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MC Chris is one of the biggest Indie Rap stars in the minds of geeks worldwide. I’ve personally seen him live 5 times in a number of cities and he’s one of my all-time favorites. Any release of his is a big deal because he is probably too concerned with what his fans which is obvious in the production value of his songs. I’m not going to get into the controversy of this summer’s tour. It’s easy to look up. Everything that can be said has been said and his real fans have his back as always. I’d rather talk about this new EP, “Friends”.

rap hip hop indie batmanAlthough you could make a case for many of his albums to be considered concept albums, this is probably his first themed one. Those familiar with Adam Warrock are accustomed to releases where each song is on a similar subject but this is a first for MC Chris. Friends shows MC’s love of Batman through the eyes of his family. His last full album “Race Wars” featured the song Part 1 that was his definitive Batman song and probably the best song on the album. This new EP continues where that left off.

  • Part 2 is all about Dick Grayson. It’s his story leading up to and becoming Robin.
  • Part 3 is Gordon’s song and probably my favorite hook and song on the album.
  • Part 4 is the Batgirl track and is told from Dick Grayson’s POV. This is upbeat and songs like Old School MC Chris
  • Part 5 is the Alfred song that features a LOT of Batman history told FAST!

Each set of beats was chosen to match the character in a way only a fan could. It’s most apparent on Part 5′s use of the harpsichord to represent Alfred’s Britishness. A must of MC Chris fans and fans of Batman. If you’ve heard about MC Chris and wanted to try him out, check out this EP and get hooked!

Pick up the EP here for only $5.00 and support a fellow geek living the indie dream!

Here are samples of the tracks from this EP.


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