New Wonder Woman Review Issues 1-12

Hello there everyone’s bodies,

Frank here again and I’m going to take a look at the newest incarnation of The Titanic Sister from Themiscera.

First off let me say, I am a big fan of Wonder Woman! She’s pretty sweet. I especially like all the times she uses wrestling moves in the DC Animated Universe.

If there’s one downfall to Wondie it’s that she’s one of the harder characters for people to write for and often misrepresented by writers who don’t know what to do with her. There’s plenty of potential and relate-able personality traits Wondie could and should have and lots of people really get those (cough cough Gail Simone). The best Wonder Women fall somewhere between an Icon of Virtue and Classical Greek Hero slicing and dicing her way through  monsters or other beasties. It’s a strange trait of Wonder Woman that she can and DOES often kill. It’s the Classic Greek Hero in her. Achilles, Homer, Hercules and many others were all Greek Heroes who killed people, often very VIOLENTLY at that. Wonder Woman is often portrayed this way, but she also has a high value for human life usually attempting to prevent the loss of it at any cost. Heroically fighting and killing beasts or evil to protect some bystanders. She’s also usually portrayed as someone who’s kind and inspiring to innocent or good people …like a Girl version of Mr. T…

Yeah like this!

This is not exactly the kind of gal the new Wonder Woman is after the 2011 DC reboot. She’s farther over to the Greek Hero side of things, which is fine! She’ mostly engaged in direct battles with God’s and mythic beasts for the entirety of the first 12 issues. She’s kind of scarey at times horrendously gutting centaurs and then lifting a car to save her pregnant friend Zola…


Yeah you don’t want any of that!

Now I have been really enjoying the new WW series following the reboot. The art is great and her adventures put her against almost an entire pantheon of Greek Gods collecting artifacts and favors to help her in the quest to protect her friend Zola and her unborn baby who’s father is Zeus. ..

It’s great! I would highly recommend reading it! I’ll do my best not to ruin that much of the plot but minor spoilers will be present from here on out.

First off I’d like to talk about WW’s new back story and outfit.

Her new outfit is pretty standard, she thankfully lost that goofy jacket before the reboot, but I feel like her pants were nice. . Some people are really put off that WW is in her battle underwear and not proper pants but it’s not something that bothers me most Greek heroes didn’t wear proper pants and even Hercules (marvel) usually charges into battle sans shirt and proper pants.

Both Herc and Wondie  have their shoulders and upper arms exposed.This is  a costume choice that implies great strength and a need for a freedom of movement in combat. . The thing that bothers me the most about WW’s new costume is that dang choker! It’s not part of her “Bracelets” set as seen in Issue # 12 and it’s not fitting of her whole deal as a badass amazon ass-beater, it’s really out of place. Overall though her new outfit is just a darker version of her old one which is a good symbol for the ‘darker’ tone of the new comics in relation to the older ones.

Wonder Woman used: Headbutt!
It’s super effective!

Now let’s get to the most aggravating and controversial piece of the new  back story for Wondie.

Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons and WW’s mother, she told WW that she was made of clay and given life by the Gods. Hippolyta keeps secret that it was actually Zeus who is WW’s father and Hippolyta kept this her own secret to protect herself and WW from Hera’s (Zeus’ wife) wrath if she found out of yet another person had an affair with her husband Zeus. Following this so far?

Ok, so it’s some Classic-Greek-Mythological-Fact that Zeus is a pretty unfaithful husband and who’s into freeky sex with anybody, half the Greek Pantheon is his bastard children. This is not the controversial part. Hypolita also kept a 2nd secret from Wondie and that would be that Amazons go out to have sex with Sailors in order to get pregnant and then once they give birth the girls become amazons and the boys…

…get traded to Hephestus the smithing God for weapons.

Amazon Planned Parenthood

WOAH! WOAH! WAY TOO DARK! comic woah hold on…

…Let’s back it up! Now to say that this is out of place in a Greek Myth is…

…wrong Zeus turned into a Bull once to have sex with a Cow! Seriously! And that’s just the begining of F@#!ed Stuff that happens in real Greek Myths. So yes! This is a fitting solution to what they do with the unwanted children. It’s just SOOO DARK! It’s dark enough that modern readers don’t like it and it’s a hard counter to the old Amazons who had eternal life and no men but no need to go out and harvest kids. Maybe they could have tweaked it a bit, the real problem is that unless the “Sons of the Amazons” rise up for revenge later on this was kind of pointless. It doesn’t go anywhere or do anything for the back story of WW herself, it makes the Amazons seem more villainous than maybe they ought to but hey it’s Greek Myth, no one is a good guy but…DAMN!  Wondie doesn’t know about it apparently since she reacts with shock, even trying to free her ”brothers” from Hephestus’ forge which kind of vindicates her…but it’s still really dark. Too dark for a lot of people who probably put the book down at that point. I was glad I kept though reading since there’s a lot of awesome visuals in the first 12 issues including all the Gods redesigned appearances.

War: Played by Colonel Sanders


Speaking visually for a moment, the art in the comics is great, simple but elegenant and emotional, using lots of pallet swaps to give different moods to different settings, from rainy London, to the bowels of Hell itself every place has a different amotsphere picked out by some simple but well chosen color pallets.

Poseidon on the streets of London

In Hell

Yeah! I love Zola’s shirt here. There’s a lot of great reveals in these books too, like when Wondie get’s her powers or a great throwback at the end to Golden Age Wondie…

…Earlier I mentioned that WW’s “Bracelets” are separate from her Wonder Choker because there’s a great throwback in a later issue where Wondie takes off her “DBZ Weighted Bracelets” and her power level goes over 9000 unleashing her true power. This whole thing is one of the very seldom remembered or used facets of WW. Which mostly appeared in the Golden Age. Here’s a glimpse…

I owe Kirby $1 for every one of those dots, but it was worth it!

You’re scared…

…Anyway if  I don’t end on that I’ll never leave, so with that it’s wrapping up time.

I love new Wonder Woman, Art is good, Characters are good, lot’s of good action and a story that’s pretty interesting. Also some great modern day touches on the core Greek Myth. I’m not a fan of the “Amazon Sons” thing but…it goes a long with the Darkening of WW’s universe so it’s at least somewhat in the same tone as the rest of the new WW stuff.

So let’s say 9/10, Get out there and read it!


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