Episode 17 Notes

Episode 17 – Recommended Reading

Hi everyone! Episode 17 features our guest Jason Juniewicz. We go over storylines that we feel deserve more attention. The intro song is Mute City F-Zero by Power Glove.
We picked:
  • Marvel 1602
  • Teenagers From Mars
  • Transformers Autocracy
  • Spider-Man: The Other
  • Chew: Taster’s Choice
  • Joe the Barbarian

Marvel 1602

comics reviews podcast

Here’s a review of Marvel 1602.

Teenagers From Mars

The story that inspired this comic is the public hearings against the comic book industry that led to mass comic book burnings. Watch this clip to see how crazy things got:

comic book rob g rick spears
Trade Paperback Cover
comic books short box podcast
Interior Art

Transformers Autocracy

short box podcast

Autocracy #1 Cover

Autocracy Interiors

 Spider-Man: The Other

JMS short box podcast

Cover of Spider-Man: The Other

short box podcast reviews


the other death spider-man

The “Death” of Spider-Man by Morlun

tony choo short box podcast

Chew: Taster’s Choice Trade

comic book reviews short box

Interior Art

Joe The Barbarian

comic books reviews short box

Cover of the Trade Paperback

grant morrison short box reviews

Interior Art


Short Box co-founder, Nick, is married to Sarah and their 1st child is on the way,
Nick uses terms like Comic Book Historian and Geekologist to describe himself but...those aren't real things...right?
Follow him - @NickBorelli

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