train her daughter to be E2 Robin against her husband’s (E2 Batman) wishes.
  • E2 Lois Lane died in the war against Darkseid.
  • E2 Supergirl is E2 Superman’s secret weapon.
  • E2 Catwoman died in the war with Darkseid.
  • E2 Supergirl (Power Girl) met E2 Robin (Huntress) right after Catwoman died.


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