Something is stinky in Outlaw land!




Comics:  Red Hood and The Outlaws

Now for me this comic is INFAMOUSLY BAD, the first issue was so bad that I couldn’t even finish it!

It’s like the Star Wars franchise for everything good there is something twice as vile.

The first issue was so bad that the backlash should have scheduled this little P.O.S. should have been incinerated from the shelves.
However the beatings and course language from public and (hopefully) publisher backlash didn’t fall on deaf ears since the comic is still going. And is…improved?

Well a slap in the face IS preferable to a gunshot to the stomach they always say…

Now, I have tried and tried and TRIED! To slug my way through this comic. I actually love the line-up, Starfire is (was) one of my favorite DC characters and Red Hood was a pretty awesome villain in his day pushing his view of vengeance all the way up to Batman, and Arsenal used to be great before his daughter got exploded for no reason. And now…


…I’m just going to skip over the first issue entirely since I just ignore it to get through the rest.

There’s nothing good in the first issue, and then by halfway through the third it actually pulls on my heartstrings like a real comic!?!?!


At this point I have never been so torn about something in my whole life. It seemed like after the 4th issue they’ve gotten away from referencing the first 2 but then later they keep doing, it. It’s also isn’t even until the 3rd or later issues where they even establish what little characters these people will be.

Red Hood:

He’s the um, asshole? No, um a Jerk? Bastard? No, he’s all those things, but he’s the core of the team, everyone is just vaguely following him mostly for no reasons.


Is the annoying relief of the book, saying everything and anything all the time. He’s very annoying and you know how a book always needs some really good annoying characters to break up the thrilling drama of other people telling the annoying person to shut up. He’s had a few bits that where somehow NOT annoying but that’s not what we pay you for! Make us annoyed!

She doesn’t have very many lines, and it’s explained briefly that she has…Amnesia…plot no remember…no that’s not the continuity now…but it is? -itis? But new Starfire does remember her mistreatment in slavery and how she is a total byatch now as a somewhat understandable albeit still annoying result. All her silly stilted Space Princess dialogue is actually kinda funny if you forget how miss-characterized she is.


I keep thinking the art is pretty cool, the pages have some interesting (in a good way) layouts, all the white backgrounds are weird at times since it sometimes  it seems the panels and characters are stuck in Escher Space. The are also has incredible detail and line work but the colorist can’t shade anything to look like anything, every person’s skin and body seems be made of strange definitions balloons usually, while the clothes and gear have all there edges and shadows defined by the ‘inker’s’ lines Which looks a lot better.




Now unlike the Outlaws comic book the Heroclix Outlaws are a mixed bag… …of AWESOME! The Cross-over bonanza has so much! Leadership, Stealth, Outwit, Lot’s of Outwit, solid or great dials, and TONS of amazing Wild-Card abuse.  Then you toss on a few good AtAs to choose from and you’ve got it made!

First off I’d start off with the TT Set Red Hood, I put a custom Silver Sable on his dial to lead the team. She starts with a great mix of high stats, outwit and special Leadership, her Bat Ally and Outsiders TAs are great! But be warned, keep this one far from harm’s way as you’ll be needing that Batman Ally to copy with the rest of your Spider Friends and Calculators. From the back she can still contribute with Outwit and Energy Explosion.

Speaking of spider friends next up on the include list is Sandman, oh Syndicate TA to copy? And Wildcard? Oh yeah, I’ll take him! This guy is slow as… …sand but he’s good for stopping enemy bricks while you’re ranged attackers shoot them, but he’s also got that attack sharing TA to spread around to your other Outlaws. Sandman is pretty hard to kill but if he does go down you’ll still be ok with printed attack values for DC Outlaws, but it does really help to be giving Prowler and Spidey shared attack from Red Hood.


Finally No Outlaws team would be complete with out A Sensational/Amazing/Incredible/Sizzling Spider-Man! Now at my regular venue of play we have a house rule that keywords are allowed to be added to figures if you can prove they were on that team. So almost  any Spidey can hang out with the Outlaws and get the keyword too, Now I do love WoS 001 Spidey! He’s cheap, great stats that don’t quit, 4+ spider sense, and Wild Card TA can copy stealth and turn this wall-crawler into a very determined secondary attacker, swooping in to smash objects on crooks heads then webbing more mobile opponents to the floor.

