It’s been a crazy week in Heroclix news, they announced the new ‘Game Ruining’ mechanic for the next set. Now unless you’re very familiar with Heroclix game play and ‘meta’ (The atmosphere of a game’s competition) then you might be confused to hell and back with some of this stuff. That’s ok. Now let me say this, I like the strategy of things.

Building up an amount of information about the forces at yours and your opponent’s disposal.

Strategically selecting your resources to use against your opponent to best suit your strategic style.

Fielding these forces within the constructs of the gaming environment against the opponent’s forces.

Success or failure will grant you a greater intuition of the practice of the game itself in it’s entirety.

It’s a fulfilling and complex process for sure.

Now here’s a brilliant encapsulation of my feelings on the situation that Heroclix is in right now.

Now as brilliant and hilarious as that video was at capturing my opinion was, let my be the first to say I think what makes her most ‘broken’

is that she basically completely eliminates most the strategy of the game, which is movement, pacing your units, and the battlefield terrain.

Now you can just mitigate those things with this single figure, just setup the portal and put your team through cutting apart the opponents team like so much fish in a barrel. And this is all in comparison to the fiasco that was Team Bases, which in my humble opinion was the best example of the game designers going ham on making something that just blows everything else out of the water. But now, just like the “Great” Will.I.Am. who has often come to the apex of singularly terrible music and a lack of shame, has some how outdone himself with making the worst song in the world only to time and time again make an even worse song. So Spiral is that, for Heroclix. If you thought Team Bases were stupid? Wait till you have to play against this B-Word.

Wolverine and the X-men:



The hot new Heroclix set out on the block and despite that ONE BAD EGG the set actually turned out to be quite want-able for non-x-man-fans like myself. I like X-mens but they’ve never been high on my list of reads or pulls, that said there’s actually plenty of X-mandoes that I’m into, like the differently superabled team from across the pond EXCALIBUR, or the parody cult sensations the Great Lakes Avengers. The set has a bit of everything which is also what made the Amazing Spider-Man set work, put a bunch of unclixed figures in with a few of your favorites and toss in a few much needed updates and you have a perfectly stable set. Now that I’ve praised this set a bit it’s time to take it down a few pegs. The Set is titled Wolverine and The X-Men, which happens to be one of the few X-men comics that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and when I heard that it was getting it’s own set I was really psyched to see all my favorites from the comic, Like Deathbird, Kid Gladiator, Broo, Idie, Kid Omega, the Bamfs, and that Blob kid! It was going to be great! Maybe even they’d put in the Kid Hellfire Club.
So How many people from the WatX comic make it onto the clix set? 3? 3 if you count Wolvie and Kitty, 1 if you only count people who aren’t major X-men, it’s Kid Omega and that’s….UUUUUGH! Raging for sure. The could have just called the set something else and not used the same logo as the comic? As I haven’t been able to pick up any packs of W-X-men. I am pretty excited to fill out my GLA and the fact that half the commons and uncommons have the Excalibur keyword excites me greatly. Next Week I think I’m going to be changing the formula of the Fix a bit, but you’ll have to wait until then.

Now it has been a good break but the Weekly Fix is finally back from summer vacation.


I have been quite busy in the last few weeks, I’ve seen a ton of great new movies, finished a extra-dimensional journey, and stood against the armies of the Serpent! This week I’ll be expanding the fix a bit, I wanted to expand into some kind of Podcast for movie reviews but that is for another time. So let’s get this started!”

Just for your own warning SPOILERS! SPOILERS! SPOILERS!


What I’m watching: Pacific Rim


This movie was FAN-TASTIC! I don’t want to say too much, but to make a long story short, Giant Monsters have the audacity to try to take over the earth and the only mamma-jams tough enough to stop their roll is the newly launched “Jaeger” Program a series of monster busting robots built to thwart the monstrous efforts of the evil Kaiju. The movie’s cast does a great job of selling their arch typical roles at first but almost all the characters are given enough screen time to have their own emotional progress. It really makes the film so much grander to have a cast of characters you care about. Also strangely this brings me to my first ‘gripe’ about the critics who seem to want to lump this in as a “Transformers Movie” and not the good kind. To be completely honest there were robots so….

images (6)These are my favorite “Transformers”


…yep they must be the same, which means movies like Bladerunner and Metropolis are just Transformers knock-offs right?
Every Transformers (from Michael “Make it All Porn” Bay) does it’s level best at every opportunity to make the characters and action horrible, unlikable , confusing and annoying. Pacific Rim might have a paper thin plot but it’s got a cast of characters who are actually developed across the course of the film’s 2 hours 25 min running time. And all the action is left spectacularly SLOOOOW! The robots don’t run, jump, and fight at super human speeds that you can’t even decipher when the film goes into pointless slow-motion every few moments every action sequence is a confusing stupid mess of characters you don’t care about. Instead Pacific Rim’s robot fights are both mostly full shots encompassing both giant contenders but also all the fighting is left at a slow methodical pace that really belays the giant size and gate of the combatants. The Kaiju and Jaegers are also completely distinguishable from each other so neither side is ever confusable. The mechanics of the robots are also displayed in full detail as hatches and servos strain to bring weapons out from hidden hatches or to change a hand into a plasma cannon. Pacific Rim also greatly benefited from Del Toro’s “Make it Real” mentality as all the stellar set pieces and costumes really bring the movie to life, the Jaeger cockpits are really the Pièce de résistance as each one is brought to life in loving detail as mostly physical space a giant series of unique props that put the actors in the robots command center. It’s really awesome. SEE IT NOW!

