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Best Moments In Comics 2013

Here’s a few of my favorite panels from recent comics. This has been a big month for the Batman books with two major stories that made a huge impact on the Bat-mythos. Let’s start with a few from those books:

jason todd red hood

This is a few lines from Red Hood & The Outlaws #16. This is further weird manipulation of Batman continuity. The Robins really got hit by the New 52 hard.

podcast reviews death of the family

Every Batman family book in the 16th week of the New 52 ended with Joker teasing what’s on the platter. This reminded of of the movie Se7en.

batman comics podcast review

The reveal wasn’t what this looked like…it was all a joke. It was somewhat of a let down for me.

comics podcast review joker

This is how Batman screws with Joker at the end of Death of the Family.

dc comics the knight

The death of The Knight

alfred costume death

The lead in to the Death of Damian. Will Alfred have to answer to Bruce for this?

batman pets

What will become of Damian’s pets?

damian wayne dick grayson best

I find myself agreeing. This was one of the best (and an arguement could be made THE best) Batman and Robin teams ever. He will be missed.

wayne dc comics review

Will we see Damian as Robin or even Batman in the future? Time will tell.

If you like checking out this type of thing…I have tons more panels from the whole history of comics at my other site –

hawkeye8 (1)Alright, everyone, sorry for my unfortunate lapse in posting.  Sadly, the rigors of life and a day job got in the way there for awhile.  But, here I am, so let’s get the ball rolling…

For any of you not currently reading Hawkeye, first of all, shame on you.  Get on the ball guys, this comic is one of the best week in and week out.  It actually made me take an interest in Hawkeye.   Matt Fraction has stepped away from the usual superhero formula and is giving us this weird little slice of life book following a regular guy (Hawkeye) who happens to be an Avenger.  The books is about what not-so-super hero does on his days off.  Sometimes that means stealing a videotape from ultra secret conclave of supervillains.  Sometimes that means buying an apartment building full of eccentric tenants from a bunch of really eccentric Russian mobsters in velour track suits.  Doesn’t really seem to matter what it is Hawkeye’s doing, its always intriguing and its always worth your time.  For those of you that complain, mostly warranted, that the Big Two never try anything different…well this is a comic that will restore your nerd-faith,  my friends.

Issue #8 opens with the reintroduction of a character, “Cherry”, with deeper than expected ties to the track-suited, Russian mobsters, and in a not so surprising surprise she needs Hawkeye’s help.  Matt Fraction is a guy that plays with genres and styles, often to great effect and sometimes within the same issue.  Fraction with a sort of pulp-noir vibe showing us how our femme fatale got herself into her present jam, he immediately segues into awkward romantic comedy territory when said femme fatale crashes Avengers mansion to fall right into our heroe’s arms in the presence of his ex-wife, sort of current girlfriend, and a third former love interest.

From here on out the books becomes a straight up, low rent heist/caper flick.  It’s a great read from start to finish and nobody, except maybe Brian Michael Bendis, does talking head panels quite like or quite as well as Matt Fraction.  Obviously, this doesn’t end well for Hawkeye, but just how it plays out is a big part of the fun.

Now last thing, you come for the writing, but you’ll stay for the art.  David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth are simply killing it on this book.  From a pitch perfect color palette to clever panel layouts to the ridiculously awesome silver age style covers that sprinkle this issue, it’s a crazy good to look at.  I’ve been a fan of David Aja since his work with Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker on Iron Fist.  Aja has a great hand for both the mundane scenes and the heavy action bits.  His simple, but oddly expressive style fits the tone really well.

Do yourself a favor, pick up Hawkeye.  It’s well worth your time.


Unapologetic Super Fan

I’m a 31 year old professional guy who is a unabashed super fan of Adam WarRock. Now if I said that about someone less accessible or more famous like…Two Chainz or Coldplay people I know wouldn’t think twice about it. I’ve talked to Adam on a podcast I was on, I’ve had a conversation or two with him at one of his shows, e-mails back and forth, Twitter, Facebook, etc. He’s my age! Sticking with calling him Adam and not Eugene is even weird! Weirder still I’m potentially financially more well off than him! It’s not the typical fan to artist story.


