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I’m finally caught up from my 10 day trip to Mexico! Upon my return, I had two weeks of comics to read. For me, that was 62 comics! This week, though, there were a few really strong books including three first issues that I really enjoyed. Let’s dive right in…

jeph-loeb-ed-mcguninnessNova #1

Marvel Comics

Writer: Jeph Loeb

Artist: Ed McGunniess

I’m not sure if there are any original ideas in this book but the mixture of all these action, adventure, science fiction, teen drama, and super hero troupes just works here. This is the Nova you’ve seen being knocked out in the pages of AvX (Sam Alexander) and it features his origin from the beginning. There’s a little Green Lantern and a little of the modern Blue Beetle in this story and it’s a a blend that feels natural and has my attention. As long as something innovative comes from this book in the way of a twist or a supporting cast, I’ll beĀ  really looking forward to this book. A lot has been said of the last couple of years worth of Jeph Loeb stories, but he has a youthful voice that comes off as authentic and compelling. Ed McGuinness is one of my all-time favorite artists and this story plays into all his strengths. The science fiction element and flashbacks were my favorite part of this comic. Turning this character into a legacy character and adding a few mysteries leave me wanting an issue #2. That’s the definition of a successful first issue, right?

podcast reviews new 52Vibe #1

DC Comics

Writers: Geoff Johns & Andrew Kreisberg

Artist: Pete Woods

It says it right on the cover, “The Unlikeliest Hero”. Long time DC fans know Vibe as the least liked member of the Detroit Era JLA from the 80s. He was an attempt to embrace break dancing culture similar to Marvel’s attempt to take from the disco-era with Dazzler. The character use to just have earthquake inducing powers similar to an Avalanche, Rictor, Quake, etc. Geoff Johns has tied this incarnation’s powers and origin to the New 52′s central story from Justice League very much like he did with Cyborg. Also like Cyborg, it’s my opinion that Vibe has his own book due to DC’s diversification mandate. Unlike some, I’m really on board for this concept. Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and a super hero populous should be no different. This introduction makes for a thorough origin but it’s bit same-old. The strengths in this comic are the ties to the larger mysteries of the new DC Universe and the new Justice League of America. The Pete Woods pencils are crisp and animated and serve the story well. Because of the wider implications and John’s involvement, I’m going to be paying attention to this book.

geoff-johns-dc-comicsJustice League of America #1

DC Comics

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: David Finch

There are two main types of first issues/story arcs for team books. It’s either accidental or deliberate team building. Accidental team building examples are teams like the original (and new) Avengers and the recent New 52 Justice League. This is a deliberate team building issue very similar to the very enjoyable Justice League of America #1 by Brad Meltzer (was that REALLY 7 years ago?). Deliberate team building is often centered around putting together a team of complimentary powers in order for maximum efficiency. That’s exactly the premise of this book but done well. This team is reactionary to many events that have taken place in the New 52 such as the recent war with Atlantis and the dissolve of the Justice League International.

The reason for two Justice League teams at the beginning of the New 52 was to give readers an option. The history of the JLA has produced two types of squads. The Big Seven style teams like the original lineup and Grant Morrison’s team included only the very biggest heroes of the DCU. The other JLA team type included lesser known heroes with a few anchor members. Meltzer’s team was an anomaly because it was 50/50 and felt very organic. The New 52 debuted with A List and a B List teams but the B List team didn’t catch on. This time around, Johns is at the helm of the B List team too but this squad features a far more fascinating team than the JLI. Mysteries of the new DCU will be explored and characters that have struggled to find their way in the New 52 will benefit from John’s ability to perfectly encapsulate what makes them work (Hawkman will benefit the most from this). Strong start from an edgier Justice League for a new universe.


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