What I’m Playing: Heroclix Fear Itself



Now it’s taken almost 2 months for us to get our fist Fear Itself event going at our local gaming store, it was definitely worth the wait. The store sympathized with the players by providing us all with free beer, it was a million degrees all night but we blew the lid of the joint.  Me and my Fiance pulled very well, she got Angrir and I got Nekkrod. She was able to pull Cyborg which synergized amazingly with Angrir’s damage special power to make more objects. I just ran around Pulsewaving with Nekkrod, I also had Raizo Kodo on my team who in the 2nd game single-handedly destroyed the opponent’s force! I didn’t do too great, I made one HUGE error that cost me the game, but me and my fiance both had a great time anyway.\

Until Next Week!


I was going to talk about the first week of Fear Itself, looking at the Hammer Altar, the LEs for the week, what teams I played. But our store is running behind on that front so we’re not having our first Fear event until 2 weeks from now. So I guess I’ll talk about some:

Heroes for Hire!


The Heroes for Hire are a broad team of Marvel All-Stars! They are low on the ‘Super Powers’ scale but high on the ‘Bad Ass’ scale.

Many of their figures have amazing dials for the points! Including and especially their members from Secret Invasion!


Iron First, and Human Torch are both stunning dials for their points, and for Comic Accuracy you can also grab the splendid human Elektra and Hercules from the same set. Tarantula might pale in comparison to her other teammates in that she doesn’t swing in with triple stuffed special powers boxes, but she’s a great buy if you’re going to be abusing all the Wild Cards in the Heroes bullpen, which is a bit tough within the theme team. Even with an extended comic accurate team you’re still limited with printed TAs to Defenders (good) and Avengers (Not good) which is why the Heroes come equipped with many ATA unlocking keywords. I would pick Avengers Response Unit, since it’s pretty great for the melee heavy Heroes but also because you have a lot of Avengers to keep the ATA going if one should die, so you’re not stuck without Wildcard abuse.

I would want to include Spidey here too at my venue since he’s a Hero for Hire we allow for the “Keyword House Rule.” The other thing I have been wondering about is what would constitute a “Spider-Man” family member? It’s not like any other team, were there was a clear roster. No this is a real grey area and I would really like to hammer it out with the other players at my store, cause the Spider-Man Family ATA is pretty boss, especially on this team of so many Wild Cards!

Here’s what I got at 1000 pts.
SI Hercules, SI Human Torch,

SI Elektra (Human), ASM Spiderman (#055), WoS  Black Cat, H She-Hulk (#107)
SI Iron Fist, CA Luke Cage, A Shang Chi, Tarantula and the ATA Heroes for Hire!

For This Week the Format was “1000 pts. Wheel of Death.” Wheel of Death is essetially a d12 chart that gives out a myriad of middle fingers and butt-hole cleanings to you and you’re opponent’s team. It very much lives up it’s name, many of my opponents built teams with long dials that get better over time, which was great concerning one game my team took 9 damage from the Wheel of Death results! Suprisingly I did end up making it into the finals but my many 6 clix figures were melted by the Wheel of Death and I was only left with Herc, She Hulk and Lucas Cage. My opponent easily able to mob up with Terrax!


To honor my Heroes for Hire heroclix team I have been reading the Civil Heroes for Hire tie in, I liked Daughters of the Dragon in spite of it’s butt art and now this version of the heroes has them being hired to round up unregistered heroes and villains. It starts out well and good but obviously things are never so black and white. However the comic has a strange art creep that  when Clay Mann takes over penciling and….wow there’s some strangeness.


This one is literally one panel after another, what is wrong with Misty’s face? Her “Youngbloods Disease” must be flaring up.badart1

This is another example, the girls are “running” from a Devil Style Dinosaur. I have no idea where or who is running from what, why is the dinosaur so low in the shot behind them? And Colleen better open her eyes and stop her thriller dance routine if she’s gonna get away from the dinosaur!
I don’t even want to talk about Misty’s detached breast problems, they look…better here? Than they do elsewhere in the same issue.

Bad art aside the HfH Civil War Tie In is ok, If you like the Heroes or an interesting take on the “Heroes for Hire” dynamic. Then I’d find this trade. It runs for 14 issues until they shut it down. But the Heroes did come back later…

Something is stinky in Outlaw land!




Comics:  Red Hood and The Outlaws

Now for me this comic is INFAMOUSLY BAD, the first issue was so bad that I couldn’t even finish it!

It’s like the Star Wars franchise for everything good there is something twice as vile.

The first issue was so bad that the backlash should have scheduled this little P.O.S. should have been incinerated from the shelves.
However the beatings and course language from public and (hopefully) publisher backlash didn’t fall on deaf ears since the comic is still going. And is…improved?

Well a slap in the face IS preferable to a gunshot to the stomach they always say…

Now, I have tried and tried and TRIED! To slug my way through this comic. I actually love the line-up, Starfire is (was) one of my favorite DC characters and Red Hood was a pretty awesome villain in his day pushing his view of vengeance all the way up to Batman, and Arsenal used to be great before his daughter got exploded for no reason. And now…


…I’m just going to skip over the first issue entirely since I just ignore it to get through the rest.

There’s nothing good in the first issue, and then by halfway through the third it actually pulls on my heartstrings like a real comic!?!?!


At this point I have never been so torn about something in my whole life. It seemed like after the 4th issue they’ve gotten away from referencing the first 2 but then later they keep doing, it. It’s also isn’t even until the 3rd or later issues where they even establish what little characters these people will be.

Red Hood:

He’s the um, asshole? No, um a Jerk? Bastard? No, he’s all those things, but he’s the core of the team, everyone is just vaguely following him mostly for no reasons.


Is the annoying relief of the book, saying everything and anything all the time. He’s very annoying and you know how a book always needs some really good annoying characters to break up the thrilling drama of other people telling the annoying person to shut up. He’s had a few bits that where somehow NOT annoying but that’s not what we pay you for! Make us annoyed!

She doesn’t have very many lines, and it’s explained briefly that she has…Amnesia…plot no remember…no that’s not the continuity now…but it is? -itis? But new Starfire does remember her mistreatment in slavery and how she is a total byatch now as a somewhat understandable albeit still annoying result. All her silly stilted Space Princess dialogue is actually kinda funny if you forget how miss-characterized she is.


