Review: Days Missing

Authors: Phil Hester, David Hine, Ian Edginton and Matz.

Artists: Frazer Irving, Chris Burnham, Lee Moder and Hugo Petrus.

“Days Missing” is a graphic novel that was published in 2010. After reading it I am excited to say that I will be trying to find the rest of the series. This book is written by several different authors and illustrated by several different illustrators. It was published by Archaia and Rodenberry, yep Eugene Rodenberry. What caught my eye at first was the book had a foreword written by Warren Ellis, and anything Ellis writes, I read.

“Day Missing” is the story about The Steward. This character can bend and warp time to help humanity in case of a global or catastrophic disaster. The Steward has been around since the dawn of time. He has taken the load of leading humanity through ups and downs of survival. The Steward can fold time and erase catastrophic events with the hope of fixing the event so humanity does not go extinct.

The Steward spends his time lying in wait in a giant library of human events, existing outside of time. He quietly guides humanity through various events, some of which could have led to the destruction of humanity. He can only time travel for 24 hours at a time, so he must take careful precautions each time he comes to an event as he only has a limited time.

Events such as the Swanzi Flu and just how deadly it would have been had they not found a vaccine. The Steward was there and helped the doctors find a vaccine for the disease. The Steward then wrestles with the monster Frankenstein and the repercussions if man did find a way to bring the living dead back to life. The third chapter has The Steward stopping the discovery of space and time travel as a precaution to the end of time and space completely. Not every choice is as clear cut though as he has to try and stop Hernando Cortez in the fourth chapter from dying at the hands of the Aztecs. This in turn though leads to the destruction of the Aztec Empire. The final chapter is about the creation of intelligent life through nanotechnology and it takes every bit of effort from The Steward to fix this day.

This book was surprisingly good. I had no expectations going into reading it and came out hooked. The end of the story has a great cliff hanger and I cannot wait to find more of The Steward’s adventures. Go check it out, it well worth it.


Rick Brown is a nerd through and through. This started at a young age with a reprinting of Wolverine's first appearance in "The Incredible Hulk" #180. It didn't stop, it hasn't stopped and it just keeps on going. Now Rick is working on writing his own comics and is busy trying to build and shape the comic book community in Denver.

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