Tenstate Comic Book – Kickstarter

Political Comic With A Pop Culture Bend

Tenstate is a comic concept that combines a lot of my favorite things into a story that feels organically created and not mashed-up. It’s about a reality show and is like The Real World meets Biodome but with challenges. What I love about the structure of both this comic and the Kickstarter is that it mirrors the TV season feel of the show. The outline is 10 issues that will reflect 10 episodes and the Kickstarter goals will fund specific amount of episodes. It’s almost how network TV works now!

I was familiar with the art of Len Peralta from his Geek A Week cards sold on Think Geek and that’s how this popped up on my radar. Check out this Teaser Comic to get a better idea of what to expect.

Check out their Kickstarter and back this project. The video describes the comic with art included. There is also a



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