The only Spidey I would otherwise recommend with the house rule for the Keyword, is the excellent Mighty Morphin’ Spider-man! Starting on the amazing new ASM 024 125 pts Spider-Man you can do whatever a spider can for a time, light up some guys then morph for the kill/prob/outwit/heal basically if you have collected all the Morphing Spidey Commons and maybe a Chase he’s a great buy for the points! Just be careful not to get trapped because some don’t have the same Leap/Super Senses trait and others don’t have the Spidey TA, so just be careful and read all the cards before you press morph and change right into a sitting duck… …Spider-Duck.


It’s time for another Weekly Fix!







That’s me!

The Teen Titans set is already on it’s way to your Local Gaming Store, the gravity feed has already been out for almost a week and I am EXCITED!  I have a palpable air of energy! Tuesday’s going to be BIG! Now this means I could easily jabber on forever about this set, So maybe I can just touch on specific figures in the set that are a MUST HAVE for me. Not saying I wouldn’t like the whole set but these buggers are in particular high-demand for myself.

Beast Boy Tiger!

Special Powers
MORPH: BEAST BOY: Give Beast Boy a move action that deals no pushing damage. After the action resolves, replace him with any character with this trait on the same click number.
POUNCE FROM ABOVE: Beast Boy can use Leap/Climb. When Beast Boy moves, if Beast Boy ends the movement at a lower elevation than when he began the action, after actions resolve, he may be given a close combat action as a free action.


I really like all of BB’s Forms since DC75th but this one is one of the newest! I love his movement power, it adds another great part of utility to that figure line.


Special Powers
KRYPTONIAN STRENGTH: Superboy can use Super Strength.
TACTILE TK: Superboy can use Force Blast. When he does, knocked back characters are dealt 2 damage after actions resolve.


Oh Boy! Remember when Superboy stopped dressing like a tool and got some great character work by Geoff Johns in Teen Titans? Yeah! It was great! I like this dial a whole lot too, he’s got trait super strength which is HUGE, and his SP is going to get a big boost when the new rules for forceblast are handing out knock-back on all attacks.

Lil’ Lobo!

Special Powers
UNFRAGGIN’ STOPPABLE!: At the beginning of your turn, you may heal Li’l Lobo 1 damage if he is adjacent to an opposing character.


Oh man! Remeber when all those heroes got turned into kids by Mordru? Remember when Lobo stayed a KID and joined Young Justice? Yeah AMAZING! Right!?

Shut up you Bastiches! You don’t know! It was cool!

Now Lil’ Lobo has a great trait, lots of great stats and reducers, all in a tiny 102pts package, he might be the piece to pull in sealed since he’s only an uncommon.


Special Powers
PSIONIC CONSTRUCTS: Terrain markers placed by Bunker are not removed until they are destroyed or until Bunker uses a power that places that type of terrain marker on the map.
PURPLE FISTS: Bunker can use Barrier, Incapacitate, and Quake.
PURPLE CONSTRUCTS: Bunker can use Barrier and Toughness.


OMG! Now that’s a support dial! This guy’s so good at what he does he might cause his own problems! YEAH!

Anyway this is one the many New 52 Reboot Titans that I am desperate to get my hands on. I love Miguel in the new Titans! He’s my second favorite new Titan behind…


Special Powers
NO PROMISE THIS IS GOING TO WORK: Give Solstice a power action and choose a square within her range that is on a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal path from her. All objects, walls, or squares of blocking terrain that would hinder or block line of fire to that square are destroyed.
DARKNESS & LIGHT: When Solstice has no action tokens, lines of fire can’t be drawn to her when it is not your turn. If the line of fire for a ranged attack targeting Solstice crosses through hindering terrain, modify her defense by an additional +1.


Not only is she my favorite New 52 Teen Titan she’s also got quite a unique power set, with a very NICE utility power, especially if you’re using her with a certine barrier making machine! Set up some cool barrier tricks with Senior Bunker and then Knock a clear path through with Kiran here. With her probability control, psyblast and stealth powers she’s going to be great!


Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandmark)!

Special Powers
GROWING DARKNESS: At the end of your turn, deal Wonder Girl 1 unavoidable damage if she is adjacent to an opposing character and did not make an attack this turn.
WONDER GIRL’S LASSO: Wonder Girl may begin the game with Wonder Girl’s Lasso assigned to her by paying the point cost. This object does not count toward your object total and is scored and removed from the game when Wonder Girl is KO’d.
PULL THEM CLOSER: Give Wonder Girl a ranged combat action as if she had a range value of 6. When she does and hits, in addition to the normal effects, place the opposing character adjacent to Wonder Girl and she my make a close combat attack as a free action targeting that opposing character.


