Peter Capaldi Is The 12th Doctor!

Why Do We Love Doctor Who?

Still Not Ginger!

Like many of you, we watched the live BBC special announcing that Peter Capaldi would take over after Matt Smith as the 12th Doctor on Doctor Who during the Christmas Special later this year. Has there ever been a live global announcement of a new actor coming on to a TV show before? It felt just so epic! How about those montages with Matt Smith? FEELINGS you guys!!


Initial reactions are all over the place. Most who have followed Peter Capaldi’s work are extremely happy because he is a very capable actor with a ton of range. Lots of conversations are taking place on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook about gender, age, and skin color. The conversations continue but we want to remind you about a different conversation…one that took place a few months ago when we discussed why we love Doctor Who.Rewind

Check out this episode of Doctor Who as Nick, Adam and decades long Whovian, Jake discuss why Doctor Who matters and why you should care about regenerations, companions, and aliens in rubber suits.

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