Super Hero Father’s Day In Cleveland

Celebrating Super Hero Fathers on a Cruise

I’ll be the local comic book authority for a super hero promotion for the Cleveland cruise ship “The Goodtime III” on June 16th, 2013 for Father’s Day. I was approached by a PR Agency to interact with news outlets who may cover this event as a local comic book expert. Sounds like fun! Here’s the information from the Press Release:

Superman, Captain America, Spiderman and Batman will be on the Goodtime 3 this Sunday for the Father’s Day Luncheon Cruise June 16th. (Four Cleveland actors are portraying these legendary characters). This is the summer of Super Heroes with Superman opening this weekend, Iron Man III already in theaters, and the Captain America movie shooting now in Cleveland.

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 9.35.46 PM
The Super Heroes will pay tribute to the real heroes which are the 200 fathers being honored today on the Goodtime
3. These men work diligently to support their families and educate their children in hard times. These fathers represent positive ways of living life.

On the ship today are more than 20 drawings of Super Heroes of the 20th Century. They include those mentioned
above, plus Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Dick Tracy, Capt. Midnight & Wonder Woman.

Nick Borelli, historian and collector of Super Heroes material, is also on board to answer your reporter’s questions of why Super Heroes are so popular now. Nick believes that difficult times such as economic recession and war account for this popularity.

A video playing on the ship shows how the Super Heroes were initially created and evolved through time. They started out innocently enough, but eventually had to face villains that were almost as powerful as they were.

The four actors playing Super Heroes will be up dancing with the fathers and their families, as this is an occasion for celebration. Your reporter may want to talk to some of these fathers about the comparison to them as Super Heroes.


Short Box co-founder, Nick, is married to Sarah and their 1st child is on the way,
Nick uses terms like Comic Book Historian and Geekologist to describe himself but...those aren't real things...right?
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