Biff Bam Metaphysics

grant-morrisonIf we wanted Batman to save us all, we were doomed. Look at the world while wearing your metafiction suits and there is still no way he can reach every person calling out for help. The world is too big, too daunting. It is filled with things we have to call dreams because we fear what they say about us if we are the truth.

But for others they reject Batman. They claim it isn’t Batman. They look at the Dark Knight and don’t recognize him. Where is that old Whiff Bam Pow? Where is the grim dark ultra justice? Why is he wasting time in space when Gotham needs help? Where did the Bat-nipples go.

Morrison’s Batman run is Batman et all. It is grime meets sci-fi meets pop art meets madness meets camp meets ultra justice. He did it in one night. He did it thirty-five minutes ago. He did it while the world collapsed. He did it collapsing the world into a singularity. He did it while focusing the world around a single city. And he did it while distracting us. The Magic Batman trick.

batman2-600x507It started with a cave and it ended with a cave and all the while Batman went into caves, he built new Batcaves (complete with giant coins and costume displays). He had mysteries for the mystery fans, monsters for the monster fans, sci fi for those fans. He even played songs for the obscure indie Batman fans with their Batmanga hardcovers. And all the while he played this tune with different instruments and composers, some who faltered(1) we got an amazing symphony with bits that everyone could enjoy.

But like most classical music, it is easy to get lost. There were issues where everything faded together and I felt I was missing things. Some jokey reference. Some obscure reference. Something vitally important to the universe. Things became rougher during the intermission when these jokes became more obscure and originally I’d stopped reading there.

My original reading of Morrison’s Batsaga began with with RIP. It made no sense. Batman didn’t die. Who are all these foreign people in costumes? Why did Joker get shot in the head. And then the end – why is there stuff with Darkseid? Why aren’t things wrapped up. I put the book away in disgust. I wanted Batman’s funeral by Neil Gaiman, not THIS.

My second reading began with INC and notes. Annotations, a fresh start and the bounty of comic internet journalism made me love the series, the artists, the camp sci fi action. Hello Lord Death Man. And then comics died down for my – the universe I knew ended, the series went on hiatus and I took a comic sabbatical.

But finally I went back to the beginning for my third reading. I opened the Black Casebook stories and the heritage of Batman. I followed up with reading from the beginning of Morrison’s brief Bat-stuff in 52. Those moments where he was in Nanda Parbat. The exercising of his demons – the first villains he more or less fights in the Ghost Batman – the Ghosts of his Past, Present and Future. Maybe the gun, his failure and his ruined legacy. There I found the Morrison Batman magic with everything.

Batman-Inc-hed1And the idea of the future was recurring. The Batman 666 future – Gotham in flames, the world insane and everything collapsing. Over and over, the Batman who made the deal with the devil. The great to the x-th grandson of the man who made a deal with a devil. “Yes father I will become the Bat”. Even the son without the father born in the belly of leviathan leading to the apocalypse. The intermingling of the Bible and myths from the world into some super religion – a collapse of all faiths into one. Leviathan. It became hypnotic and confusing and tricky and it ate itself and became a bundle of snakes.

And Batman does the same, his family grows, it lives when he doesn’t. When he is dead he expands the legacy of his family. He cleanses his line. And when he returns it grows again. And then it collapses. The army he made shrinks against a larger one. He loses. He suffers loss. And he continues. Batman lives in the strangest world where everything comes together for one reason, to one point.

The biggest misconception of Batman is that he does his work for revenge. It is not revenge because Joe Chill has vanished and the drive for good has not. Batman is not there for any one person. Batman is out there for every scared child to comfort them. He teaches them, inspires them and like any parent he hopes he works out for the best.

In the end building a family, hoping the future will be better than the one before are all you can do. Batman didn’t end here. Other Batman stories will never touch the changes. The stories that can before can never affect this one and so we are locked with something completed. A complete Batman directed by many men into a single song, played many ways and it ended as it began in a cave, with a friend, with a world that still needs saving.

Batman by Grant Morrison took many names. It took us to many places. And in the end, it took us back to the beginning of the track with memories and ideas. With hope and inspiration. And even if he didn’t save all of us because of preconceptions or who Batman is, he did what he could.


1. Looking at you guy on Return of Bruce Wayne 4 who filled in for Cameron Stewart. Less issues with the computer guy for the Internet 3.0 issue.

