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Now It’s Time For a Little Braggadocio

The godfather of the nerdcore sub-genre, MC Frontalot is one of a few rappers that actually embraces it’s title. He better…he came up with it! It’s a controversial label to be sure, but it does make it easier for fans to find new artists they might like because of similar interests in content. Is every MC Frontalot song about nerd culture? No! Many are about his life and personal experiences. The same could be said for artists like MC Chris, Adam WarRock, Beefy, and many more. Frontalot owns it, though.

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Because Frontalot gave up his day job to pursue the rap game full-time before many of the others, he got to define some of what the sub genre is about. He paid his dues, played shows in small venues with only dozens of fans and sold shirts to get by. What makes this story cool is that it’s paid off for him. Sure those shows weren’t packed halls, but the fans who were there were HUNGRY to see him actually perform live. They spread the love harder and faster than other fans because they were able to connect directly with Damian and it made all the difference.

I found out about Front in 2000 after he had success on SongFight! and released “Nerdcore HipHop”. No one was writing songs this good about topics I actually cared about then. Many nerds/geeks had written off hip-hop because they couldn’t relate to the urban gangsta lifestyle but we could relate to songs about NOT getting girls and math. It was a revelation. A few years later, through Penny Arcade, I found others I knew had become enthralled by his rhymes. I have now seen him live four times and jump at the chance to see him anytime he’s in the area.

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Since then, the albums have gotten more personal, production quality has increased and his music has inspired dozens of others to follow in his path. The 2008 documentary/tour movie, Nerdcore Rising rallied the sub genre around something they could start to really see as a legitimate scene. A few years later, it’s inclusion on the Netflix streaming library has broadened it’s audience even further. Recently, Front was a guest judge on the reality show contest “King of the Nerds”. His songs even appeared on NPR in an interview this year! Appearances like this and his Penny Arcade Expo shows have risen his profile above what many thought impossible for someone rallying around a group of people who had never really embraced hip-hop as something meaningful to them. He changed the game by rolling natural 20′s.

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