Short Box Podcast Episode #26

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The greatest comic book to live action TV show ever?! We think so. Especially after the way this season started. The jail, Michone, The Governor, and the deaths…this season has already had a lot of big moments in just the first four episodes.

Adam and Nick talk about what they love and what they think might be coming in the rest of the season. We are often asked what the differences are between the show and the comic…we go over that too.

WARNING! Only listen to this if you have at least seen up to season three episode four of The Walking Dead on AMC. In addition, we also make reference to things that happen up to issue 100 of The Walking Dead comic by Image.

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    Can I have a 3.0 android phone but keep the android 1.0 – 2.2 UI? I’m the type of guy who prefers flat icons and UI rather than pretty glossy objects that shine needlessly on my screen.Of course, since this is a &#e220;l8ak” from some random Russian podcast, there’s a 99.9975% chance that it’s just a rumor, nothing more.That 1280×760 resolution, on the other hand…

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