Batman Loves Sitting

dc paul jenkins new 52

If you haven’t read the Bleeding Cool Article that details Paul Jenkins struggle dealing with New 52 DC Editorial, do yourself a favor and do so now. The gist of it is that former Dark Knight writer, Paul Jenkins, was given the note by editorial that he needed to change a panel he storyboarded that depicted Batman sitting. He was told he didn’t “get” the character because, according to this (for some reason unnamed) DC editor, Batman does not sit down.


Jenkins was really surprised by this “fact” and found it pretty easy to disprove it with some very famous panels showing Batman sitting. He sits in the Batmobile, in the Batcave, when talking to the Joker, and many other times. The micromanagement by DC editors on creators keeps coming up as reasons why many are jumping ship. This seemed like an amazing example of shortsightedness.

tumblr_mo7q2zxPC31sug50so1_500Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool ended his article by asking someone to create a Tumblr with images of Batman sitting. I was eager to see what people came up with so I went right to Tumblr. I was really surprised to not find one already made. Since I have a number of Tumblrs, I figured I could put one together quick. I created “Batman Sits” shortly after and Rich updated his article to include a link to my Tumblr. I’ve since added an e-mail address where people can send me images of Batman sitting (and a number of people have already done this) as well as a Twitter account that is retweeting people talking about Batman sitting and sharing the Tumblr posts.

If you have an image of Batman sitting you want to see on Batman Sits, send it to – .

Make sure to follow Bruce Wayne’s sitting exploits on Twitter – @BatmanSits

My Picks of the Week

Marvel Now and The New 52 keep plugging along. Age of Ultron keeps getting better and the tie-ins have been exceptional. Superior Spider-Man’s story escalates and the repercussions of Rot World continue. It’s a Pre-Infinity and Pre-Trinity War landscape. Iron Man is on Friday and Free Comic Book Day is later this week. That’s where we’re at now let’s check out the best of the week (and one that just didn’t work).

The Best

detailX-Men Legacy #10

Marvel Comics

Writer: Simon Spurrier

Artist: Paul Davidson

The first 9 issues of this series were used to establish David Haller’s mindset and where he fits in the Marvel Universe since his father, Charles Xavier, died. The past few issues have gone a long way to establish David’s relationship with the mutant Blindfold. Everything feels like it’s been leading up to this new storyline that begins with this issue. Many who heard that Legion would be the star of his own series were very surprised and confused. With all the mutants out there more popular than him (literally dozens and dozens) how long would a book last about his adventures. It turns out that his outsider designation is exactly what propels this book. David does not see himself as a super hero and find most of them ridiculous. His biggest battles are internal ones and his attitude on his potential is far different that a more stock hero’s. This issue covers a lot of ground and works as a jumping on point for the series. I also feel as the the antagonist of this story might be something that no mutant has ever faced. You can’t call him a villain and it’s VERY easy to see where he is coming from. I think this book is exploring territories none of the X-Men books have since potentially the 90s series X-Man but this book has a much less mainstream feel to it. This feels like a Vertigo style X-Men book and I hope it continues to explore deeper territory.

file_204655_1_AgeOfUltron_7_TeaserAge of Ultron #7

Marvel Comics

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Brandon Peterson, Carlos Pacheco, Roger Martinez

This is what I really like about alternate reality stories. A science fiction trope that ranks high in my favorites is the idea of changing the past and the ripple affect that it has from that point on. These stories from Back to the Future, Star Trek’s Mirror Mirror, and most comparatively The Age of Apocalypse. It all goes back to Ray Bradbury’s 1952 “A Sound of Thunder”. That story gives us the butterfly effect which states that a small change at one place can result in large differences to a later state. This story really is yet another Age of Apocalypse style story where the elimination of one important figure in the past yields a different world all together in the new present. In fact, Bendis’s own House of M deals with very similar ideas. I’m hoping that this is just one stop in this story that has yet to really deal with the titular Ultron. Still, fun deviation that I am sure will be mined at a later date. The art is exceptional in this issue especially with how the art chorus were broken up. Let’s all hope this is going somewhere that matters.

