Wonder Woman

In its 24th year, the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, MI outside Detroit has grown larger and attracted more fans than ever before.   A recent update on the Con’s Facebook page confirmed that over 30,000 fans attended the 3-Day show.  While it’s true that there was heavy traffic to enter the parking lot and long lines to enter the hall, indie artists reported triple the sales of last year’s show due to the high volume of people through the door.


This is the front of the line on Saturday morning an hour before doors opened.

Here’s a rundown of the guests that this reporter had the chance to interact with.


David Lloyd

V for Vendetta artist, David Lloyd’s latest project is a 21-page noir thriller in Aces Weekly Volume 1.  Aces Weekly is an exclusively digital comic anthology available at http://www.acesweekly.co.uk/home.


George Perez

The Great George Perez attended the show, delivering commissions and sketching sharpie headshots in between countless autographs.  Mr. Perez’ latest released work is the cover of Legion of Super-Heroes #20, available this month from DC.

Anyone wanting to catch up on Perez’ past work need look no further than this month’s Superman Vol. 1: What Price Tomorrow? Tpb and Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 6 Tpb.

If that’s not enough, his influence is felt across the New 52 as characters he created may be followed monthly in the pages of Nightwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Justice League.


Barry Kitson

Barry Kitson is currently nailing it on Valiant’s Bloodshot title!  Issue #11, containing Barry’s artwork is out this month along with more Barry pencils in the Harbinger Vol. 2 Tpb.  Furthermore, it was just announced that Barry will be illustrating the aftermath of this summer’s Harbinger Wars event in Harbinger #15.

Kitson cares deeply for his fans and this weekend was a prime example.  When Barry saw gridlock on the road leading to the convention center saturday morning, he chose to make the journey from highway to convention hall by foot rather than keep his fans waiting!


Duane Swierczynski

Speaking of Bloodshot, the writer for that title and Valiant’s big summer event, Harbinger Wars, Duane Swierczynski, was present!  Duane’s also involved with the revival of X for Dark Horse.


Matthew Clark

Notice a trend developing?  Bloodshot #11 Variant Cover artist Matthew Clark was stationed across the aisle from Swierczynski.


Dirk Manning

Horror comic writer and Bleeding Cool columnist Dirk Manning was dressed to impress while promoting his recent release of the Write-Or-Wrong column collected edition.  Dirk’s next project is a flip book called Love Stories (To Die For) containing two comic book horror stories.  The book will be available from Image Comics’ partner studio, Shadowline, in September.


Mark McKenna

Industry veteran Mark McKenna’s new creator owned project, Combat Jacks, is about humans terraforming a planet while they’re attacked by Jack O’ Lantern monsters.


Tyler Kirkham

Tyler Kirkham, fresh from delivering the incentives to those that pledged to his successful kickstarter project NAWRG, set up in prime convention hall real estate.  In short, NAWRG is a story about a troll that lives with a family, but the story contains a deeper meaning on how adopted pets bring great joy to people.   Tyler’s recent work includes Red Hood & the Outlaws, Superman, Teen Titans, and Green Lantern: New Guardians.  His next project is Action Comics #22.


Yanick Paquette

Yanick Paquette made his DC debut two years ago in the pages of Batman Inc. and continued his DC work with the New 52 Swamp Thing series.  Yanick’s next project is Wonder Woman: Earth One where he’ll reteam with Grant Morrison.   Yanick remarked on how he loves the way that Grant consistently surprises him and he never knows what Grant will put into their stories.


Ken Hunt

Ken Hunt is an artist on the cusp of breaking through to the mainstream, currently working on a top secret cover for a future DC release.


Simon Bisley

Englishman Simon Bisley was particularly interested in the Detroit Redwings t-shirts that local hockey fans were sporting, remarking on how cool the winged wheel design was.


Scott Kolins

Scott Kolins recent Orang Lantern backups in DC’s Threshold title will soon give way to a Larfleeze ongoing series with his art and written by Keith Giffen.