I keep thinking the art is pretty cool, the pages have some interesting (in a good way) layouts, all the white backgrounds are weird at times since it sometimes  it seems the panels and characters are stuck in Escher Space. The are also has incredible detail and line work but the colorist can’t shade anything to look like anything, every person’s skin and body seems be made of strange definitions balloons usually, while the clothes and gear have all there edges and shadows defined by the ‘inker’s’ lines Which looks a lot better.




Now unlike the Outlaws comic book the Heroclix Outlaws are a mixed bag… …of AWESOME! The Cross-over bonanza has so much! Leadership, Stealth, Outwit, Lot’s of Outwit, solid or great dials, and TONS of amazing Wild-Card abuse.  Then you toss on a few good AtAs to choose from and you’ve got it made!

First off I’d start off with the TT Set Red Hood, I put a custom Silver Sable on his dial to lead the team. She starts with a great mix of high stats, outwit and special Leadership, her Bat Ally and Outsiders TAs are great! But be warned, keep this one far from harm’s way as you’ll be needing that Batman Ally to copy with the rest of your Spider Friends and Calculators. From the back she can still contribute with Outwit and Energy Explosion.

Speaking of spider friends next up on the include list is Sandman, oh Syndicate TA to copy? And Wildcard? Oh yeah, I’ll take him! This guy is slow as… …sand but he’s good for stopping enemy bricks while you’re ranged attackers shoot them, but he’s also got that attack sharing TA to spread around to your other Outlaws. Sandman is pretty hard to kill but if he does go down you’ll still be ok with printed attack values for DC Outlaws, but it does really help to be giving Prowler and Spidey shared attack from Red Hood.


Finally No Outlaws team would be complete with out A Sensational/Amazing/Incredible/Sizzling Spider-Man! Now at my regular venue of play we have a house rule that keywords are allowed to be added to figures if you can prove they were on that team. So almost  any Spidey can hang out with the Outlaws and get the keyword too, Now I do love WoS 001 Spidey! He’s cheap, great stats that don’t quit, 4+ spider sense, and Wild Card TA can copy stealth and turn this wall-crawler into a very determined secondary attacker, swooping in to smash objects on crooks heads then webbing more mobile opponents to the floor.

The only Spidey I would otherwise recommend with the house rule for the Keyword, is the excellent Mighty Morphin’ Spider-man! Starting on the amazing new ASM 024 125 pts Spider-Man you can do whatever a spider can for a time, light up some guys then morph for the kill/prob/outwit/heal basically if you have collected all the Morphing Spidey Commons and maybe a Chase he’s a great buy for the points! Just be careful not to get trapped because some don’t have the same Leap/Super Senses trait and others don’t have the Spidey TA, so just be careful and read all the cards before you press morph and change right into a sitting duck… …Spider-Duck.


Another Weekly Fix, your move creeps!




Wait that’s not from Judge Dredd? Well ok! Fine, creeps! But, I’ve got my eye on you, and I’ve also got a bunch things to talk about this week so let’s get to it!


As the newest figures from Fear Itself pour out, I’ve actually finally got my hands on one of the Holy Grail pieces for myself, the pièce de résistance or tank de résistance if you will!

CUTJPNow for those not familiar with this most oft’ misunderstood haunted military vehicle, The Haunted Tank is a DC comic that began in the 1960′s featuring the crew of a M3 Stuart light tank in WWII being guided by the Ghost of Civil War General J.E.B. Stuart! Yeah I know right? From there the tank fought a host of strange villains including Nazi monkeys! It’s a pretty awesome read, now as for theHeroclix…


…it’s pretty CRAZY! It’s not as broken as The GCPD Police Car or The Heinous Bat-mobile, or any of those new Team Bases. However, the Tank really does come to life with a series of really effective traits and Special Powers The Autopilot side is driven by the General himself and therefore doesn’t suffer damage from moving without a pilot which is nice! On that side it does suffer a bit in the Attack and Damage department in comparison to the Piloted version, and it also loses out on the very cool pilot abilities from that side too. The Auto-Piloted version actually suffers highly in comparison to the Piloted version which is really really really REALLY GOOD! The Piloted side’s only downside is that there’s so few Heroclix who posses the Soldier AND Warrior keywords, which means 2 things:

1- You’re going to be putting Warlord in the driver seat or a Star Trek ship, or Paying for Ares who’s worth more than the tank itself.

2- You’re going to have a hard time trying to make a theme team, especially since the HT itself only has the Soldier Keyword, not even past or Mystic.

Just for fun here’s a fun WWII Cross-Over team you can try your self!

Cap and Bucky 138pts

Haunted Tank (Piloted) 136pts

Easy Co. Soldiers x2 30pts each

Mr. Terrific 59pts

Wonder Woman 100pts.


This is a pretty fun team, really great pieces and they’re all from the Golden-Nazi-Bashing-Age of comics. Cap and Bucky are pretty good for being the first duo, and if you’re scared of them getting slapped up you can always split them into solo figs. One of the Easy Co. Soldiers gets to play in the Haunted tank, and Mr. Terrific can give you some protection and additional Outwitting powers. If you’d like to trade Terrific for Sandman you could keep the whole “theme” together and you have enough points left to add on the All-Star Squadron ATA onto Wonder Woman and Mr. T. All in all a fun team!



This week I’ve been hustling though Fear Itself, and so I’m going to forgo talking about it until next week when all of the Heroclix are out on the Webs.  This week I want to talk about one of my favorite comic book characters:
Judge Dredd!