IM2012009_DC11Iron Man #9

Marvel Comics

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Dale Eaglesham

This is the prologue to what is suppose to be the biggest Iron Man story of the year. Since this is a year with an Iron Man movie in theaters, I’ll listen to Marvel hyperbole more than I usually do. I’ve been impressed with every issue of Kieron Gillen’s Marvel Now Iron Man and it feels like most of it has been leading up to this. I think the addition of Dale Eaglesham is a welcome one after the recent arch with Greg Land. This prologue feels like a bridge between Tony’s space adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy and an origin story. I was unsure how there could be a natural bridge until I saw the last panel of this book. Suffice to say, the next issue can’t come fast enough after this cliff hanger. Fans of the movie franchise could very well start here with the comic but you’d be missing out on the equally approachable previous 8 issues. If you haven’t been reading Iron Man, give it a shot again. You’ll find a hybrid science fiction/super hero comic that’s a real page turner.

Animal-Man_20_FullAnimal Man #20

DC Comics

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: John Paul Leon

Ever since Rotworld ended (and you could make a case during Rotworld) Animal Man hasn’t felt like the book I fell in love with. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still been one of the better DC books but it’s horror/drama story that it started as was something that gave me so much hope for The New 52. Almost two years later, I’m not that impressed with much of what DC is publishing but Jeff Lemire’s work has continued to be the high water mark (for books not starring Batman). This is all preface to what I’m about to say…Animal Man #20 is one of my favorite issues of 2013. It’s a refreshing reflection on what remains of Buddy Baker’s life. I’m not going to get into much detail on how Lemire tells this story but it’s very inventive and I’m surprised I haven’t read an Animal Man story like this before. What propels this issue to the top of my list for best issues of this year is the art by John Paul Leon. I am sure many who read this will draw comparisons to David Aja’s minimal line masterpieces in Hawkeye and Iron Fist but Leon’s style is also (ironically) cinematic. Like the best comic book artists, he’s really the director (more irony) of this story. Many of the most poignant panels in this issue have no words. They don’t need any. This comic is self contained and very approachable. It also punches you in the gut. Lemire excels at these emotional stories and this has been his best issue in a while. The next issue promises a new start for Buddy Baker. This issue, however, was just what I needed to remind myself why there are stories that can only be told in Animal Man.

The Most Disappointing

Detective-Comics-20Detective Comics #20

DC Comics

Writer: John Layman

Artist: Jason Fabok

Here’s a book that has been derailed a lot recently. This sort of thing happened a lot with pre-New 52 DC books and with Death of The Family, the death of Damian, and the anniversary issue, Detective Comics has struggled to finish this story. It all ends in this issue, though for the antagonist Emperor Penguin. While his rise to power was fun to watch at the beginning, we received a pretty weak payoff in this issue. Yes, it seems that the whole point of this was to create a new colorful character to Batman’s rogues gallery but we still don’t know what makes him interesting. At first it was his philosophy of staying in the shadows and being the power behind the throne that separated him from the other villains of Gotham. That was something different. The problem is that he throws that all away very quickly in this issue leaving you with a rushed and unsatisfying ending. I also felt ripped off of a chance to see Penguin rebuild an empire from nothing. That would have been a story that could have defined him and yet that wrap up happens in just a few panels. I hope Layman gets another chance at telling a memorable Batman story because in the glut of all the other Bat-Books, this is quickly becoming the least important. I will say that the art of Fabok was consistently well done and dynamic in this book, however.

June 2013 Solicits

39Featured Image

We discuss the comics coming to stores in June 2013, what we think about many Marvel and DC titles, and Marvel Now vs. The New 52. We also look at some of the quotes Marvel is using to promote their books. They are so boring! Stuff like, “I Love This Book” – IGN. Seriously…you can do better.

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Another Fix you’ll have to check out! Read more won’t you?

Hello out there again Fix fans it’s time for another week of Comics and Clix with your weekly fix.



Oh enough rhyming already, This has been a pretty HUGE few weeks for Heroclix, there’s been a bunch of spoiled con-exclusive figures for this year, there’s been a delay of a whole heroclix set,  and last but certainly most importantly the new Core Rules and Powers and Abilities Guide was also released, all while only a month away from the Titans set (OMFG!).


My favorite evil clown is still Tim Curry.

