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This week’s comics featured a few huge issues with one, in particular, dominating the comic news cycle. I’m reviewing the obvious issue as well as one that’s not as obvious. Let’s get into it:

Batman Inc. #8 – The cover gives it away and it was leaked weeks ago. That said, there was a part of me still hoping it wouldn’t be so. It was a powerful and meaningful death that didn’t feel exploitative. This feels like everything Morrison has been working towards since 2006. The war with Talia and Batman has put Damian in the middle the whole time. While this war has been going on, he has evolved into one of the most complex and interesting characters created in the past 25 years. The scene with him and Dick Grayson was one that will stick with me for a long time. I’m going to really miss this character. I’ve been posting images from Damian’s past recently at www.SonOfTheBat.com Remember Damian and check it out.

*Update -  I decided to write a lot more about this in an article. Check it out here!

Avenging Spider-Man #17 - Unlike Superior Spider-Man, I feel like this title figures out what works with the new status quo right out of the gate. The main reason this seems like a better exploration of Doctor Octopus as Spider-Man is that the Peter Parker “Ghost” is nowhere to be found. You really get into his head better without the repetitive, annoying and helpless voice of Peter nagging at us. We’ve read SpiderMan before, we understand what Peter would do in the same position we don’t need running commentary. OK…rant over! Ha. Seriously, though, this title and this issue in particular keeps the fun of Spider-Man intact by the reactions of Doc Ock to other characters he would have never had mixed with before. Doc Ock learns something with every issue by being forced in positions he finds beneath him. With every team-up, Otto grows and you learn more about how he thinks. This was a really strong issue that shows the full potential of storytelling with this new Spider-Man.


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