Yet, it all started with the music for me. I saw him the first time with MC Lars, Megaran, and MC Chris in Cleveland. I was into the other three a lot prior to going to this show so I was blindsided when I heard him open that night with songs about Ultron and Doctor Who. His was my favorite performance of the night and I was downloading his tracks before I even left the show. Not only was the subject matter exactly the type of media I relate to, the hooks and beats were infectious. After 30, I know a lot of people who stick with what they already musically like and shut themselves off. I, luckily, don’t have that gene because I find new artists that become some of my favorites about every couple of months still. This was one of those experiences.

As much as I like Adam WarRock sounds, I am also just as impressed with his business model. Like myself, he chose something he’s good at because it’s fun and he loves it. The self produced indie model at it’s finest. Yet, he borrowed and tweaked the web comic ethos of giving people free content and making money from them in other ways. Sure, inadvertently, many artists (especially in the indie rap game) find themselves doing this because no one has figured out how to torrent t-shirts yet, but he’s doing it on purpose. WarRock embraces the idea that people are starving for content more than ever and top of mind awareness is hard to come by. By giving out free content, he’s got something to talk about that gets people excited every week and it makes marketing the actual albums easier. With as many free Adam WarRock songs as there are, the full length albums feel like events. When they come out, I’m more than happy to pay because the accumulated content that has been freely given away makes me eager to pay up.


The variety of the topics covered has done him well to build an audience but I believe that wasn’t the over calculated goal. I don’t know about you but I’m a geek (whatever that means these days). When I’m into something, I’m REALLY into it. I started watching Gravity Falls last summer (more on that later) and I had to get a Dipper hat on Etsy. The new TMNT show got me back in the Turtle Action Figure game again as well as classic collected editions of the comics. I’m the type of guy who nonstop listened to Hans Zimmer Batman scores leading up to the midnight release of The Dark Knight Rises. That all said, if I could rap…I’d do exactly what Adam does – express my passion. That’s what comes through in his songs to me. Passion for pop culture intertwined with his life experiences. For people like me, pop culture and/or geek culture is our culture.

Wrapping this up (no pun intended? well…a bit intended), why can’t I be a REALLY big fan of an artist who is approachable and feels very much at my level? Is hero worship of those who put in a big effort to appear “above it all” really healthy? I think it’s time for a different kind of artist to take over and my choice is Adam WarRock. Connecting directly with fans and being approachable is the basis for a movement being championed by those in the podcast medium like Chris Hardwick, Scott Aukerman, and John Hodgman and I think it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the new paradigm. With all media splintering and niches growing because of he Internet, Adam WarRock is the artist of the future…today. At the beginning for me, though, it was a song about Marvel vs. DC that I instantly related to. What will it be for you?

Adam WarRock Website –

Adam WarRock on Twitter – @eugewarrock

Adam WarRock Albums -

Eugene and Chris’s Podcast on Gravity Falls & Other Stuff – The Gravity Falls Gossiper

Hello folks! Frank here, I’ve always wanted to a weekly article thingy, just something where I lightly talk about things I’m doing every week, things I’ve seen coming on the horizon, horribly old comics I’m reading (from 2006?). You know something loose that I can do every week. So this will be the first in this new lineage of articles here on Short Box.


So there’s SOOO much to talk about heroclix wise, the newest set “Amazing Spider-Man” launched 2 weeks ago and it’s really neat, a great blend of Spider-Manz and other great unclixed Marvel properties (Draculaz, Living Mummy!). I would like to talk more in-depth about it in a full article, but suffice to say I’m really happy the Spider-Man set was fun and full of unique and wantable figures..unlike the two sets before it.

So speaking of Heroclix every week we have a free-to-play tournament at our local clix store Above and Beyond comics in Erie, PA. It’s a great time and if you’re going to be in town on a Tuesday evening and you want to get your clix on then come on in. So that shameless plug out of the way, each week has a set theme that you must construct your team from this week’s theme is “1000 points, No Resources, No Use of Hypersonic, and All your figures must share a common keyword.” This is going to be a fun one I think.

