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Episode #43 of the podcast was an interview with Very Near Mint Writer/Artist, Justin Peterson. Justin first showed up on our radars when my (Nick) good friend Steve Wittmaak (of Spudmunkey and Port City Underground) sent me a copy of Volume 1 that he saw at a comic book convention in Florida. After that, we really got into his art as well as his original voice. Very Near Mint isn’t all the things people probably compare it to…its something very different. The blend of the familiar with the hyper-real fiction is not Clerks, Scott Pilgrim, or Spaced but fans of those will like VNM.

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Justin at his booth at the 2013 MoCCA Arts Festival

This interview ended up being one of our all-time favorite episodes. Even though, we’ve followed him online for years, there were surprises for us in this conversation. Being a fan of Chris Bachalo, Mike Mignola, and Jim Mahfood, we assumed correctly that those were also some of his favorites. What was surprising is how Justin’s main inspiration was Charles Schultz.

Another fascinating aspect of what Justin is doing is his day job. Justin’s murals are also something that just blow us away. He works for the restaurant chain Tijuana Flats painting really epic murals. You seriously have to see them! As someone who is really addicted to Kickstarter, Justin’s Very Near Mint Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 fundings were something I paid close attention to. Being able to really self-publish and watch your audience grow must be a real validation.

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Check out more of Justin’s Murals on his Tumblr!

All of those topics and more are discussed on the podcast. Let us know what you think below in the comments section. Thanks for checking us out and we hope you stick around!



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From Very Near Mint Vol. 2

short box podcast very near mint

From Very Near Mint Vol. 2

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There’s always money on his Tumblr