Sean Forney

Local hero Sean Forney is in the midst of his own kickstarter project The Scarlett Huntress!  The Scarlet Huntress features Sean and his wife Stephanie sharing art and writing duties.  The story is a modern take on the Little Red Riding Hood mythos.  He’s almost at his goal and your pledge could be the one that puts him over the top!  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/838034909/scarlet-huntress-anthology


Jay Defoy AKA Jay A.D.

Young talent Jay Defoy recently completed the first issue of his creator owned title Threadcount: The Tale of Norman Crest.  It’s about a man that gains superpowers that seem ridiculous at first but turn out to be a fun crime fighting asset as the story goes on.


Sara Richard

Sara Richard’s artwork has a fun fairytale influence to it.  She spends her days drawing adorable My Little Pony Covers.  Check her out.


From Left to Right: Ramon Bachs, Miguel Sepulveda, Manuel Garcia, Andrews Guinaldo, and Pere Perez

These five artists traveled from Spain to meet their fans and deliver high end commissions.  They’re pictured holding pieces that they did for comic art connoisseur Ari Shapiro’s Batman on Gargoyle themed collection.  Reportedly they were commissioned as a group since they share a common rep.  Once they started work, the artists competed with each other over whose piece was strongest and which Ari would like most.



Until next time, dear reader!

Frank here taking another dose of my weekly fix!

And this week I’ve finally blown the lid off the joint and I’m current with ALL of my DC Monthly Pulls!
OMG! I know right!? Reading 5 Comics a month is hard folks! Especially when you can’t read!



With the revelation that it took me 2 months to read 100-ish pages of mostly pictures (yikes!) let’s  talk about what I read!

First off LIGHT SPOILERS! Be warned! (it’s 2 weeks or more old but I said it anyway!)

Batwoman 16-18 finished off the “War of the Monsters” story arc with the intervention of Batwoman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkfire !



Gotham is saved from the precipice of destruction and very squicky tentacle-based-unpleasantness as the “Mother of All Monsters” is repelled at the last moment, it’s a great end to the Wonder Woman team up and a fitting book end to the first complete Batwoman story-arc (In her own book).  The story was…FANTASTIC! It had action, it had character developement, it had romance… and it had Wonder Woman! Speaking of romance…


Awee! Isn’t it sweet?

This reveal was great! And they pick right up with this in Batwoman #18 the latest Batwoman issue, I won’t spoil too much but Batwoman DOES actually do battle with Mr. Freeze in the issue it’s not just a teaser. And I gotta post the cover so I can see it again!


Cool Cover!

Now let’s take a minute to talk about Wonder  Woman! The last few issues of WW have been building up a battle between the Current Greek Pantheon (see NU52 wonder woman) against the “First Born” a literally Nameless God who’s the deranged and super-powered offspring of Zeus and Hera, he was literally buried at the Earth’s core to teach him humility, now that he’s DUG HIS WAY OUT! He thirsts only for revenge against the other Gods. Meanwhile Wondie is still searching for the latest godly-bastard the stolen son of Zola and Zeus. This baby has been rumored to be the one who destroys the universe somehow by the High-Father leader of the New Gods. Orion (Like a ginger Superman with anger issues), a New God is dispatched to destroy Zola’s son. Crossing paths with Wonder Woman’s entourage and other greek Gods. The series is still very good and even through some strange Art….creeps is still very amazing, just like Batwoman I would tell you to go get them now…so do it! I’ll wait!



This week’s Theme Tournament is:  LADIES NIGHT! 700 pts. only Female Characters!

This does not include non-gender Robots or Constructs or any kind of Vehicles. So my first plan was foiled so I started over and I like what I’ve got.