I’m going to be rolling out some very old but surprisingly devastating figures, you may them better as:


These old guys have a few tricks up their sleeves: Hugely long dials, HUGE DAMAGE NUMGERS, and Super Strength and a few Close Combat powers thrown on. They’re real downside is their very HIGH point cost, and their very short movement values.  Here’s my build:
Wrecker (240)
Absorbing Man (184)
Piledriver (140)
Bulldozer (113)
Wrecker (141)

If there’s one thing this list is it’s:  BEEFY! lol. I had extra points left over so I decided I was gonna add an additional Wrecker but the 2nd one is the older one.


Now,  I read new comics now!But, to be fair I read a LOT more comics in the late 90′s early 00′s. So many times I’m reading those comics AGAIN lol. Like this week for example when I’m reading the oldest Thunderbolts incarnation.

This comic took a little to get going, since they have to go about 8 issues before they really get going but the art is ok for a 90s comic, and there’s plenty of action.  Good Times!



A friend of mine tipped me off to this one, he said that it was great, I hesitantly watched the first episode which blew my face off. It’s aimed at children but the comedy and VERY deep Marvel in jokes fly a mile a minute and you really need to have your spidey-sense going full blast to catch everything. It’s got 1 whole 26 episode season out on Netflix, and another is just wrapping up on the Disney Channel! I would strongly recommend this one to you and even your kids.

The Best Of March Comics

march comics previews reviews

Adam and Nick choose their favorite comics coming out in March. Wrath of the First Lantern, Constantine #1, Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy #1, and many more books previewed and discussed.

Listen to the Episode Directly.

This gritty webcomic tells the tale of Ex Monday, a mechanic living in a wonky sci-fi future. This comic is written by Ken Bastard. The art work is reminiscent of a space opera and Moebius’ (Jean Giraud) comic titled, “Incal.” There are talking animals, flying cars and gorillas with top hats. This barely scratches the surface of the setting of the comic.

Bastard found his inspiration for this comic through a dream and during his work in construction. While he doesn’t quite remember the dream, he does remember meeting a lot of interesting people while working in construction. “The people you meet on some of these jobs would keep me in tales for a long time,” Bastard said.

Bastard’s has found a lot of influence for his art through Jack Kirby and Jack Davis. “Throw in a lot of Bernie Wrightson, Mike Kaluta, Barry Smith and Jeff Jones. I’m of the generation that was a teenager when those studio guys were taking comics to a different place back in the ‘70s,” Bastard said.

Without giving away too many spoilers, here is a brief synopsis of the plot. Ex Monday is contracted to fix a rather interesting machine. After finding some help off the street he is off to do the job.

The two get into some mischief and have to make their way through town without getting caught by some devious character that has it out for Ex Monday.

The art is in this comic is great. It is exaggerated when it needs to be, but not extreme as to make it difficult to view. Bastard is a traditional artist but decided to go a different direction when it came to creating this web comic.

Ken Bastard's "Ex Monday"

Ken Bastard’s “Ex Monday”

Often times Bastard had no real plan and would draw whenever he had an idea for the comic. “With Ex, I based it more on Moebius’ “Airtight Garage.” In the strip, Moebius would do two or three pages with no plan. Then when the next installment came he had to pick up where he left off and make the new pages fit what went before,” Bastard said. This went on week after week until Bastard came to the end of the series. “That was the beauty of the strip. I could do whatever I wanted and that was what was released,” Bastard added.

The story is told well and the pacing is spot on. This is a comic that is difficult to put down once it is started. It is a self-contained story and sadly contains only 24 entries. The only negative about this comic is there is not enough. Ex Monday gets its hooks in you and leaves you wanting so much more.

Ken Bastard is the author and illustrator of “Ex Monday,” a great webcomic that can found on here. Bastard has been around the comic book scene for a number of years so it seemed only natural he would gravitate to publishing a webcomic. “Web comics can be many things. They can be ongoing or finite, funny or serious. Do a comic you would read,” Bastard said.

