Swamp Thing #27

SW27Swamp Thing has easily been one of the most intriguing and consistent series of the New 52 (Rot World art issues not withstanding).  The series has done an amazing job of weaving a mythos incorporating elements introduced as far a back as Alan Moore’s shatteringly brilliant run on the series with new and original takes on both the character of Alec Holland/Swamp Thing and the powers he wields.

I’ve particularly enjoyed the work of writer Charles Soule thus far in the series.  That being said, this issue was something of a mixed bag.  Following the events of issue #26 and the long boiling confrontation with Seeder/Woodrue, Alec Holland has been given his “reward” for his time as the Avatar and is now living fully within the Green.  However, Swamp Thing needs desperately to return to Earth and put a stop to Woodrue/Seeder’s time as the Avatar.

Perhaps most intriguing is the revelation of what the Parliament of Trees ACTUALLY is, beyond the understanding that they are former Avatars themselves.  I won’t spoil anything here, but suffice it to say what we see on Earth is not necessarily the true form of the Parliament and as we’ve com to see with the Green, the Red, and the Rot, all things come with a price and being a member of the Parliament is no different.

The ending of the issue, while startling, follows logically with the world that Soule has created.  But I can’t help but feel that it rendered the entire Seeder plotline ultimately moot and severely undercut the impact of the previous issue’s finale.  Unless Soule has something more in store for Seeder/Swamp Thing thread, a lot of effort appears to have been needlessly thrown into what amounted to a 5-6 issue plot device.  That being said, the ending does represent an interesting shakeup to the series status quo and an intriguing wrinkle to an already intricate mythology.



Keith is a life long gamer, movie buff, occasional harmonica player, and, most importantly, a comics nerd. Like all the best nerds, Keith is a child of the 80's and 90's and an often loud and vocal advocate of the cartoons of that era (seriously, though, they are unquestionably the best cartoons EVER). He currently resides in New York City with his lovely, if often exasperated wife, Rachel and their two cats, Ollie and Juno.

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