Season 7 Episode 2 – Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

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Want an episode where you don’t need to know much about Doctor Who but is PURE fun? This episode is it!

This episode includes a larger ensemble then usual and I’m thankful for it. This is the kind of insane story you can only get from Doctor Who. Snakes on a Plane looks positively pedestrian compared to Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Right off the bat the story starts silly fun. Queen Nefertiti and the Doctor need to figure out why a ship the size of Canada is headed towards Earth before Earth defenses fire a missile at the ship. Typical dilemma for the Doctor but it gets so much crazier.

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Next stop…the Ponds! The Doctor picks them up and accidentally picks up Rory’ dad too. Rory’s dad steals the show in this episode! Played by actor Mark Williams (comedic actor from The Fast Show and Arthur Weasely from the Harry Potter movies), Brian’s attitude explains a lot about Rory. He finds himself in an impossible situation and adapts VERY quickly. You can understand how Rory was able to embrace his role in the insanity that is life with the Doctor.

The Doctor’s gang (he’s got a gang now!) are on a spaceship filled with dinosaurs AND robots voice by David Mitchell and Robert Webb. These two British comedians are two of my personal favorites. Between their Mitchell & Webb projects and Peep Show, these two voice robots that seem like they right out of a Douglas Adams story.

For all this to work dramatically, you need a villain. Well, we get a particular slimy one in the form of Solomon played by David Bradley (also of Harry Potter fame). He proves himself to be irredeemable, which is rare for a Doctor Who advisory. Every once in a while the Doctor shows us what happens when you do something terrible on his watch.

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The payoff for this episode is the last moments with Brian. It gave me a big smile to see him on his journeys and how his life was made more full by meeting the Doctor. I think the theme of this season has been revealed (I’s only been two episodes!). No one knows who the Doctor is and the big question “Doctor Who” keeps coming up. My prediction for the 50th anniversary: He forgets who he is some how and that’s the new status quo.

We’ll see what happens but this was a fun episode and next week’s old west “A Town Called Mercy” look equally fantastic.

Best moments:

Queen Nefertiti: Are you a queen? Amy: Yes, Yes I am.

- Reminiscent of Ghostbusters “Are you a God?”

Riddel: Egyptian Queen or not, I shall take you over my knee and spank you. Nefertitti: Try it and I will snap your neck in a heart beat.

- Flirting between a 14th century queen and a early 20th century big game hunter.

Doctor: “You don’t have any vegetable matter in your trousers; do you, Brian?” Brian: “Only my balls.” [Rory slaps his forehead in mortification.] Brian: “Golf balls. Grassy residue.”


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