The freedom of creating a webcomic can be a doubled-edge sword. While there are no limits to creation, the creator must have the dedication to see the completion of the comic. “If you say at the beginning you are going to do a page a week- do a page a week. Try not to skip,” Bastard said.

Finally, it is all about the promotion and where to place the webcomics once it has been completed. Bastard uses all the popular sites, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Deviant Art. Bastard also has his own site,, he also has some other great comics to read. He also would post to Warren Ellis’ and Mark Millar’s art forums. These are not a bad way to garner more exposure.


Ex Monday by Ken Bastard

Ex Monday by Ken Bastard

Bastard will be attending Boston Comicon so make sure to stop by his booth in artist alley.

It’s our BEST of 2012 Podcast!

That’s right, it’s the first annual Boxies! We pick:

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marvel dc batman avengers x-men podcast

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Well, guys, it’s looking like an oddly light week for my pull list.  Here are the top three books I’m looking forward to…


Hawkeye #7

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: David Aja

It’s a great series and Matt Fraction is donating his royalties to Hurricane Sandy Victims.  ’Nuff Said.




Avengers #4

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artist: Adam Kubert

Hickman is a big ideas guy and its clear he’s got a lot of ambition for the flagship Avengers title.  This issue promises the secret origin of Hyperion.  It’s almost a guarantee that Hickman will find some way to work the various multiverse versions of Hyperion in and odds are this will have a huge impact on the series in later issues.



Superior Spiderman #2

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Dan Slott

Artist: Ryan Stegman


I’m curious to see where Slott is going with this series.  I’m definitely concerned that he’s overplayed his hand with the introduction of Ghost Pete at the end of #1.  We all knew Peter Parker would be coming back, I just figured Slott would let all of us Spidey-fans squirm for awhile.  But, Dan Slott has done an outstanding job with Spiderman since Big Time so he gets some leeway here (not to mention that Spidey-Ock has potential for some good stories).  I should also mention that I’ve had a fairly serious geek crush on Steve Wacker since his work at DC and I definitely rank him as one of the best editors in the business (just look at the stable of books he’s worked on…)


Alright, those are the issues that I think are worth your time and cash.

If you’ve got a book this week you think deserves some attention, let us know.

Sound off below!

Authors: Phil Hester, David Hine, Ian Edginton and Matz.

Artists: Frazer Irving, Chris Burnham, Lee Moder and Hugo Petrus.

“Days Missing” is a graphic novel that was published in 2010. After reading it I am excited to say that I will be trying to find the rest of the series. This book is written by several different authors and illustrated by several different illustrators. It was published by Archaia and Rodenberry, yep Eugene Rodenberry. What caught my eye at first was the book had a foreword written by Warren Ellis, and anything Ellis writes, I read.

“Day Missing” is the story about The Steward. This character can bend and warp time to help humanity in case of a global or catastrophic disaster. The Steward has been around since the dawn of time. He has taken the load of leading humanity through ups and downs of survival. The Steward can fold time and erase catastrophic events with the hope of fixing the event so humanity does not go extinct.

The Steward spends his time lying in wait in a giant library of human events, existing outside of time. He quietly guides humanity through various events, some of which could have led to the destruction of humanity. He can only time travel for 24 hours at a time, so he must take careful precautions each time he comes to an event as he only has a limited time.

Events such as the Swanzi Flu and just how deadly it would have been had they not found a vaccine. The Steward was there and helped the doctors find a vaccine for the disease. The Steward then wrestles with the monster Frankenstein and the repercussions if man did find a way to bring the living dead back to life. The third chapter has The Steward stopping the discovery of space and time travel as a precaution to the end of time and space completely. Not every choice is as clear cut though as he has to try and stop Hernando Cortez in the fourth chapter from dying at the hands of the Aztecs. This in turn though leads to the destruction of the Aztec Empire. The final chapter is about the creation of intelligent life through nanotechnology and it takes every bit of effort from The Steward to fix this day.

This book was surprisingly good. I had no expectations going into reading it and came out hooked. The end of the story has a great cliff hanger and I cannot wait to find more of The Steward’s adventures. Go check it out, it well worth it.