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Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5


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Keeping up with the rest of the season, this episode does not disappoint! For the first 30 seconds, I thought this episode was set in the past before the zombies. That’s how┬áidyllic Woodbury looked.

That is, right until we see The Governor combing the hair of his daughter, Penny…who is a zombie! Yes, this season seemingly has all your favorite moments of the comics. More of that is to come in this episode.

Michone has finally had enough of this town and the Governor. Her survival instincts are off the charts. She almost instantly made the right call about the Governor and sticks to her guns. The decision that Andrea made to stay was obviously hard but, in her position, who wouldn’t have done the same? What Michone wants to do isn’t really living. She’s right to leave but she can’t really back it up. The revelation that Woodbury, like the comes, has “the arena” is the first time Andrea starts to doubt her decision…it probably won’t be the last.

Back at the prison, Rick has got off the deep end and Daryl REALLY steps up. His leadership skills are impressive. Carl’s character arc has him continuing to get colder and colder. The last scene, as always in Season Three, is jaw dropping. Yet another memorable moment from the comics is here. Rick and his phone.


Below are some of my comments while I was watching the episode! If you are reading this, I want to know what you thought of this week’s episode. Did you like it? Do you think you know what’s coming? Sound off!


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9 Responses.

  1. Nick Borelli says:

    Michone knows about Penny!

  2. Christopher Chance says:

    I am wondering how close they will keep to the comic book now. Since it seems they showed the arena now. Damn. The Govenernor needs to be killed.

  3. Nick Borelli says:

    The Governor is slowly showing his true colors. Also, Rick has gone in berserker mode! He’s GONE as a human being so far.

  4. Nick Borelli says:

    What are they using these walkers for?

  5. Morgan says:

    It was in the comic. You’ll see. Fun stuff.

  6. Nick Borelli says:

    I feel like something big is going to happen at the end of this party.
    Andrea’s decision was a big one. Wow!

  7. Nick Borelli says:

    So Lori was eaten up?

  8. Nick Borelli says:

    We’re about to have an arena!

  9. Nick Borelli says:

    They are doing the phone?! Yes!!!

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