Top 15 Movies of 2012 Pt. 1

Best of the Year, So Far

Every year at the theater I work at we start to dwell on the year and its hits and misses in the movie world. The best part about when we do this is each of us has are own taste that is unique to each other, sure we agree with each other on the obvious ones like The Avengers or we disagree with each other on something like Cabin in the Woods or The Dark Knight Rises. So I figured why not share my thoughts on this years hits and misses so far, plus also give you a look into what is still to come. I hope you enjoy my thoughts on the movies that I thought to be hits this year. Enjoy this short list of films to catch the rest of the year as well. I plan to redo this list at the end of the year so think of it more as my Oscar contenders list and thoughts.

The Good

1.The Avengers: This one should come as no surprise to anyone. I loved this movie so much I ended up seeing it 5 times in theaters. This was something I was looking forward to since I first saw the post credits clip at the end of Iron Man. When I first saw this I was just blown away by how well of a job Joss did on this. I’m happy he will be doing the sequel and working with Marvel on the rest of their projects. The main reason this is number 1, in my book, is I love how this film captures what I was reading on a strip a year ago with its near perfect capture of its characters. I can easily go on and on about how great this movie is, but I feel actions speak louder then words at times. With that said, if you have not seen this please do yourself a favor and go watch this ASAP.

 2.Moonrise Kingdom: I put this at number 2 because this is one of the best stories of the summer with all its quirkiness. It has it all: young love, a bit of action and great humor. This movie is Wes Anderson at his best. I foresee this movie making a run for the Oscars in a few areas. It should be included in the nominees for the best original screenplay and maybe a best supporting nod from many of the cast members. I place this at number 2 because it was one of the best stories this summer. I urge you all to catch it on DVD or, if you are lucky, at a theater that might still have it.

3.The Cabin in the Woods: Meta at its finest is about the best I can say about this film without giving much away. Directed by the man who wrote Cloverfield and co-wrote with Joss Whedon, these two make a great team and help deliver one of the better horror films of the year. Now some of you, who have seen this film, will claim it is not horror and that it is nothing but pure comedy. Well its both. I would love to share more about this but I would give away the twist that makes this movie great. The best I can say is if you are a fan of Joss and his writing then please check it ASAP.

4.The Hunger Games: It is very rare that when a book is made into a movie that stays true to its source material, or is even lucky to get the author of said book to work close with the making of the movie. I thought this film did a great job of sticking with the book while changing a few things in order to make it work on the big screen. This movie was great for Jennifer Lawrence who was already on my radar, I say this because it shows me she is going to have a bright long future in the industry. I hope everyone gives this a chance and does not call it a Battle Royal rip-off because there is a lot more going on in this movie and the book it comes from. When you do get around to watching this, give the book a go first, don’t worry the book is not Harry Potter size and you should be able to get it done with in a week or so.


5.Magic Mike: Yes that is right a movie about male strippers is my number 5. Now lets get on thing straight there is a lot more of a story here then one would think. Sure most women went to see this movie only for the enjoyment of seeing a man shake his ass half-naked. But in reality this movie is about a man who does not want to live this life any more and hopes to get more out of it by leaving and following his dreams. The best part of this movie is it showed me the Channing Tatum is a very talented actor and not just a face for women to look at on the screen.

6.The Grey: This one came out early in the year and I must say it was a pleasant surprise because that season is normally filled with nothing but crap. The Wolves might have been depicted in the wrong manner but that is not the point of this movie. The point of this movie is the struggle of man while alone and almost no chance of survival in the most extreme conditions. I highly recommended this based on the performance from Liam Neeson alone.

7.The Dark Knight Rises: I, personally, did not like this movie, but I will not knock great film work when I see it. I will not get into why I didn’t like this movie (f you would like to hold that talk with me , catch me on Skype). Now on to why this movie is at 7 and not higher on my list. When I was going into this movie I was like “Well how is Nolan going to top The Dark Knight and tackle the box office hulk that is The Avengers?” While I enjoyed his take on Bane and the whole occupy Gotham idea, I believe he was trying to put too much into the end. I feel the movie ran a tad too long and just had minor issues that kept holding it back. Plus it was also lacking that amazing performance of Heath Ledger. Fans of Batman or Nolan should check out this movie for yourself to make your own decision.

