Man of Steel Review

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The Man of Steel Review


The most debated super hero movie ever! We reviewMan of Steel with guest Mikey Wood and there are LOTS of spoilers! You might remember Mikey from our episode on the previous Superman Movies.

We go over questions like:

  • Was this movie too dark?
  • Is it right to have a movie with Superman killing?
  • Were there plotholes?
  • Did we like the changes made to his origin?
  • What do we think will happen in the sequel?

Find out in this special movie post-mortem.

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  1. Keyanna says:

    revolution is painful to watch, but like a car crash i just can’t look away . i’m at the point where i watch just so i can tell people how awful it is. this show insults the incneliglete. anyone that likes it has given up and probably wears sweat pants in public and/or has a neck tattoo.

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