Judge Dredd is one of those comic book characters who’s gone through so many changes over the years, each one evolving the character more and more, giving the opportunity for new stories and tales to be told about him and his universe. Another unique quality of Judge Dredd is that each issue is episodic, usually lasting a few pages and comprising a full all be it brief story. There are longer story-arcs many of which are the must reads of the Dredd-o-verse! Since there’s literally 1000s of Judge Dredd stories I’ll just touch on a few now and again.

images (1)


One of the short stories I enjoyed was ‘Gut Shot’ Judge Dredd is shot and stuck in an elevator with a Rookie Judge on his first run into the Mega City, dark comedy ensues. I would also highly recommend Judge Dredd and Judge Dredd: Year One out now by IDW in monthly print, Swierczynski really has a good idea what a Judge Dredd story is. Next week it’s Star Trek, Bioshock and more Dredd!

Good day! Time to get your Fix!


It’s been a week off, and I had to take a break from this article series because of a few things, my fiance’s birthday was last week, she was also finishing her final exams for college this year, Doctor Who Season Finale and finally the last month of No Man’s Land for Heroclix was last Tuesday. It was quite a busy week for everyone to say the least! So let’s do some thinking.


batman (1)


The last month of No Man’s Land had the most glorious prizes, the Joker and Harley Quinn duo was number 1 on my fiance’s birthday list, and so we had to go home with it last week. I created a plan, a secret training regimen and included 2 extra ringers onto my ‘team.’ After spending a few weeks on the ‘Amusement Park Map’ me and the others were confident with the 4 of us, the brick of boosters to draw our draft from we would be taking the prizes by storm.


I was the only person to go undefeated and because I played a bit too relaxed in the first round I didn’t have enough points to break my tie breaker for 2nd, so I got third (for the 2nd time in a row for NML! lol). Luckily we rolled for the random prize and got to go home with the duo. The tournament was very fun and we all had a great time! I was even more excited when Starfire won me the last game of the night by taking down Headcase! Truth be told I was very glad no one pulled Super Boy Prime in sealed, and surprised no one at our LGS has seen Blackfire yet.



Doctor Who:


!WARNING! M-Fing Spoilers ahead!

Ok! As someone who is a fan of Doctor Who I have a few feelings with the last half of the latest season of New Who. First of all I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of Mr. Matt Smith as the Doctor. His personality doesn’t fit the scripts that they’re writing for him in this season. He’s gotten too many lighthearted bits that he’s not pulling off. Like in the Moon Theme Park episode he’s jumping around in front of kids and trying to do his best “funny child-man” bit and it’s just DYING! Matt Smith doesn’t have the same kind of charisma that he started his run on who with. At first he was played as a “stuck-up genius, who thought he was smarter and better than anyone” and Amy was his foil, she had a great chemistry bringing Smith down, and it worked. The newly added Companion Clara now basically just exists to kiss the Doctors ass and be a somewhat carbon-copy of the adventurous aspects of the Doctor. It’s made the show very tedious. Yes, her ‘backstory’ revealed in the finale was….tight…as tight as it could be after they just made up the whole bit about the Doctor’s Grave having his ‘body’ which is all his memories which people can just walk into and CHANGE his life!!  Yeah that sounds…safe.



Honestly I don’t hate Clara, I like her I just think her character is completely unnecessary from a narrative standpoint, when there’s just a malign sexual tension between the Doctor and Clara and not much else it’s really boring to see them run around an agree about stuff.

cult-doctor-who-s07-e02-the-rings-of-akhaten-3 Don’t get me wrong there was some great parts of episodes of this half of the season! The “Time Squad” the Victorian Era group of Extra-Terrestrial Aliens who fight threats in their time, was SWEET! Anytime they showed up it was a great episode. This season was not the best for sure, maybe even the worst of new Doctor Who, however the finale revealed that there might be a heavy focus on NOT MATT SMITH and the Sealing of the Time War in the next season! Awesome!

It’s time for another Weekly Fix!







That’s me!

The Teen Titans set is already on it’s way to your Local Gaming Store, the gravity feed has already been out for almost a week and I am EXCITED!  I have a palpable air of energy! Tuesday’s going to be BIG! Now this means I could easily jabber on forever about this set, So maybe I can just touch on specific figures in the set that are a MUST HAVE for me. Not saying I wouldn’t like the whole set but these buggers are in particular high-demand for myself.

Beast Boy Tiger!

Special Powers
MORPH: BEAST BOY: Give Beast Boy a move action that deals no pushing damage. After the action resolves, replace him with any character with this trait on the same click number.
POUNCE FROM ABOVE: Beast Boy can use Leap/Climb. When Beast Boy moves, if Beast Boy ends the movement at a lower elevation than when he began the action, after actions resolve, he may be given a close combat action as a free action.


I really like all of BB’s Forms since DC75th but this one is one of the newest! I love his movement power, it adds another great part of utility to that figure line.


Special Powers
KRYPTONIAN STRENGTH: Superboy can use Super Strength.
TACTILE TK: Superboy can use Force Blast. When he does, knocked back characters are dealt 2 damage after actions resolve.


Oh Boy! Remember when Superboy stopped dressing like a tool and got some great character work by Geoff Johns in Teen Titans? Yeah! It was great! I like this dial a whole lot too, he’s got trait super strength which is HUGE, and his SP is going to get a big boost when the new rules for forceblast are handing out knock-back on all attacks.

Lil’ Lobo!

Special Powers
UNFRAGGIN’ STOPPABLE!: At the beginning of your turn, you may heal Li’l Lobo 1 damage if he is adjacent to an opposing character.


Oh man! Remeber when all those heroes got turned into kids by Mordru? Remember when Lobo stayed a KID and joined Young Justice? Yeah AMAZING! Right!?

Shut up you Bastiches! You don’t know! It was cool!

Now Lil’ Lobo has a great trait, lots of great stats and reducers, all in a tiny 102pts package, he might be the piece to pull in sealed since he’s only an uncommon.


Special Powers
PSIONIC CONSTRUCTS: Terrain markers placed by Bunker are not removed until they are destroyed or until Bunker uses a power that places that type of terrain marker on the map.
PURPLE FISTS: Bunker can use Barrier, Incapacitate, and Quake.
PURPLE CONSTRUCTS: Bunker can use Barrier and Toughness.