Now let me say THIS first. I HATED CASSIE SANDMARK! For the LOOOOOOOooOOOOoOOONGEST time. She wasn’t Donna Troy, and as an adolescent  I hated vapid pretty girl stereotypes getting into my comics. That being said the character has grown on me when I recently read all of the Teen Titans comics in preparation for this set coming out. She’s not as bad as I remember and they haven’t made a good heroclix of her EVER. So I’m very excited to get her. Plus the New 52 Cassie is pretty neat too. They haven’t previewed if she’s gonig to be Jeans Cassie from 06′ TT or the New 52 Lazer Suit Cassie. AAAAAAaaaalll that being said, I love this figure. I love people who can start with their own relics, and I love when their good relics!

The New Teen Titans Team Base and Figures!

Holy hot damn! They released all of the Wolfman and Perez era Titans again, making some HUGE strides over their older Un-Carded counterparts, Raven and Cyborg are some of the biggest benefactors of this treatment.



Special Powers
THE DARKEST MAGIC: Raven can use Phasing/Teleport. When Raven deals unavoidable damage with the Mystics team ability, she deals 2 unavoidable damage instead of 1.
I SEE YOUR FEARS…: When Raven is attacked by a character with one or more action tokens, she can use Super Senses.
DAUGHTER OF TRIGON: Raven can use Barrier. When this click is revealed, stop turning the dial and roll a d6; on a result of 5-6, turn Raven to click 7.


Oh Raven! You’re the only transdimentional-empath-demon-rape-love-child I need on my teams! With her great dial full to the roof of support powers and the Mystics team ability make her a real annoyance. But what makes her great is that old “Pratfall to Trigon’s will” bit near the end of her dial. Pushing her from annoying support girl to almost unignorable 2 mystics damage from trying to stop her, plus she’s got a bit of Mind Control on the back end too.


Now Cyborg has had 2 figures of AWESOME power in the last year, but the old costume Vic Stone is no slouch himself. No traits or Specials Powers but his Running Shot and Enhancement hero make him a popular friend to have next to your other 80′s Titans, now he just needs a hot shot ranged attacker to back him up…


Special Powers
TRUE LOVE: When Starfire is adjacent to a friendly character named Nightwing, modify Nightwing’s defense value by +1 if not already modified by this effect.
TAMARAN PRINCESS: Starfire can use Energy Shield/Deflection and Invulnerability.


JUSTICE thy name is Starfire! It’s taken Heroclix a long time to make a realistic Starfire that isn’t representing that horrid ‘Brainless Sexdoll’ from that comic that isn’t something I want to talk about. And even THAT one only has Energy Shield as her defence powers, which is staggering when Starfire has gone fist to fist with Wonde Woman and Wonder Girl. Those points aside she’s a beast and a half!
Huge Range! Huge Speed! and HUGE HAIR! Make her a flying orange monster. But for every flying solar-energy-blasting-orange-space-princesses coming to Earth for good,  there’s an Evil Heel version of them trying to bring them down, their Hollywood Hulk Hogan…


Special Powers
I SHOULD BE QUEEN!: Improved Movement: Ignores Characters
THE HATED SISTER: When Blackfire targets a character with the Teen Titans keyword, modify her attack value by +2.
INTENSE STARBOLTS: When an opposing character takes damage from Blackfire’s ranged combat attack, that character can’t use the Carry or Flight abilities until the beginning of your next turn.


Oh boy! Since JLA 52′s Enchantress, there seems to be a figure in almost every set that’s tailored to beat down anyone else in the set,  in sealed play. Blackfire is this set’s Blade, she can’t fly like her little sister but she can shoot just as hard and with Psyblast and Leadership leading off she’s going to put a huge dent in whoever she get’s her bolts on. It’s only a shame she’s the RAREST figure in the set and not a common/uncommon. Which sucks since I need both of the ‘R sisters.



 Those don’t look like the Toon Titans!

Now only one chase has been revealed but it’s a member of Prime’s Titans, meaning the most hated-loved-no hated!-no stupid-shut up! Super Villain in the DCU has broken free and might be breaking the power board for the set wide open. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t want a Superboy-Prime or some of his Evil Titans. I LOVED the Perez/Wolfman Crisis on Infinite Earths, I liked Infinite Crisis, I liked some of Final Crisis (when I could understand it) since it was about the New Gods some of my favorite DC characters behind the Titans! And I also loved the Tie-In Legion of 3 worlds! (Long live the LEGION!)  Johns and Perez teamed up again to make a very good run of Superboy-Prime. That being said if he IS in the set he’s going to THE piece to pull for sealed, like Terrax in Amazing Spiderman.

Missing Titans!

