Season 7 Episode 1 – Asylum of the Daleks

Subtract Love. Add Anger.

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This is only for those who have already watched Doctor Who’ Season Seven premiere episode, “Asylum of the Daleks”. So navigate away if you are #newtoWho or haven’t watched your DVR or torrent yet!

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Ok, that lot is gone let’s dig in! Wow! What a interesting episode. There were twists and turns and misdirections the whole way through. Sure, the big reveal was forecasted throughout the entire episode it was still heart wrenching to SEE it. I am being honest…I saw it coming. The fact that the Daleks have this new ability to take human form was revealed twice before the reveal of Oswin. The only thing holding me back was the idea that she is suppose to be the next companion. She still can be, though, because nothing is simple with the Doctor and she certainly made an impression on him.

The new MO for the Doctor was brought up at the very beginning of this episode and made stronger at the end. If you remember the season six finale, everyone in the universe thinks the Doctor is dead now. After this, even the Daleks have never heard of him now. He has become a myth again and this is something I think will continue to be a problem for him to keep up.

So the reveal…did you see it coming? Here were the clues:

  • Souffl├ęs need milk. Its the details that tip off the Doctor and this one was big for him.
  • She survived on a planet with just Daleks for almost a year.
  • She said Dalek tech was easy to hack.
  • Her windows to the outside world were all Dalek eye shaped.
  • No one can see her but she can see them.
  • The reveal that when you transform you see things that aren’t really there.
  • She knew the transformation happens by subtracting love and adding anger.

short box podcast reviews

Lots of clues, I know! Here is a list of my favorite parts of the episode:

  • The Doctor’s Dalek title: “The Predator”
  • The reason the Daleks have never killed the Doctor: The find hatred beautiful and his hatred of them is grand.
  • The new Dalek look (human sleeper agents) is far more scary than their bulky look.
  • Rory saying “We both know that I love you more than you love me”. Gut-wrenching!
  • The reveal that Rory wants children and now Amy can’t have them (because of Demon Run).
  • The fact that the Daleks have grown stronger over the years because they had to to fight the Doctor.
  • Now the Daleks have never heard of the Doctor.

short box podcast reviews

This was pretty unapproachable for people #newtoWho. Weird considering this big campaign to get people into the show. You had to really understand the Ponds, who the Doctor is, and who the Daleks are for this to work. Those who are initiated, however, probably had a great time. What did you think? Let me know on Twitter – @NickBorelli

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