OMG! Now that’s a support dial! This guy’s so good at what he does he might cause his own problems! YEAH!

Anyway this is one the many New 52 Reboot Titans that I am desperate to get my hands on. I love Miguel in the new Titans! He’s my second favorite new Titan behind…


Special Powers
NO PROMISE THIS IS GOING TO WORK: Give Solstice a power action and choose a square within her range that is on a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal path from her. All objects, walls, or squares of blocking terrain that would hinder or block line of fire to that square are destroyed.
DARKNESS & LIGHT: When Solstice has no action tokens, lines of fire can’t be drawn to her when it is not your turn. If the line of fire for a ranged attack targeting Solstice crosses through hindering terrain, modify her defense by an additional +1.


Not only is she my favorite New 52 Teen Titan she’s also got quite a unique power set, with a very NICE utility power, especially if you’re using her with a certine barrier making machine! Set up some cool barrier tricks with Senior Bunker and then Knock a clear path through with Kiran here. With her probability control, psyblast and stealth powers she’s going to be great!


Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandmark)!

Special Powers
GROWING DARKNESS: At the end of your turn, deal Wonder Girl 1 unavoidable damage if she is adjacent to an opposing character and did not make an attack this turn.
WONDER GIRL’S LASSO: Wonder Girl may begin the game with Wonder Girl’s Lasso assigned to her by paying the point cost. This object does not count toward your object total and is scored and removed from the game when Wonder Girl is KO’d.
PULL THEM CLOSER: Give Wonder Girl a ranged combat action as if she had a range value of 6. When she does and hits, in addition to the normal effects, place the opposing character adjacent to Wonder Girl and she my make a close combat attack as a free action targeting that opposing character.


Now let me say THIS first. I HATED CASSIE SANDMARK! For the LOOOOOOOooOOOOoOOONGEST time. She wasn’t Donna Troy, and as an adolescent  I hated vapid pretty girl stereotypes getting into my comics. That being said the character has grown on me when I recently read all of the Teen Titans comics in preparation for this set coming out. She’s not as bad as I remember and they haven’t made a good heroclix of her EVER. So I’m very excited to get her. Plus the New 52 Cassie is pretty neat too. They haven’t previewed if she’s gonig to be Jeans Cassie from 06′ TT or the New 52 Lazer Suit Cassie. AAAAAAaaaalll that being said, I love this figure. I love people who can start with their own relics, and I love when their good relics!

The New Teen Titans Team Base and Figures!

Holy hot damn! They released all of the Wolfman and Perez era Titans again, making some HUGE strides over their older Un-Carded counterparts, Raven and Cyborg are some of the biggest benefactors of this treatment.



Special Powers
THE DARKEST MAGIC: Raven can use Phasing/Teleport. When Raven deals unavoidable damage with the Mystics team ability, she deals 2 unavoidable damage instead of 1.
I SEE YOUR FEARS…: When Raven is attacked by a character with one or more action tokens, she can use Super Senses.
DAUGHTER OF TRIGON: Raven can use Barrier. When this click is revealed, stop turning the dial and roll a d6; on a result of 5-6, turn Raven to click 7.


Oh Raven! You’re the only transdimentional-empath-demon-rape-love-child I need on my teams! With her great dial full to the roof of support powers and the Mystics team ability make her a real annoyance. But what makes her great is that old “Pratfall to Trigon’s will” bit near the end of her dial. Pushing her from annoying support girl to almost unignorable 2 mystics damage from trying to stop her, plus she’s got a bit of Mind Control on the back end too.


Now Cyborg has had 2 figures of AWESOME power in the last year, but the old costume Vic Stone is no slouch himself. No traits or Specials Powers but his Running Shot and Enhancement hero make him a popular friend to have next to your other 80′s Titans, now he just needs a hot shot ranged attacker to back him up…


Special Powers
TRUE LOVE: When Starfire is adjacent to a friendly character named Nightwing, modify Nightwing’s defense value by +1 if not already modified by this effect.
TAMARAN PRINCESS: Starfire can use Energy Shield/Deflection and Invulnerability.


JUSTICE thy name is Starfire! It’s taken Heroclix a long time to make a realistic Starfire that isn’t representing that horrid ‘Brainless Sexdoll’ from that comic that isn’t something I want to talk about. And even THAT one only has Energy Shield as her defence powers, which is staggering when Starfire has gone fist to fist with Wonde Woman and Wonder Girl. Those points aside she’s a beast and a half!
Huge Range! Huge Speed! and HUGE HAIR! Make her a flying orange monster. But for every flying solar-energy-blasting-orange-space-princesses coming to Earth for good,  there’s an Evil Heel version of them trying to bring them down, their Hollywood Hulk Hogan…


Special Powers
I SHOULD BE QUEEN!: Improved Movement: Ignores Characters
THE HATED SISTER: When Blackfire targets a character with the Teen Titans keyword, modify her attack value by +2.
INTENSE STARBOLTS: When an opposing character takes damage from Blackfire’s ranged combat attack, that character can’t use the Carry or Flight abilities until the beginning of your next turn.


Oh boy! Since JLA 52′s Enchantress, there seems to be a figure in almost every set that’s tailored to beat down anyone else in the set,  in sealed play. Blackfire is this set’s Blade, she can’t fly like her little sister but she can shoot just as hard and with Psyblast and Leadership leading off she’s going to put a huge dent in whoever she get’s her bolts on. It’s only a shame she’s the RAREST figure in the set and not a common/uncommon. Which sucks since I need both of the ‘R sisters.



 Those don’t look like the Toon Titans!