First up there’s been a handful of spoiled Con-Exclusive Heroclix figures for this year’s  big conventions. So far we’ve seen a Gentleman Ghost and an Obnoxio The Clown. Gentlemen Ghost is a real DC Character who is the wrong kind of Con-Exclusive Figure. He’s a fairly well known (though not currently popular or used) character that has a reasonable fan following, whom has had 1 clix figure made of them (or even no figures). This both drives up the demand and price for these figures because everyone is scrambling to get their hands on the only version of the character. The worst offender being ConX-Venom, which is the only version of the current and popular Flash Thompson as Venom, even Mac Gargan has had 2 versions of himself as Venom and both are fairly new and easy to get figures.

It’s a strange and irritating strategy of Wizkids, (the producers of Heroclix) to put these figures which are the only versions of characters from popular story-arcs as con-only figures, like Moonstone as Ms. Marvel from Dark Reign , or the Horsemen of Apocalypse. With that said Obnoxio is the right kind of con figure, the kind I don’t give one dang about getting. Who is he?

Never heard of him! Great! Mark that one off my list. The other angle that I like for Con-Exclusives is to make a new version of a very popular figure with many other current or playable  figures, such as Punisher, Wonder Woman and Dr. Fate.


Who’s house? Ghost’s house!

As you may notice G. Ghost has one of the New Standard Heroclix Powers! Precision strike! (ooooooooh! aaaaaaaah!) It’s actually one the new Powers that’s kinda neat, when you deal damage with it that damage can’t be reduced below 1, or transferred! Watch out Darkseid!

Now if you’re at all in the ‘know’ about Heroclix you probably have already heard and at least glanced at the rules, but there’s a link just in case.

Powers and Abilities Card

Core Rules

The rules are nice, putting a hamper on the reign of Hypersonic, Multi-Attack figures. It also heavily neuters many support figures Probability C0ntrol, Outwit and Perplex limiting the range of said abilities only to their personal range. Looks like Wanda and Sargon will be looking for new Jobs! (Yeaaaaay!)



The new rules also limit a lot of Hypersonic reliant figures since you DO NOT automatically breakaway while making a Hypersonic Speed move, which many people are already in ‘crybaby’ mode over, but is this really the death of the Speedsters?


Death of  Hypersonic Speed?

Uuuuuhmmm…Nope, just like the Flash who lives on so shall the Speedsters of Heroclix! It’s just going to increase the value of Pure Speedsters like many of the Flashes who have a “Faster Than Hypersonic” ability (like most of them do now) or an improved movement ability like Both Kid Flash, and The Flash in the Upcomming Teen Titans set both have. This will allow them to ignore characters as well as other terrain hazards and not be hindered by it or breaking away.

However for your Supermanz it’s a different story, each time you base an opposing figure you’re going to have to roll to breakaway in order to continue moving. This sounds bad when you would have had to roll a 4+ previously, but under the new rules you get to run free on a 2+ on 1d6 when using Hypersonic. Good odds… but not something I’d want to bank on EVERYTIME. Which means the old ‘rush in, smash ‘em with a heavy object, run out’ strategy is gonna be more of a gamble. However this really doesn’t change the problem/strategy of rushing around shooting people then running away. Since you’re not basing them and will not have to breakaway.


“Good now it’s time to run away and hide!”

Cynicism of people’s cowardly tactics with Superman aside, I really like the cut of the new rules. I want to play them first (tonight in fact!) before I talk about how they effect and change the game at it’s Core, but it’s definitely going to be a much more intimate affair. With support figures squashed against main attackers so as not to get out-ranged on their powers, and this means their going to make tasty treats for fighting style characters. We’ll see though…

imagesLastly, the Ironman 3 Heroclix set is being delayed by Marvel,  Marvel claims the figures in the set have spoilers to the new Ironman 3 film which is coming out May 4th. It’s not a huge issue since it should only be a day or two for the delay (Possibly). It is however personally annoying for myself and the other players at my “No Man’s Land Heroclix: Venue.” We were going to use the new rules to do this month’s No Man’s Land Sealed with the new Ironman 3 stuff, but due to the delay we’ll have to play…



I wish Scarlet Witch would make them go away!

