My Biggest Issues With The New 52

Now don’t get all excited! I actually don’t have many problems with DC Comic’s “The New 52″. I actually think that in the long run something had to be done with the DC Universe to attract new readers, and sometimes you have to take big jumps. We are actually coming onto the one year anniversary of “The New 52″ and I so far I have had a great ride reading these new story lines, but thats my opinion. These, however, are some of my biggest issues with “The New 52″

Martha and Jonathan Kent

What is Superman without old Ma and Pa Kent. In New 52 Action Comics we are told that Ma and Pa Kent are both deceased, presumably dead from natural causes. This I find to be a problem because of how big of an influence they had on Clark Kent to become Superman. I suppose that Clark could have become Superman based on what Ma and Pa taught him through adolescence, but I always liked how Clark had that simpleness back in Smallville to go back to if he had a problem. Yeah, he’s Superman, but even Superman needs his Ma and Pa once in awhile.

Tim Drake or No More Robin?!

Nick and I talked about this during Short Box Podcast #2 and this is actually one of my biggest complaints with New 52. Tim Drake’s character seems so irrelevant in New 52. Scott Lobdell announced at San Diego Comic Con that (in the New 52) Tim Drake was never Robin. Now I understand some things have to change in New 52, but this change hardly makes any sense with New 52. My first question is, “How does Bruce even know Tim? If he was never Robin, then why would he even be involved in the Bat-World?” My second question is, “What is the point on doing this?” Now, I guess the question, How has Bruce Wayne had 4 Robins in the short amount of time he has been Batman in New 52?” My answer to that is…Who cares! These are comic books! I mean, if I could argue that logic I could also question why Magneto, a holocaust surviver, is still so very young. To change a character for these silly reasons just destroys the character.

Though, until I see Tim Drakes new origin in Teen Titans #0, I can’t really judge yet.

Amanda Waller or The Flashpoint Diet

So, uh, that one lost a ton of weight. I mean, good for her, but I think her original look added a lot to the character.

The Lost of the DCu

Now, I know that these characters could all have a place later down the road, but we all know that a lot of characters, and even places, have not yet appeared in New 52.

One is place in particular is Blüdhaven. I always liked it that Nightwing had his own area outside of Gotham. Before New 52, Blüdhaven was destroyed by “The Secret Society of Super Villains” in Infinite Crisis #4, when they dropped Chemo onto the city causing a massive explosion and fallout. Now, because of New 52, this didn’t happen. So, where is Blüdhaven?

Wally West is a character that everyone is talking about. Where is Wally West? Well we have a theory here at Short Box, that all of these characters that are missing are living in Blüdhaven wondering where all the other “Super People” have gone. I call it, “Justice League: Lost Earth. Fancy!

-Adam Russell


Adam grew up in the 90s watching the Spider-Man, X-Men, and Batman animated shows. Even though he didn't collect comic books then, he was always interested in the characters.

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