148pts  BM032 Big Barda
61pts   BM036 Batwoman
100pts  FFJL004 Wonder Woman
215pts  BN007 Wonder Woman
70pts  SOG035 Void
69pts  GX017 Domino
663 pts total
I think I’d toss X-Force on Domino and Put the Utility Belt on Batwoman with my extra points. Now let’s have a few words about
Violet Lantern Wonder Woman! Remember the Purple Lanterns they were the somewhat sexist ALL FEMALE Lantern Corps made up of those who “Feel Great Love” now….I just…don’t want to get into what parts of the Expanded Spectrum I “Feel Great Love” and which ones of which I “Have Great Rage.” If there’s one brief bone I can pick it’s they’re ridiculous ‘costumes’…it’s hard to not go off on a rampage here, but I’ll indulge a smidge. The biggest gripe I have against them is their ‘uniforms’ which look like the “Sexy Halloween” Version of a Green Lantern Costume colored purple. Which would be a bit less nonsensical and debasing if they couldn’t make their own clothes with their Power Rings like ALL THE OTHER CORPS DO! And, Wonder Woman is unfortunately no exception.
And this is the ‘cleaned-up’ version.
Now that all being said Violet Lantern Corps Wonder Woman is a fearsome heroclix, she has Probability Control, Indominable, and Impervious. She’s a beast for her points and easily able to tip over most ‘tentpoles’ by her lonesome. Backing her up is the 100pts Nu52 WW, her trait let’s her be carried and then charge as if she hadn’t been carried, and she’s going to be showing up to the throw down via Big Barda, and her Boom Tube!
The Biggest and the Strongest!
Batwoman hunts down enemy support figures and Void and Domino throw out support and emergency evac if Wondie or Barda needs a break to Rest or to get free of a sticky situation. I’m very excited saddly I wasn’t able to take the Regular U.S.S. Voyager or the Invisible Jet or I would have! Maybe  Next WEEK!
Well that’s you’r fix for this week! See you next time for more!

Hello there everyone’s bodies,

Frank here again and I’m going to take a look at the newest incarnation of The Titanic Sister from Themiscera.

First off let me say, I am a big fan of Wonder Woman! She’s pretty sweet. I especially like all the times she uses wrestling moves in the DC Animated Universe.

If there’s one downfall to Wondie it’s that she’s one of the harder characters for people to write for and often misrepresented by writers who don’t know what to do with her. There’s plenty of potential and relate-able personality traits Wondie could and should have and lots of people really get those (cough cough Gail Simone). The best Wonder Women fall somewhere between an Icon of Virtue and Classical Greek Hero slicing and dicing her way through  monsters or other beasties. It’s a strange trait of Wonder Woman that she can and DOES often kill. It’s the Classic Greek Hero in her. Achilles, Homer, Hercules and many others were all Greek Heroes who killed people, often very VIOLENTLY at that. Wonder Woman is often portrayed this way, but she also has a high value for human life usually attempting to prevent the loss of it at any cost. Heroically fighting and killing beasts or evil to protect some bystanders. She’s also usually portrayed as someone who’s kind and inspiring to innocent or good people …like a Girl version of Mr. T…

Yeah like this!

This is not exactly the kind of gal the new Wonder Woman is after the 2011 DC reboot. She’s farther over to the Greek Hero side of things, which is fine! She’ mostly engaged in direct battles with God’s and mythic beasts for the entirety of the first 12 issues. She’s kind of scarey at times horrendously gutting centaurs and then lifting a car to save her pregnant friend Zola…


Yeah you don’t want any of that!

Now I have been really enjoying the new WW series following the reboot. The art is great and her adventures put her against almost an entire pantheon of Greek Gods collecting artifacts and favors to help her in the quest to protect her friend Zola and her unborn baby who’s father is Zeus. ..

It’s great! I would highly recommend reading it! I’ll do my best not to ruin that much of the plot but minor spoilers will be present from here on out.

First off I’d like to talk about WW’s new back story and outfit.

Her new outfit is pretty standard, she thankfully lost that goofy jacket before the reboot, but I feel like her pants were nice. . Some people are really put off that WW is in her battle underwear and not proper pants but it’s not something that bothers me most Greek heroes didn’t wear proper pants and even Hercules (marvel) usually charges into battle sans shirt and proper pants.