While the greatness of a whole Teen Titans set is undeniable the fate of many Titans remains in the “Unclixed” category. Now to be fair the only team that has had a huger roster of characters over the years is the Legion of Super Heroes, so I can understand why all 100 (or so) Titans haven’t been clixed yet. However I’m just going to toss a few names out there that I desperately wanted a new figure for.

Kole, Argent, Miss Martian, Bombshell, Dueala Dent, BETTE KANE! Mas y Menos, Lilith, Jericho and Johnny Chase. I would also loved some kind of “Teen Titans Go!” clix maybe that could have been a team base instead of the HORRIBLE Gen13 base?


I read ALL the issues of Teen Titans I could read over the course of the Last Month…

It was fun! I skipped the original Golden Age Titans since they weren’t something I ever really knew about until I read about them in the Wiki. The Perez/Wolfman era New Teen Titans are the strongest and longest running titans incarnation, creating a great number of likable characters. This series established all of the now classic Titans heroes and villains. This series ran straight up to 96′ when they rebooted the team with the title changing to ‘Teen Titans’ this is honestly the WORST Titans incarnation. I love some of the starting issues but the dialogue is weird and the series only last until 98′. 99′ was the Technis Imperitive which somewhat revived the original Titans to a degree bringing every Titan together (and the JLA) for a huge cross-over sandwich. This era concluded with some great new Titans books the beginning of Young Justice and the Geoff Johns Teen Titans, this took them all the way until the reboot. Though let it be said that Johns did leave Titans at some point and the quality of the series definitely took a dive. The reboot was… …weird, to the Titans? Some characters are annoying now, new characters are all cool, and the first story arc was AMAZING. I guess they fairred a lot better than ‘you know who and the we won’t says’ so I guess it worked out. If you need some Titans recommendations….here you go!


-Judas Contract, Who it Donna Troy?, Terror of Trigon, Graduation Day, Kid’s Game, Technis Imperative.

Well let the Titans be with you! Until next week.


Welcome to another installment of the Weekly fix, you source for all the gaming, comics, and hi-jinks I pursue each week.

This week it’s a doosey so let’s jump right into it!



This week saw the end of the Heroclix online League, I had less than perfect results, going up against a slew of headache and mouse-smash-inducing teams but luckily I fared much better yesterday in our weekly Heroclix Tournament.


Don’t Get MAD! Get Gladiator! (Yeah I said it.)



This week’s format was 800pts No Resources. A simple format that left a lot of possibilities open.  I had NOTHING come to mind, so I threw together a variation of my online soldier theme team with AMAZING results. Here you go:

CW034 Ares 199
GX017 Domino 69
TREK100 Warship Voyager 125
GLGF003 Kilowog 145
GG040 Gladiator 195
CA019 Yelena Belova 60
Hey! I know you’re all surprised to see Kilowog AGAIN!  But you can’t keep a good WOG down! And here he’s the heart of the team, being a super fast taxi/mobile fire base, that gives everyone near him +1 Attack, Combine that with Ares Presence of the God of War trait gives an additional +1 attack for adjacent friendlies, meaning Gladiator is swinging at 14 attack with correct positioning. Obviously the key is keeping Domino in the right place for Probability coverage which is easy with WS-Voyager pulling her around.
The Warship Voyager was amazing even if it didn’t ever hit a free critical hit with it’s Trait, shooting of Psychic Blasts and pushing to Outwit was good, and it’s Invincibility made it one of many hard targets on my team so it remained almost unscathed every game.
It also let me PAINSTAKINGLY explain it’s back-story to thrilled (angry-bored) opponents.


This week I was reading a certain series of Venom (2011) back issues! Circle of Four!
  Sometimes you go to Hell, Sometimes Hell comes to you.
Now I’ve talked about Venom before, and I’ve talked even about the new Venom before but now I’m speaking specifically about a story-arc featuring an AMAZING cross-over of epic-cross-over-ness.
The story features X-23, Ghost Rider (Alexandra), Red Hulk and Venom. Unwittingly turning Las Vegas into a real Sin City as Hell is literally set loose on Earth, the four heroes must confront Blackheart and stop his demonic centrifuge from pulling Earth into Hell!
It’s a brilliant series of issues, including an amazing amount of character development for all the heroes, and X-23 fans like myself love to see Ms. Kinney playing well with others plus she’s got a lot of great moments in the book, but I’ll stop there since you really need to pick these issues up! I liked it so much that I’m actually making my own custom Circle of Four Heroclix team (look for that in a later fix) They’re from last year so they could be easy to find and are also contained in a Trade as well.
Nobody likes you when you’re X-23!