Now only one chase has been revealed but it’s a member of Prime’s Titans, meaning the most hated-loved-no hated!-no stupid-shut up! Super Villain in the DCU has broken free and might be breaking the power board for the set wide open. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t want a Superboy-Prime or some of his Evil Titans. I LOVED the Perez/Wolfman Crisis on Infinite Earths, I liked Infinite Crisis, I liked some of Final Crisis (when I could understand it) since it was about the New Gods some of my favorite DC characters behind the Titans! And I also loved the Tie-In Legion of 3 worlds! (Long live the LEGION!)  Johns and Perez teamed up again to make a very good run of Superboy-Prime. That being said if he IS in the set he’s going to THE piece to pull for sealed, like Terrax in Amazing Spiderman.

Missing Titans!

While the greatness of a whole Teen Titans set is undeniable the fate of many Titans remains in the “Unclixed” category. Now to be fair the only team that has had a huger roster of characters over the years is the Legion of Super Heroes, so I can understand why all 100 (or so) Titans haven’t been clixed yet. However I’m just going to toss a few names out there that I desperately wanted a new figure for.

Kole, Argent, Miss Martian, Bombshell, Dueala Dent, BETTE KANE! Mas y Menos, Lilith, Jericho and Johnny Chase. I would also loved some kind of “Teen Titans Go!” clix maybe that could have been a team base instead of the HORRIBLE Gen13 base?


I read ALL the issues of Teen Titans I could read over the course of the Last Month…

It was fun! I skipped the original Golden Age Titans since they weren’t something I ever really knew about until I read about them in the Wiki. The Perez/Wolfman era New Teen Titans are the strongest and longest running titans incarnation, creating a great number of likable characters. This series established all of the now classic Titans heroes and villains. This series ran straight up to 96′ when they rebooted the team with the title changing to ‘Teen Titans’ this is honestly the WORST Titans incarnation. I love some of the starting issues but the dialogue is weird and the series only last until 98′. 99′ was the Technis Imperitive which somewhat revived the original Titans to a degree bringing every Titan together (and the JLA) for a huge cross-over sandwich. This era concluded with some great new Titans books the beginning of Young Justice and the Geoff Johns Teen Titans, this took them all the way until the reboot. Though let it be said that Johns did leave Titans at some point and the quality of the series definitely took a dive. The reboot was… …weird, to the Titans? Some characters are annoying now, new characters are all cool, and the first story arc was AMAZING. I guess they fairred a lot better than ‘you know who and the we won’t says’ so I guess it worked out. If you need some Titans recommendations….here you go!


-Judas Contract, Who it Donna Troy?, Terror of Trigon, Graduation Day, Kid’s Game, Technis Imperative.

Well let the Titans be with you! Until next week.


Hello again Fix-a-maniacs it’s another week to check out what’s happening on the selves, on the nets and in 1987.



As the Teen Titans set looms within palpable tasting distance. I’m a huger than huge Titans fan and I’ve been reading and watching and frothing madly about the Teen Titans set which will be out in a matter of weeks, the gravity feed is actually set to drop today. However that’s a topic I’ll be saving for next week since I can’t stop once I start and there’s a lot already to discuss.  This week and the last has been a cornucopia of spoiled con-figures and the release of the Iron Man 3 Movie Set for realies. Let’s check them out! M-006-OldManLogan


Ok a new Wolverine from a story I’ve never read… I get this feeling a lot…. Well at least it’s not another Batman! Cool!



Oh ho ho? Mr. Wade Wilson’s super genius super villainous alter-ego? NICE! Keep ‘em coming!


Oh! I spoke too soon about Batmans….Oh wait! It’s Bat-Mite! That’s different. He’s pretty cool, silly but cool! NEXT!




What is that!? First of all this beast is in gaming terms pretty broken for 350/250.  At 250 points they have trait Super Strength and that lets them hold 2 objects and they get trait Charge….So they can do 7 Damage with Exploit Weakness with a charge or  13 with Duo Attack! Great…not to mention their other Special Powers. But the real problem with this is the poses that Wondie and Supes are…. …Just ICK! Is Superman mid-coitus? Why are his hands on her neck and back, he looks like he’s holding her against her will and is about half-way though a very horrifying smell of Wonder Woman. Superman’s Edward Cullen face aside why is are their eyes closed? Where did this even come from?


Oh! Jim Lee drew it ok. So now it’s time to get flamed. This drawing….is weird! Even bad? Jim Lee is a legendary artist in comic books doing all the iconic X-Men designs I remember from the 90′s but, I have a better understanding now of anatomy and there’s a lot of questions I have to ask… Ok the pose is better for sure, it looks like they’re actually engaging in human-romance and not… …whatever the heroclix is doing. But where is Superman’s left arm? His huge front arm (Which is wider than Wondie’s tiny 90′s Psylocke abdomen) makes me think I should be able to see his forearm and elbow behind Wondie’s back JUST SOMETHING! ANYTHING to tell me where his left hand is coming from! And Wonder Woman is all length, she’s as tall as Supes but her only noticeable weight is in her hair and one leg. AND WHY IS HER LASSO FLIPPING OUT ALL OVER!?!! Is this a Todd McFarlane Spider-Man cover now? So here’s what they both should have learned from:

2865679-dsc03337bHoly Cow! Real anatomy! A pose for both characters that doesn’t look like soft core porn, and Wondie’s rasscley-lasso is tucked safely away from flying all over. They might need a bit more emotion in their faces, but at least they look to be having less fun than straight out orgasm or something even creepier. I don’t have a problem with a Heroclix “Couples” figure. And I understand the whole ‘throws of passion’ approach is new considering that the only previous couples are in fighting poses.   I might have reservations about the hastey slash-fic-meets-sales-stunt of Superman and Wonder Woman being romantic….with each other, but I think it needs to be handled a bit better especially in that Heroclix. The figure needs to reflect something interesting and telling of the couple themselves. You know like…


This would make a great Heroclix!

