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Gift Cards? Let’s Spend’em!

Did you get gift cards or cash for Christmas? Great! Have some extra money left over after the holidays? Perfect! Here’s a few cool things to spend that hard earned money you get from suffering through your aunt’s kisses.

Vintage Style Minimalist Movie Posters by Team Welser

These are just a taste of dozens of awesome one of a kind posters.

Check them out here.

End of an Era

For over a decade, the Justice League Unlimited line has produced some of the coolest DC toys of all time. For a very limited time only, these last three figures are available ONLY at Get them here NOW!

Jayne Cobb Replica Knit Cap

Browncoats take heed! It’s the winter and your head needs to be both warm and geek elite.

I bought mine here.

Sonic Screwdriver TV Remote

Gesture-based universal remote fit enough for a Lord of Time.

Get it on ThinkGeek.

Camera Lense for your iPhone

3 different lenses in one! Two tips from me: 1. The wide angle is the most useful. 2. Keep an eye on it, it’s easy to lose.

More info on the Olloclip here.

Deluxe Edition

Scott Pillgrim gets an ultimate collection! These color oversized editions of the popular indie comic (that spawned an equally awesome big budget movie) are now available. Pick up the first two now on Amazon or your Local Comic Shop.

Justice League Unlimited Box Set Reviews

Nick unboxes 3 Matty Collector exclusive action figure sets.

The first is the Fan Collection 7-pack called “Fan Demanded”. They feature the last characters who were officially members of the Justice League team on the animated series. This series includes: Crimson Avenger, Creeper, Doctor Midnight, Gypsy, Johnny Thunder, The Thunderbolt, & Speedy. This series came out in November 2011 right after the 3 3-packs available at select comic conventions and was reported to be the very end of the series. Later in 2012, we found out that there would be a few more releases. The next two are the first releases of 2012 taking us right up to fall.

Read a great review on these figures here.

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short box toy reviewsThe second box only has one new figure: Mongul. This move, so late in the game, is pretty annoying for us collectors. Yeah sure…these are the important characters in the first appearance of the character on the show… But we all have dozens of Batmans and Wonder Womans! It’s the end of this series! Give us something new…even if it is just a repaint. That all said, this Mongul is the right color and scale. It’s the figure we’ve been asking for and it’s appreciated.

For a great review of these figure click here.

The third box set features figures from the Batman Beyond and JLU series: Micron, Aquagirl, and Future Static Shock. What’s perfect about this 3-pack is that they are all first time figures that appeared in the show AND they are also characters from the popular Batman Beyond universe. This was a big win and I’m glad to have picked this set up.

For a great review of these figures click here.

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