8.Judge Dredd: Just pure amazing fun. I know this came out only a few days ago… but dear god was it a blast to see! It had a very simple story with loads of action and gore right from the start and it did not let up except for two moments. This movie felt like an honest to god great 80′s action flick. Think Robocop in terms of the gore and action just not as excessive as when Murphy got blown to bits…but close. When you go to see this, I ask that you catch this in 3D. Why you ask? Well because its even more awesome in 3D! That’s why.

9.Ted: Do you like Family Guy? Did you find yourself saying yes to that question? If so that means you will most likely find yourself liking Ted. This movie is easily the best comedy of the summer and maybe the year (still waiting on “This is 40″). Seth MacFarlane’s first feature film just makes me want to see what he will do next. Mark Wahlberg still keeps amazing me with ability to thrive in comedy based roles. Please check this out if you want a good laugh or are just a fan of Seth and want to see what he did in his first film.

10.ParaNorman: This movie came and went at the theater I work at with a whimper , which is very sad for I found this to be a nice treat to end the summer on. The movie is a great coming of age story about a boy who is different then the people around him due to the fact he can speak to the dead. I would like to share more but that would go into spoiler territory. The most I can ask is when this hits DVD please pick it up or maybe rent it. I ask this because its a fun movie for both kids and adults so please check it out.

11.Expendables 2: Simple mindless fun, I really don’t think I need to say more then that about this film. Only issue this movie has is it struggles to find enough screen time for the massive cast that is in this movie. Check it out if you love anyone in the cast or you just want to turn your brain off for a bit.

12.Looper:  One of the best time travel movies I have seen in a very long time (since 12 Monkey to be exact). My praise goes to everyone involved in the movie for it seemed like everyone brought it in the acting department & director/writer did a great job with his story telling. The movie is very simple in terms of the story. It’s the meaning behind each look or movement that the actors give that helps sell this amazing story. I urge you to see this soon (seeing as it is the best movie out right now).

13.The Amazing Spider-Man: I enjoyed this for two reasons: 1. I love Spider-Man & 2. I LOVE Spider-Man! No one should be turned off of this movie because it’s a reboot. I say this because the movie did so many things right that the previous 3 missed out on. One gripe with the movie that I and others have is the re-telling of the origin story so soon. Another problem people have is how the Lizard looked. What did work was Emma Stone as Gwen & Andrew Garfield as Peter. I thought these two where perfect onscreen together. Also, let’s not forget the amazing job Martin Sheen did as Uncle Ben. While this movie was not near perfect; it showed a lot of promise and I cant wait to go see the sequel.

14.MIB3: It was better then the second but not nearly as good as the first. The most I will say about this movie is it has a fun simple story that ties all the other ones together in a fun way and makes you care a tad more about the characters as a whole. The best way to go about seeing this is to most likely rent if from Redbox or just barrow it from a friend or the Internet.

15 . Prometheus: I found this movie to be a tad long in a few areas and it took me two trips to the theater to actually find myself fully enjoying. What worked with the movie was the mystery about what was going to happen and the hints to Alien movies.  The best thing this movie had is it’s great cast who help pick the story up when it seems to be moving a bit slower then it should. I cant really tell you much about the story for that would go into heavy spoiler territory which I will not do unless otherwise stated. I say watch it only out of respect for both Mr. Scott & the Alien franchise. The one thing this movie did do for me is remind me that I truly miss fun space movies whether it is Star Wars or Aliens

Well this was my list of movies for the year so far. I hope you enjoyed it. Even if you didn’t, I’m still happy you took the time to read it. I should have Part 2 up shorty seeing as I have to sit and think about what was really trash and what was borderline (Example: Battleship was trash and John Carter was borderline). So keep an eye out for that and any other article I have up in the near future. As an added gift, I made a list of some upcoming movies people should see before the year is over.

The Upcoming

A quick list of movies coming out the rest of the year everyone should checkout.

  • Looper :9/28

  • Frankenweenie: 10/5

  • Taken 2: 10/5

  • Argo: 10/12

  • Seven Psychopaths: 10/12

  • Cloud Atlas: 10/26

  • Wreck-It-Ralph: 11/2

  • The Man with the Iron Fists: 11/2

  • Lincoln: 10/9

  • Red Dawn: 10/21

  • Silver Linings Playbook: 10/21

  • Killing Them Softly: 10/30

  • The Hobbit: 12/14

  • Zero Dark Thirty: 12/19

  • This is 40: 12/21

  • Django Unchained: 12/25


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