 My LGS Tourney this week was 800 pts. ‘Age of Ultron’ the most expensive figure on your team has to have the Robot Keyword and gains Mastermind, Leadership and Perplex. My team was strong and had a lot of great synergy here it is:
6x Easy Co. Soldiers, 1 Sgt. Rock, GF:GG Kilowog, 3x Aim Renegades, 2x Red Guardians and Lex Luthor and Brainiac duo.

With the combined buffs of Kilowog and Sgt. Rock each member of my Easy Company had 11 attack, Running Shot and Willpower. Add on being able to shoot for 2-5 damage depending on their positioning with Enhancement figures my team made everyone member a threat. It’s unfortunate that my dice laid down and died for the whole tourney. But these things happen and my dice will be Rasputined later this week.

Finally Let’s Talk about


My pulls this week have been weird since i was diverting funds for my Fiance’s Birthday. However I would always recommend Batwoman and Wonder Woman, Wolverine and the X-Men is another title I’ve been really enjoying.  I’ve also been reading Justice League International! Which is a pretty fun series from the 80′s were everyone hates Guy Gardner, the team consists of many awesome not Superman characters like Mr. Miracle (YES!), Martian Manhunter, Dr. Fate, Fire, Ice and even Lobo the last Czarnian eventually muscles his way onto the team. I would recommend picking it up for some good laughs and you can see what people’s hair was like in the 80′s…even if it’s as old as me!


Until next time!

Another Fix you’ll have to check out! Read more won’t you?

Hello out there again Fix fans it’s time for another week of Comics and Clix with your weekly fix.



Oh enough rhyming already, This has been a pretty HUGE few weeks for Heroclix, there’s been a bunch of spoiled con-exclusive figures for this year, there’s been a delay of a whole heroclix set,  and last but certainly most importantly the new Core Rules and Powers and Abilities Guide was also released, all while only a month away from the Titans set (OMFG!).


My favorite evil clown is still Tim Curry.

First up there’s been a handful of spoiled Con-Exclusive Heroclix figures for this year’s  big conventions. So far we’ve seen a Gentleman Ghost and an Obnoxio The Clown. Gentlemen Ghost is a real DC Character who is the wrong kind of Con-Exclusive Figure. He’s a fairly well known (though not currently popular or used) character that has a reasonable fan following, whom has had 1 clix figure made of them (or even no figures). This both drives up the demand and price for these figures because everyone is scrambling to get their hands on the only version of the character. The worst offender being ConX-Venom, which is the only version of the current and popular Flash Thompson as Venom, even Mac Gargan has had 2 versions of himself as Venom and both are fairly new and easy to get figures.

It’s a strange and irritating strategy of Wizkids, (the producers of Heroclix) to put these figures which are the only versions of characters from popular story-arcs as con-only figures, like Moonstone as Ms. Marvel from Dark Reign , or the Horsemen of Apocalypse. With that said Obnoxio is the right kind of con figure, the kind I don’t give one dang about getting. Who is he?

Never heard of him! Great! Mark that one off my list. The other angle that I like for Con-Exclusives is to make a new version of a very popular figure with many other current or playable  figures, such as Punisher, Wonder Woman and Dr. Fate.


Who’s house? Ghost’s house!

As you may notice G. Ghost has one of the New Standard Heroclix Powers! Precision strike! (ooooooooh! aaaaaaaah!) It’s actually one the new Powers that’s kinda neat, when you deal damage with it that damage can’t be reduced below 1, or transferred! Watch out Darkseid!

Now if you’re at all in the ‘know’ about Heroclix you probably have already heard and at least glanced at the rules, but there’s a link just in case.

Powers and Abilities Card

Core Rules

The rules are nice, putting a hamper on the reign of Hypersonic, Multi-Attack figures. It also heavily neuters many support figures Probability C0ntrol, Outwit and Perplex limiting the range of said abilities only to their personal range. Looks like Wanda and Sargon will be looking for new Jobs! (Yeaaaaay!)



The new rules also limit a lot of Hypersonic reliant figures since you DO NOT automatically breakaway while making a Hypersonic Speed move, which many people are already in ‘crybaby’ mode over, but is this really the death of the Speedsters?


Death of  Hypersonic Speed?

Uuuuuhmmm…Nope, just like the Flash who lives on so shall the Speedsters of Heroclix! It’s just going to increase the value of Pure Speedsters like many of the Flashes who have a “Faster Than Hypersonic” ability (like most of them do now) or an improved movement ability like Both Kid Flash, and The Flash in the Upcomming Teen Titans set both have. This will allow them to ignore characters as well as other terrain hazards and not be hindered by it or breaking away.

However for your Supermanz it’s a different story, each time you base an opposing figure you’re going to have to roll to breakaway in order to continue moving. This sounds bad when you would have had to roll a 4+ previously, but under the new rules you get to run free on a 2+ on 1d6 when using Hypersonic. Good odds… but not something I’d want to bank on EVERYTIME. Which means the old ‘rush in, smash ‘em with a heavy object, run out’ strategy is gonna be more of a gamble. However this really doesn’t change the problem/strategy of rushing around shooting people then running away. Since you’re not basing them and will not have to breakaway.


“Good now it’s time to run away and hide!”

Cynicism of people’s cowardly tactics with Superman aside, I really like the cut of the new rules. I want to play them first (tonight in fact!) before I talk about how they effect and change the game at it’s Core, but it’s definitely going to be a much more intimate affair. With support figures squashed against main attackers so as not to get out-ranged on their powers, and this means their going to make tasty treats for fighting style characters. We’ll see though…

imagesLastly, the Ironman 3 Heroclix set is being delayed by Marvel,  Marvel claims the figures in the set have spoilers to the new Ironman 3 film which is coming out May 4th. It’s not a huge issue since it should only be a day or two for the delay (Possibly). It is however personally annoying for myself and the other players at my “No Man’s Land Heroclix: Venue.” We were going to use the new rules to do this month’s No Man’s Land Sealed with the new Ironman 3 stuff, but due to the delay we’ll have to play…



I wish Scarlet Witch would make them go away!

