Do You Hulu+? I sure do!

Internet TV service delivers the unexpected.

I was a skeptic from day one, internet TV wasn’t going to be my bag but lately I find myself turning to Hulu+ almost daily.  I leave the Comcast remote alone and turn on the trusty Apple TV.  I first bought the Apple TV to connect all our TV’s to my massive iTunes library and to allow streaming from the iPads and iPhones but quickly I added subscriptions to Hulu+ and Netflix.

Hulu+ made itself valuable immediately since I could watch Arrow anytime and never miss an episode.  This show keeps my whole family engaged.  My wife enjoys the shirtless eye candy of Stephen Amell along with the romantic threads running between the characters.  My daughter enjoys the action sequences and especially the scenes with the Arrow in full costume firing off arrows and jumping around.  Daddy can relate to anything this “comic book” on television.  The CW throws in just enough of the DC Universe to keep me coming back.  Overall it is cheese TV but hey who doesn’t like a good slice of cheese?

Speaking of cheese I found some great older cheese buried inside the Hulu listings.  Lancelot Link Secret Chimp was a favorite show of mine as kid in the 70’s and now I share this show, along with Rocky and Bullwinkle, with my four year old.  Both of these show were as close to comics on TV as I could get as a kid.  These shows gave me serial stories with heroic actions and a healthy dose of comedy each and every Saturday morning.  Today we can watch anytime on any device, this is another big plus for Hulu +.

Digging still deeper into the International TV section I found James May’s Toy Stories.  This UK series explores the history of iconic toys then supersizes the toy to human scale to see what happens.  My favorite episode involves building a life-sized WWII fighter from a supersized model kit.  Another episode centers on the possibility of building a real house from Lego bricks.  The result is breath taking and heart breaking at the same time.  You can build it but you can’t really live in it.  Still if not for Hulu+ I never would have found this show.

So in the end I am now a fan of Internet TV and especially Hulu+.  Feel free to list your favorite shows or hidden gems in the comments section.


I have been buying and collecting comics for over 40 years. I am a life long Spider-Man fan who lives in San Francisco with my wife and daughter. I periodically contribute to the Pittsburgh Comics Podcast, the ACME Comics Podcast, and Comic Geek Speak. My work as a consultant allows me to visit comic shops all around the world.

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