Both Herc and Wondie  have their shoulders and upper arms exposed.This is  a costume choice that implies great strength and a need for a freedom of movement in combat. . The thing that bothers me the most about WW’s new costume is that dang choker! It’s not part of her “Bracelets” set as seen in Issue # 12 and it’s not fitting of her whole deal as a badass amazon ass-beater, it’s really out of place. Overall though her new outfit is just a darker version of her old one which is a good symbol for the ‘darker’ tone of the new comics in relation to the older ones.

Wonder Woman used: Headbutt!
It’s super effective!

Now let’s get to the most aggravating and controversial piece of the new  back story for Wondie.

Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons and WW’s mother, she told WW that she was made of clay and given life by the Gods. Hippolyta keeps secret that it was actually Zeus who is WW’s father and Hippolyta kept this her own secret to protect herself and WW from Hera’s (Zeus’ wife) wrath if she found out of yet another person had an affair with her husband Zeus. Following this so far?

Ok, so it’s some Classic-Greek-Mythological-Fact that Zeus is a pretty unfaithful husband and who’s into freeky sex with anybody, half the Greek Pantheon is his bastard children. This is not the controversial part. Hypolita also kept a 2nd secret from Wondie and that would be that Amazons go out to have sex with Sailors in order to get pregnant and then once they give birth the girls become amazons and the boys…

…get traded to Hephestus the smithing God for weapons.

Amazon Planned Parenthood

WOAH! WOAH! WAY TOO DARK! comic woah hold on…

…Let’s back it up! Now to say that this is out of place in a Greek Myth is…

…wrong Zeus turned into a Bull once to have sex with a Cow! Seriously! And that’s just the begining of F@#!ed Stuff that happens in real Greek Myths. So yes! This is a fitting solution to what they do with the unwanted children. It’s just SOOO DARK! It’s dark enough that modern readers don’t like it and it’s a hard counter to the old Amazons who had eternal life and no men but no need to go out and harvest kids. Maybe they could have tweaked it a bit, the real problem is that unless the “Sons of the Amazons” rise up for revenge later on this was kind of pointless. It doesn’t go anywhere or do anything for the back story of WW herself, it makes the Amazons seem more villainous than maybe they ought to but hey it’s Greek Myth, no one is a good guy but…DAMN!  Wondie doesn’t know about it apparently since she reacts with shock, even trying to free her ”brothers” from Hephestus’ forge which kind of vindicates her…but it’s still really dark. Too dark for a lot of people who probably put the book down at that point. I was glad I kept though reading since there’s a lot of awesome visuals in the first 12 issues including all the Gods redesigned appearances.

War: Played by Colonel Sanders


Speaking visually for a moment, the art in the comics is great, simple but elegenant and emotional, using lots of pallet swaps to give different moods to different settings, from rainy London, to the bowels of Hell itself every place has a different amotsphere picked out by some simple but well chosen color pallets.

Poseidon on the streets of London

In Hell

Yeah! I love Zola’s shirt here. There’s a lot of great reveals in these books too, like when Wondie get’s her powers or a great throwback at the end to Golden Age Wondie…

…Earlier I mentioned that WW’s “Bracelets” are separate from her Wonder Choker because there’s a great throwback in a later issue where Wondie takes off her “DBZ Weighted Bracelets” and her power level goes over 9000 unleashing her true power. This whole thing is one of the very seldom remembered or used facets of WW. Which mostly appeared in the Golden Age. Here’s a glimpse…

I owe Kirby $1 for every one of those dots, but it was worth it!

You’re scared…

…Anyway if  I don’t end on that I’ll never leave, so with that it’s wrapping up time.

I love new Wonder Woman, Art is good, Characters are good, lot’s of good action and a story that’s pretty interesting. Also some great modern day touches on the core Greek Myth. I’m not a fan of the “Amazon Sons” thing but…it goes a long with the Darkening of WW’s universe so it’s at least somewhat in the same tone as the rest of the new WW stuff.

So let’s say 9/10, Get out there and read it!

Best Comics of August

Nick and Adam discuss their favorite stories of August.