I’ve had quite enough Batman heroclix, and personally the figures I wanted from the 3 FULL Batman Sets of last Year I already have (or have destroyed). Not to mention the Nu 52 Justice League set, and the DC 10th Anniversary set both  featuring 2 Batmans each, Batman is the Wolverine of Heroclix…and I’m so tired of him. Especially the completely heinous Common Batman from…the Batman set (that’s confusing) which has 10 clix… And can take down Supermans solo in only a single “Outwit, Charge, Flurry for 6 Damage.” Which as you might imagine doesn’t sound a lot like Batman right? Not mention the almost BAFFLING Batman dial from the Fast Forces from the same set with Psychic Blast, Sharpshooter and 3 Targets…


…I really need to get off this topic before I am reduced to a quivering-ragegasm. And for that I’m going to need something great to calm me down, what have you got for me comics from 2000′s?


Oh sweet merciful…..thank you!

Do you like Batman? Then you’ll love All-Star Superman, because he’s not in it, just an amazing Superman story by comic writer superstar Mr. Clean, I mean Grant Morrison !

All-Star Superman is one of those comics that so good even people who don’t like Superman will find a new found respect and love for the character. It’s just that kind of comic. There’s a very optimistic attitude but with a very bittersweet feeling held throughout. If you’re like me (Illiterate) you can even grab the DC Animated film of the same name, which is a fitting and still completely awesome and competent retelling of this Else-worlds Gem by Morrison, READ IT! WATCH IT! LOVE IT!

As for me I have to go fight crime in another part of the city, see you next time.

Frank here taking another dose of my weekly fix!

And this week I’ve finally blown the lid off the joint and I’m current with ALL of my DC Monthly Pulls!
OMG! I know right!? Reading 5 Comics a month is hard folks! Especially when you can’t read!



With the revelation that it took me 2 months to read 100-ish pages of mostly pictures (yikes!) let’s  talk about what I read!

First off LIGHT SPOILERS! Be warned! (it’s 2 weeks or more old but I said it anyway!)

Batwoman 16-18 finished off the “War of the Monsters” story arc with the intervention of Batwoman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkfire !



Gotham is saved from the precipice of destruction and very squicky tentacle-based-unpleasantness as the “Mother of All Monsters” is repelled at the last moment, it’s a great end to the Wonder Woman team up and a fitting book end to the first complete Batwoman story-arc (In her own book).  The story was…FANTASTIC! It had action, it had character developement, it had romance… and it had Wonder Woman! Speaking of romance…


Awee! Isn’t it sweet?

This reveal was great! And they pick right up with this in Batwoman #18 the latest Batwoman issue, I won’t spoil too much but Batwoman DOES actually do battle with Mr. Freeze in the issue it’s not just a teaser. And I gotta post the cover so I can see it again!


Cool Cover!

Now let’s take a minute to talk about Wonder  Woman! The last few issues of WW have been building up a battle between the Current Greek Pantheon (see NU52 wonder woman) against the “First Born” a literally Nameless God who’s the deranged and super-powered offspring of Zeus and Hera, he was literally buried at the Earth’s core to teach him humility, now that he’s DUG HIS WAY OUT! He thirsts only for revenge against the other Gods. Meanwhile Wondie is still searching for the latest godly-bastard the stolen son of Zola and Zeus. This baby has been rumored to be the one who destroys the universe somehow by the High-Father leader of the New Gods. Orion (Like a ginger Superman with anger issues), a New God is dispatched to destroy Zola’s son. Crossing paths with Wonder Woman’s entourage and other greek Gods. The series is still very good and even through some strange Art….creeps is still very amazing, just like Batwoman I would tell you to go get them now…so do it! I’ll wait!



This week’s Theme Tournament is:  LADIES NIGHT! 700 pts. only Female Characters!

This does not include non-gender Robots or Constructs or any kind of Vehicles. So my first plan was foiled so I started over and I like what I’ve got.

148pts  BM032 Big Barda
61pts   BM036 Batwoman
100pts  FFJL004 Wonder Woman
215pts  BN007 Wonder Woman
70pts  SOG035 Void
69pts  GX017 Domino
663 pts total
I think I’d toss X-Force on Domino and Put the Utility Belt on Batwoman with my extra points. Now let’s have a few words about
Violet Lantern Wonder Woman! Remember the Purple Lanterns they were the somewhat sexist ALL FEMALE Lantern Corps made up of those who “Feel Great Love” now….I just…don’t want to get into what parts of the Expanded Spectrum I “Feel Great Love” and which ones of which I “Have Great Rage.” If there’s one brief bone I can pick it’s they’re ridiculous ‘costumes’…it’s hard to not go off on a rampage here, but I’ll indulge a smidge. The biggest gripe I have against them is their ‘uniforms’ which look like the “Sexy Halloween” Version of a Green Lantern Costume colored purple. Which would be a bit less nonsensical and debasing if they couldn’t make their own clothes with their Power Rings like ALL THE OTHER CORPS DO! And, Wonder Woman is unfortunately no exception.
And this is the ‘cleaned-up’ version.
Now that all being said Violet Lantern Corps Wonder Woman is a fearsome heroclix, she has Probability Control, Indominable, and Impervious. She’s a beast for her points and easily able to tip over most ‘tentpoles’ by her lonesome. Backing her up is the 100pts Nu52 WW, her trait let’s her be carried and then charge as if she hadn’t been carried, and she’s going to be showing up to the throw down via Big Barda, and her Boom Tube!
The Biggest and the Strongest!
Batwoman hunts down enemy support figures and Void and Domino throw out support and emergency evac if Wondie or Barda needs a break to Rest or to get free of a sticky situation. I’m very excited saddly I wasn’t able to take the Regular U.S.S. Voyager or the Invisible Jet or I would have! Maybe  Next WEEK!
Well that’s you’r fix for this week! See you next time for more!