Fashion Decision

With the upcoming Iron Fist TV Show on Neflix (can you believe this is happening?), his costume will be something to consider. For most of his existence, Danny Rand has been in a green costume with yellow highlights which included his yellow “booties’. He was a product of his times. The 70s popularized martial-arts in cinema in a craze dubbed “Kung-Fusploitation”. His look took elements of many characters from that time and what we got was a costume that transcended that fad and was kept more or less the same up until he went into another dimension emerging with a white costume with gold highlights. Marvel does a great job giving you a rundown of all his costumes here - Earth’s Mightiest Costumes: Iron Fist

So you choose. Which should he wear in the show?

detail copy

No Frozen Bananas? COME ON!


May 26th is a day I never thought would come…Arrested Development is back! I watched every episode when it premiered on Fox straight through the season three finale. The pleas to Fox from fans and Entertainment Weekly (among others) weren’t enough to keep this continuity driven comedy on the air. The show was challenging for the average TV viewer because the characters weren’t relateable, there was no laugh track, and jokes sometimes took seasons to pay off. You actually had to pay attention for it to be enjoyed and the audience of network comedies have become less and less…sophisticated over the years.

That said reality ended a number of really great scripted shows of the early 2000s. Things have begun to change now because Cable, Internet, and streaming services don’t require the same number of views (i.e. the unwashed masses) to support a show. Niche shows can exist and flourish in this new landscape and that means Arrested Development could return. Enough about my ill feelings towards network sitcom fans of 2013 and my love of this new age of “TV”…let’s plan a party! 15 episodes all show up at once at 12:00AM (Pacific) and that’s cause for a celebration. Like the show, your party needs to have details. Here are few to get you thinking.



  • Frozen Bananas – A MUST
  • Mayo-Eggs – These are for….Her?
  • Juice Boxes – Keep The From Buster
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Cloudmir Vodka
  • Cornballs
  • A bag in the frig that says – “Dead Dove. Do Not Eat This”
  • Ding Dongs w/ foil to microwave
  • Stew -
  • Ham Water
  • Burger King
  • A chafing dish that says “Dessert” that has a movie script in it.
  • A sign that says “Food by ICE Party Planning”



  • Blue paint everywhere
  • Sudden Valley Model Home Signs
  • Timosil Bottles
  • Banner – Family Love Michael
  • A small TV with George on the screen on loop (event a computer could work)
  • Awards from Army (Stuffed Seal)
  • Banner – Your Killing Me Buster
  • Cigar Box of Weed – Afternoon Delight
  • Magic Tricks – Illusions, Micheal
  • Pennies Everywhere
  • Aztec Tomb (made out of cardboard)
  • Tunnel of Love Indubitably (card board)
  • The Banana Stand (maybe a bar?)



Dressing up as a main character is boring! The more obscure the character the more points you get. THAT said…extra points will be given for dedication (painting your whole body, except under your cutoffs, blue is still impressive).  Here are a few costume ideas:

      • Mrs. Featherbody – Wig and Old Woman’s Dress
      • Hot Cops – Stripper Pants a MUST
      • White Power Bill – Orange Jump Suit
      • Homeless Thomas Jane – “I just want my kids back!”
      • Moses Taylor – To pull off TV’s Frank Wrench, you just need a plain fake leather brown jacket, blue button up and blue slacks)
      • Motherboy Band Member – Google them. It’s like KISS but…different.
      • Gay Pirates from the Pilot – That’s a freebie
      • Tracy Bluth – Michael’s Dead Wife. No one knows what she looks like.
  • Kitty Sanchez – While not as obscure, it would be fun to flash everyone, right?
  • Stan Sitwell – Again, a more well known character but if you are willing to shave off all your hair you are a true fan.
  • Tom Saunders – The most pathetic guy at the Bluth Company
  • Tony Wonder – Good luck with that “W” goatee
  • Peter Pan Lawyer – This works really good if you have a kid (that or Warden Gentles)
  • Lose Seal – Yellow ribbon and either



While you should be watching Arrested Development, you might to take some breaks. While that’s going on here are a few songs you can listen to.

  • Afternoon Delight
  • Final Countdown
  • Anything by Dr. Funke’s 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution
  • Beatles Yellow Submarine – YOU can afford to play it
  • Really, just get the soundtrack (however you have to) it’s got everything.