Top 5 Comic Book to Live Action TV Shows

Adaptations to the Small Screen

smallville the walking dead

Currently, The Walking Dead and Arrow are enjoying success as live action television shows that have been adapted from comic books. For every success in this type of adaption there are probably about 3 failures.

Our question for you to comment on below:

What are your Top 5 Comic Book to Live Action TV Adaptations?

Here are a few examples to choose from:

Adventures of Superman Batman Wonder Woman Incredible Hulk Shazam
The Amazing Spider-Man Flash Superboy Mutant X The Tick
Adventures of Lois and Clark Blade Smallville Birds of Prey Middlemen
PainKiller Jane Witchblade Walking Dead Tales From The Crypt Arrow

Did we forget any?


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One Response.

  1. Nick Borelli says:

    Arrow is too early to call but I think it might end up high on the list eventually.
    1. The Walking Dead
    2. Smallville
    3. The Tick
    4. Flash
    5. Lois & Clark

    I have a love/hate with Batman…

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