Justice Legaue 12 Superman Wonder Woman

They discuss:

  • Green Lantern Annual #1 – The beginning of “The Third Army”
  • Justice League #12 – The controversial Superman / Wonder Woman romance
  • Wolverine & the X-Men #15 – AvX tie-in
  • Batman Beyond Unlimited 7
  • Batman Inc. #3

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A lot of talk about the cover of Justice League #12 that was released this wednesday. The front cover shows Superman and Wonder Woman, in the air, locked in a kiss. As you would expect, this is also in the book (panel shown below)

 This panel really didn’t shock me as much as it did a lot of people. Obviously this was a way to get media attention, and more power to DC for that, I get it. I just don’t understand why so many people in the comic book community are so surprised by this. I mean, I never really saw it coming, but it isn’t really a huge shock either. DC Comic’s fans know that with the New 52 we lost Superman and Lois Lanes relationship, so Superman was open for a relationship. Wonder Woman’s relationship with Steve Trevor is a mess as shown in many issues of Justice League from #1 including issue #12.

In my opinion, Justice League has really been struggling. The stories haven’t really been as big as they should be and people have been complaining that Geoff Johns really doesn’t write the characters the way they think they should sound or act. The most popular thing about the book is the Shazam! story in the back, which in my opinion has been great, but it wasn’t even in this week issue #12.

Truthfully, I think that they need to change the opinions of current readers of this book before they try to get media attention. It is always possible that this just fell together this way, but I really hope that they can make this book seem more interesting or this big Superman/Wonder Woman kiss won’t mean much. It seems like they have some plans for the future of Justice League, with announcement of Justice League of America, so we will have to wait until then to find out what this year holds for Justice League.

Justice League #12 ends the second story arc. The arc started off 5 years later from the previous arc where Darkseid was attacking earth. David Graves, an author of a book about the Justice League saving the earth from Darkseid, is suffering from a life threatening illness. According to Graves, his family was exposed to some unearthly material that they breathed in, causing their fates. After losing his family to this sickness, Graves blames the Justice League and plans to avenge his family.

Graves kidnaps Steve Trevor, who is the liaison of the Justice League, and tortures him. Stressed about the situation with Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman gets into a fight with Hal Jordan, which put the Justice League in the media spotlight. The League tracks Graves to a place called, “The Valley of Souls” where they find Graves, but also ghosts from their past which include The Kents, The Waynes, and even Steve Trevor leading you to believe that Trevor is dead. The League learns that the ghosts are not real after Steve Trevor shows up alive and well, which wakes up the League out of this trick and they took down Graves.

The conclusion shows that the public is now very unsure of the Justice League, especially after the fight between Wonder Woman and Hal Jordan. Even though it Hal Jordan didn’t throw the first punch, Hal decides that he should quit the League, and be the scape goat to take the attention off the team. Wonder Woman tells Steve Trevor that they are choosing a new liaison, which upsets him because now he has been dumped twice by Wonder Woman and now he wants nothing to do with them anyways. Wonder Woman leaves where she meets Superman on a roof and they share a kiss. The book ends with Graves in prison. Amanda Waller makes he first Justice League appearance when she gives Graves a type writer. She asks him to write a book on how to take down the Justice League. Graves begins typing the title “The Villain’s Journey”.

This arc had it’s ups and downs with me. On the up-side, I was happy to see that Johns created a new villain for this book. I found Graves to be an interesting character, and I feel that he has an interesting future with DC Comics when seeing that last panel. On the down-side, I really didn’t think he was introduced to the book very well. I think that graves has a lot of potential as a character, I just don’t think that Geoff Johns did the greatest job with the character. I think that Graves defeat was very weak and I think his whole plan of destroying the the Justice League very generic even though I think that the character has a lot of potential to be good. A character who was a fan of the Justice League turns bad when his family is killed by an illness that he believes could have been prevented by the League…I think thats pretty interesting and different in my opinion. I just think that this could have been “Bigger” and I think that is what a lot fans are looking for in this title.