Keith’s List o’ Awesome – January 30th Edition

Well, guys, it’s looking like an oddly light week for my pull list.  Here are the top three books I’m looking forward to…


Hawkeye #7

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: David Aja

It’s a great series and Matt Fraction is donating his royalties to Hurricane Sandy Victims.  ’Nuff Said.




Avengers #4

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artist: Adam Kubert

Hickman is a big ideas guy and its clear he’s got a lot of ambition for the flagship Avengers title.  This issue promises the secret origin of Hyperion.  It’s almost a guarantee that Hickman will find some way to work the various multiverse versions of Hyperion in and odds are this will have a huge impact on the series in later issues.



Superior Spiderman #2

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Dan Slott

Artist: Ryan Stegman


I’m curious to see where Slott is going with this series.  I’m definitely concerned that he’s overplayed his hand with the introduction of Ghost Pete at the end of #1.  We all knew Peter Parker would be coming back, I just figured Slott would let all of us Spidey-fans squirm for awhile.  But, Dan Slott has done an outstanding job with Spiderman since Big Time so he gets some leeway here (not to mention that Spidey-Ock has potential for some good stories).  I should also mention that I’ve had a fairly serious geek crush on Steve Wacker since his work at DC and I definitely rank him as one of the best editors in the business (just look at the stable of books he’s worked on…)


Alright, those are the issues that I think are worth your time and cash.

If you’ve got a book this week you think deserves some attention, let us know.

Sound off below!


Keith is a life long gamer, movie buff, occasional harmonica player, and, most importantly, a comics nerd. Like all the best nerds, Keith is a child of the 80's and 90's and an often loud and vocal advocate of the cartoons of that era (seriously, though, they are unquestionably the best cartoons EVER). He currently resides in New York City with his lovely, if often exasperated wife, Rachel and their two cats, Ollie and Juno.

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