I’ve had quite enough Batman heroclix, and personally the figures I wanted from the 3 FULL Batman Sets of last Year I already have (or have destroyed). Not to mention the Nu 52 Justice League set, and the DC 10th Anniversary set both  featuring 2 Batmans each, Batman is the Wolverine of Heroclix…and I’m so tired of him. Especially the completely heinous Common Batman from…the Batman set (that’s confusing) which has 10 clix… And can take down Supermans solo in only a single “Outwit, Charge, Flurry for 6 Damage.” Which as you might imagine doesn’t sound a lot like Batman right? Not mention the almost BAFFLING Batman dial from the Fast Forces from the same set with Psychic Blast, Sharpshooter and 3 Targets…


…I really need to get off this topic before I am reduced to a quivering-ragegasm. And for that I’m going to need something great to calm me down, what have you got for me comics from 2000′s?


Oh sweet merciful…..thank you!

Do you like Batman? Then you’ll love All-Star Superman, because he’s not in it, just an amazing Superman story by comic writer superstar Mr. Clean, I mean Grant Morrison !

All-Star Superman is one of those comics that so good even people who don’t like Superman will find a new found respect and love for the character. It’s just that kind of comic. There’s a very optimistic attitude but with a very bittersweet feeling held throughout. If you’re like me (Illiterate) you can even grab the DC Animated film of the same name, which is a fitting and still completely awesome and competent retelling of this Else-worlds Gem by Morrison, READ IT! WATCH IT! LOVE IT!

As for me I have to go fight crime in another part of the city, see you next time.

R.I.P. Damian Wayne

dc comics podcast review batman

One of the greatest new characters of the past 10 years of comics, Damian Wayne has been killed in Batman Inc. #8. This death was at the end of a 6 year run by the character’s creator, Grant Morrison. Because of this and how it was handled, this death did not feel like a stunt. It felt organic and had a real emotional impact. This podcast was about who Damian is and where he stands against the other Robins in history.

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Check out the best Damian Panels in Nick’s latest Tumblr –

Nick goes into what he thought about Damian in more depth here.

Check out some of the best recent Batman panels here.

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Best Moments In Comics 2013

Here’s a few of my favorite panels from recent comics. This has been a big month for the Batman books with two major stories that made a huge impact on the Bat-mythos. Let’s start with a few from those books:

jason todd red hood

This is a few lines from Red Hood & The Outlaws #16. This is further weird manipulation of Batman continuity. The Robins really got hit by the New 52 hard.

podcast reviews death of the family

Every Batman family book in the 16th week of the New 52 ended with Joker teasing what’s on the platter. This reminded of of the movie Se7en.

batman comics podcast review

The reveal wasn’t what this looked like…it was all a joke. It was somewhat of a let down for me.

comics podcast review joker

This is how Batman screws with Joker at the end of Death of the Family.

dc comics the knight

The death of The Knight

alfred costume death

The lead in to the Death of Damian. Will Alfred have to answer to Bruce for this?

batman pets

What will become of Damian’s pets?

damian wayne dick grayson best

I find myself agreeing. This was one of the best (and an arguement could be made THE best) Batman and Robin teams ever. He will be missed.

wayne dc comics review

Will we see Damian as Robin or even Batman in the future? Time will tell.

If you like checking out this type of thing…I have tons more panels from the whole history of comics at my other site –

The Best New Character This Decade

Spoilers…I guess. Damian Wayne, the Robin of the last few years, is dead.

It takes a lot to get an emotional reaction from me with a super hero death these days. With everything from the once thought taboo resurrections of Bucky and Jason Todd (the first Robin to die) to the multiple deaths of most members of the X-Men, death doesn’t really have a meaning in comics anymore. It’s almost always a sales ploy with lots of lead-in hype, maybe a polybagged issue, and usually found in the pages of the year’s big mega-crossovers. Yet, none of that happened in Batman Inc. #8. This felt like an organic death of a hero by the writer who created him. Like the death of “Xorn”, Jean Grey, and Aztek (all by Grant Morrison).

new-52-dc-comicsLike Captain America’s “death” in Captain America #25, this death came about in an issue that came right after a crossover in a related title that promised a big death (with a title like Death of the Family…you’d expect a death, right?). When all the Robins made it out alive in Scott Synder’s story, I let my guard down. That’s one of the reasons why this death made such an impact on me; I wasn’t prepared. A death this big without hype from solicits and speculation for months reminded me what it had felt like to read Superman #75 and Uncanny X-Men #390.

wayne new 52 dc comicsI caught wind of what was to take place the day before I read the comic from the New York Times Article that broke the story but I had to see it for myself for it to really hit. There it was, a heroic sacrifice as powerful as any because it was in the service of just one innocent life. Here was a character I had once hated, then was annoyed by, then grew to be my favorite supporting character in the entire Batman mythos. My feelings towards him were a calculated journey Grant Morrison cooked up in order for the character to have the biggest impact. How often does a super hero in a mainstream comic get a third act? Not many. There has not been a super hero created since 2000 who has become more important to me than Damian.  Here’s why:

dc new 52

Before the New 52 was the Post-Crisis DC Universe. The DC Universe that I grew up on that, to this day, feels like the real one. This was a DC Universe that was complicated and multi-generational. One of the most complicated relationships in that universe was that of Batman and Talia. While Joker might be Batman’s arch-foe, non have more power or resources than Ra’s Al Ghul. His daughter Talia both loves and hates Bruce in a way only a woman scorned can. Grant Morrison’s landmark run on Batman (after his character defining All-Star Superman story) began with taking a once thought Elseworlds story, Batman: Son of the Demon and bringing it into canon. The result was Damian Wayne, heir to both Batman and Ra’s Al Ghul.

murder ghost dc comicsTrained at birth from a position of privilege to be a killer and heir to a criminal empire, his strange upbringing was revealed in bits over the course of years worth of stories. Suffice to say, this was a 10 year old boy with training far and above any that the previous Robin’s had received. His time with the League of Assassins taught him that death was his to dish out and he did just that while in Bruce’s care in an attempt to help his father in his mission. He would fight his programming constantly in his time as Robin under both Bruce and Dick Grayson (who replaced Bruce as Batman while he was thought to be dead…see what I mean about death in comics?).

batman child batDamian was a Robin like no other because he had no interest in being a normal kid nor did he know how. He pushed himself constantly both physically and mentally. He lived to seek approval because that’s how Talia physically and emotionally engineered him. Morrison played with the plot device of showing Damian’s future as Batman in a increasingly more dystopian Gotham in a number of issues that showed the full evolution of the character. I look back at the Dick Grayson and Damian Batman and Robin stories with longing. I wish they could have stretched that teaming for longer because it was such a different dynamic between Batman and Robin then what has been written for the past 75 years. An optimistic conversational Batman paired with a grim and brutal 10 year old Robin…it was so fresh! Like most things in comics, however, the status quo had to be returned (as was always the plan) and Bruce returned to take the cowl back while working with and taking a stricter stance with Damian.

batman pearl comics dc 52The last year of the DC Universe we find ourselves in now, The New 52, contains all the stories from Batman and Damian’s past but in a more condensed timeline (don’t think about it too much, your head will hurt). The evolution of this partnership over the last 17 months really bloomed from one of resentment to a real father and son dynamic that was often sentimental. Just when everything seemed to be working the rug was pulled out. In fact, Damian was becoming the new glue that could have held the Bat-family together after Death of the Family. Alas, it was not meant to be because, in a plot by his own mother, Damian has suffered the same fate Jason Todd did…a heroic sacrifice his partner was too late to help atop.

damian wayne 666 alternateGrant Morrison did a lot of work to get me to fall for this character so completely over the past few years. At the same time DC made a mess of my once favorite Robins, Tim Drake while simultaneously bringing back Jason Todd (let’s not even get into Stephanie Brown). This has all left a big hole in my heart for the titles of Robin. Will I be able to open it again to the inevitable next Robin? Will Scott Snyder set up Harper Row as the new Robin? Will Tim Drake come back (I doubt it)? We’ll see. In the mean time, check out Damian’s appearance in this clip from Batman Brave and the Bold and remember that it’s not your DNA that makes you a hero but your strength of will. Damian Wayne, you will be missed.

It’s going to be sad when they break his death to all the Bat-Pets.

damian wayne robin batman

It’s our BEST of 2012 Podcast!

That’s right, it’s the first annual Boxies! We pick:

  • Best Comic of the Year
  • Best New Comic of the Year
  • Best Super Hero Movie of the Year
  • Best Writer of the Year
  • Best Animated Show of the Year
  • Best Genre TV Show of the Year
  • Best Artist of the Year
  • Best Fight of the Year

marvel dc batman avengers x-men podcast

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February Comics To Pick Up

death of the family

Adam & Nick discuss the Diamond Comics Previews for February 2013. The wrap-up of the big Batman crossover, Death of the Family, the last few new Marvel Now books, and the new Justice League America line-up are just a few items discussed on this podcast.

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